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Refturck Egypt Refrigeration

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10th for Paper & Plastic IndustriesEgyptian for Advanced IndustriesInt'l Industrial ServicesPack House Egypt
10th for Printing, Publishing & WrappingEgyptian for Corrugated Boxes ProductionInt'l Industrial ServicesPalestinia for Plastic
10th of Ramadan Development & Educational ServicesEgyptian for Dairy Product & Food AdditivesInt'l Industrial SupplierPan Middle East
10th of Ramadan Electrical IndustriesEgyptian for Food & Dairy ProductsInt'l Insulation TechnologyPanorama Color
10th of Ramadan Electronic IndustriesEgyptian for Industrial Development GroupInt'l Islamic Paints & Chemical IndustriesPanorama Pack
10th of Ramadan Factory Safty Glass-Dr.Magdy Admon Greiche & Co.Egyptian for Lace & Ready Made GarmentsInt'l PaintsPapyrus for Paper Converting-Youssef Allam & Partners
10th of Ramadan for DetergentsEgyptian for Liner Board & Fluting PaperInt'l Plastic IndustryPasha Textiles & Lace
10th of Ramadan Investors AssociationEgyptian for Manufacturing Electrical InsulatorsInt'l Printing & PackagingPeace Medical Apparatus
10th of Ramadan Refrigeration Cold StorageEgyptian for Modern Food IndustriesInt'l RefrigeratorsPediatric Medical
10th of Ramadan Spinning IndustriesEgyptian for Paper & Carton ProductsInt'l Refrigerators Feeding IndustriesPenta for Knitted & Ready Made Garments-Nader Nabil Nabaah & Co.
10the of Ramadan for Copper ProductsEgyptian for Paper ConvertingInt'l RubberPentera Nova-Wasfi Abdallah & Co.
2 M Engineering IndustriesEgyptian for Paper ProductsInt'l Supplementary IndustriesPerfect 10th For Computers
3 Brothers Lighting Equipment IndustryEgyptian for Plastic IndustriesInt'l Telecommunication CenterPerfect Design for Metal & Wood Furniture
ABB for Electrical IndustriesEgyptian for Plastic IndustryInt'l Textile IndustriesPharma Swede-Egypt
ABB for Feeding IndustriesEgyptian for Prestressed ConcreteInt'l Textile-Sayed Mahmoud Attia El-BarhamtoshiPharoes Motor Vehicle Spare Parts
ABB Power Systems & Automation Technology S.A.EEgyptian for Shoes IndustryInt'l TradePhilo Pharm Pharmaceuticals
ABB Transformers EgyptEgyptian for Textile IndustiresInt'l TransformersPhoto Nil
Abd El-Hakim-Mohamed Abd El-HakimEgyptian for ThreadsIntertradePlast Mac
Abd El-Hamid Metal WorksEgyptian for Tools & MouldIslamia for Artificial Leather & RequisitesPlastic & Stationery Requisites Industry
Abd El-Maksoud Super MarketEgyptian German Advanced PaintsIslamic Engineering IndustriesPlastic Pipes & Products
Abd El-Meguid TexEgyptian German Electronical & Electricial IndustriesIslamic Plastic IndustryPlastichem
Abu El-Enein CeramicsEgyptian German for Building IndustriesIslamic Printing & Publishing HousePlastit for Plastic Products
Abu El-Enein for Polyester Yarn ManufacturingEgyptian German for Gears ProductionIsraa TextilePoly Pack
Abu El-Enein Spinning Ready-Made Garments & Furnishings FactoryEgyptian German for Paper & CardboardItalian Egyptian for Electric Articles ManufacturingPoly Print for Packaging & Wrapping Materials
Abu El-Hol Footwear Soles ManufacturingEgyptian German for Water MeterItalian Egyptian-MinaPoly Ramses for Polyester Industry
Abu El-Naga Food IndustriesEgyptian German Wooden IndustriesItalian for ButtonsPolymers for Industry
Adel Samir Ghandour El-SayedEgyptian Germany for Dyeing & FinishingItalsamia-El-Sewedy for Explosion ProofPolymers Industry
Advanced Chemical ProcessingEgyptian GlassJajuor Yams & Ready-Made GarmentsPolypropylene Technology
Advanced Food Industries-Hassan Adel Ali Allam & Co.Egyptian Glass TechnologyJammy Juices & Food IndustriesPolytech for Packing
Advanced Pharmaceutical PackagingEgyptian Group Medical IndustriesJematexPort Said Engineering Works
Advanced Sinaa ElectricsEgyptian Hospital SuppliesJolie Mode Knitted & Ready-Made GarmentsPower Egypt Corporation
Advanced Technology IndustriesEgyptian Industrial GroupJoly Trade CosmeticsPower Int'l Electrical Trading & Supplying
Adwia PharmaceuticalsEgyptian Industrial GroupJordanian for Chemical IndustriesPress Center
Afia Int'lEgyptian Industrial Investment ServicesK.H ComputerPrestige for Curtains
Afri MedicalEgyptian IndustrialisationKadesia Engineering IndustriesPrestige for Kintwear & Clothes
Afro American for Garments & TetilesEgyptian InsecticidesKama CoatingPrimo Phone
Afro Asian Electrical & Electronic IndustriesEgyptian Int'l AmpoulesKama for Coating & ManufacturingPrince Fish
Agri-Vet for Vitamins & Feed Additives ManufacturingEgyptian Int'l Development, Trading & ContractingKama for ManufacturingPrintex Dyeing-Mohamed Mostafa Nahas & Co.
Agro ForceEgyptian Int'l for Food IndustriesKandil ChandeliersPrintex Ready Made Garments
Ahlia for Wood IndustriesEgyptian Int'l for Metal Technology & Developed IndustriesKandil Steel Complex Ltd.Profil Mac Misr
Ahmed Abd El-Fatah Abd El-Hadi Communiction CenterEgyptian Int'l Pharmaceutical IndustriesKandile IndustriesPromotrade Int'l Ltd.
Ahmed Mohamed Khalil Badawy & Co.Egyptian Italian CenterKarama Engineering ConsultancyPyramids Electronic & Audio Equipment
Ahmonseto Economic Int'lEgyptian Italian for Advanced PackingKawthar Spinning & WeavingQualival MV Ball Valves
Ahram Engineering & TradingEgyptian Italian Maize ProductsKazareen TextileQualtex Textiles
Ahram Hand Tools TradingEgyptian Italian Modern PaintsKcalik TextileQueen Trade & Industry
Ahram Security GroupEgyptian Japanese Electronic ManufacturingKCG Textile EgyptQueeny Fashion
Ahram TradingEgyptian Jordanian Mineral IndustriesKema Farben EgyptR.S Hydraulic Presses Manufacturing
Al-Amal for Pipes & FittingEgyptian Lead Melting, Refining & ManufacturingKemet Airport Suppliers & ContractorsRaa Industrial
Al-Amal for Plastic Pipes & FittingsEgyptian Lebanese for Paints & ChemicalsKenzi EnterprisesRaaee Trade & Supplies
Al-Amin for IndustryEgyptian Light IndustriesKenzy B.B.C Frozen Vegetables & Poultry ProductsRabboni Plastic
Al-Amir for Porcelain & Ceramic ProductionEgyptian Manufacturing Advanced SystemKhaled Telecommunication CenterRabie Plast
Al-Buraq Cargo & ServicesEgyptian MatchKhattab Mirrors FactoriesRadwan For Paints & Ironmongery
Al-Dawlia TelecommunicationEgyptian Metal ProcessingKhayrat Misr FoodstuffsRadwan Plastic Industries
Al-Faltas Carbonate & ColoringEgyptian Metals Casting & PlasticsKhedr Integrated Industries Factory-Dr.Samir KhedrRageh for Export
Al-Faltass for PaintsEgyptian Natural OilsKids FarmRamadanco for Plastic & Paper Manufacturing
Al-Fayhaa Group IndustriesEgyptian PaintsKinawy Engineering FactoriesRamses Youssef Atteya Printing
Al-Hakim Int'lEgyptian Paper & Hygienic ProductsKing TexRanio Car Misr for Rubber Trade & Industry
Al-Karamah Misr for Trading & ManufacturingEgyptian Paper IndustriesKiriazi Refrigerators ManufacturingRatomag Engineering Works
Al-Masria El-Arabia Commercial MarketingEgyptian Protection & Industrial Safety RequisitesKitco MedicaRaw Materials for Edible Industries S.A.E
Al-Omraa for Ceramic ProductionEgyptian Rubber & Plastic IndustriesKoddous Textile-Sameh Koddous Abd El-Shahid Gadallah & PartnersRaytex Classic Upholstery & Curtains
Al-Rajaa for Clay Products S.A.EEgyptian Saw Blade ManufacturingKohia PoultryRed Cooling & Freezing
Al-Rowad for Plastic PipesEgyptian Spanish AsbestosKour House Communication CenterRegy Mat Healthy Food
Al-Salam for Modern IndustriesEgyptian Supplies, Contracting & Technical ServicesKozman Textile For Weaving, Dyeing & SpinningRepack & Packaging Industrial Wrapping
Al-Tawfiq for Plastic & Woven Sacks IndustriesEgyptian Swiss Precision IndustriesKraft Food Egypt LLCResearch & Development Technology
Al-Uosr for Technical ConsultingEgyptian Syrian Confectionary IndustryKrimetal for Industry & TradeRhein Mina Pharm Biogenetics
Alakhdar Export, Import & Commercial AgenciesEgyptian TextilesLabour Culture CenterRiviera for Import & Export
Alamia Acrylic SpinningEgyptian TilesLacto Misr for Baby Milk & Food ProductionRiviera for Manufacturing Shoes Accessories-Tarek Belal Ahmed Shehab & Co.
Alamia for Modern Textile IndustryEgyptian Trade & TechnologyLana CosmeticsRiviera Manufacturing Adhesive
Alamia for Sanitary FittingsEgyptian ValvesLasheen PlastRiyad for Animal Feed & Cereals Grinding
Alamia Spinning & KnittingEgyptian Weavers-Samy Youssef & Co.Lavita for Veterinary Products & Feed AdditivesRosetex Textiles
Albo Misr-Hassan Abd El-Nabi & Co.Egyptian Wire Drawing & ManufacturingLawyer Amer Farag DaweidarRotex for Dyeing & Printing & Finishing
Alex Printing & CardboardEgyptian Wood Industries & FurnitureLaz Motors for Motor Vehicle MaintenanceRoto Cylinder Technology
Alexandria LibraryEgysweden for Engineering IndustriesLeena Egypt for Yarn ProductionRoto Pack Misr Printing Packaging Materials S.A.E
Alexandria Plastic ProductsEgytech CablesLewaa Glass ManufacturingRouge Textile
Alfa Cairo Polyurethane Manufacturing-Maged Nady Shafik & Co.El-Aksa Engineering IndustriesLight Coating & Chemicals IndustriesRowad Tex
Alfa Group 2El-Allamia for Plasticizers & SolventsLimako Egypt-Kamel Ahmed Ahmed IbrahimRoyal Tex for Textile
Alfa Misr Industrial InvestmentEl-Alya Food IndustriesLina Land ReclamationRoyal Textile Industries
Allam Shops Paints & Sanitary WareEl-Asher for Trading Electric EquipmentLinda Engineering & TradeRum Freight Int'l
Allam Venitian & Vertical BlindsEl-Daha Telephone ExchangeLinda Tubes Manufacturing & Metal WorksS Fashion Ready Made Garments Manufacturing
Allweiler-Farid PumpsEl-Dawlia for Telecommunication 1Link Misr Int'lSAATEX for Spinning & Weaving
Alpha for MetalsEl-Dawlia TelecommunicationLogic for Surveillance & Safety TechnologySadko Electrical & Plastic Industries
Alpha GasEl-Ekhwa IndustryLovable TricotSafa & El-Marwa Plastic Industries
Alpha Metal Steel Building & IndustriesEl-Emam Wood ProductsLumex Ready-Made GarmentsSafa Dairy Products
Alwan DyehouseEl-Etihad Telecommunication CenterM & S for Steel WoolSafa Iron & Sheet Trade & Cutting
Aly Esmat Ashour & Co.El-Fanar for Electric Industries & Low Voltage PlatesM.G Group for Perfumes & CosmeticsSafa Sanitary Ware & Buildings Requisites
Am Developed IndustriesEl-Farasha Co. for Manufacture, Printing Packing & Wrapping MaterialsM.N Industry & TradeSafdy Int'l
Amal Poultry Wealth Development AssociationEl-Farasha Printing & Packing-Khaled Mohamed Khalil & BrosMabrouk Trade & SupplySahaba for Metal Industries
Amal Society for Poultry DevelopmentEl-Faten for Ready-Made GarmentsMac CarpetSahm Trading
Amal Trading, Importing & ExportingEl-Gabalawy Group for AluminumMac Shell AdvertisingSaidy Textile & Co.
Amana Modern for Plastic ProductsEl-Gamaa Telephone ExchangeMacca Saw BladeSaiver Egypt Engineering Industries
Amana Telephone ExchangeEl-Haram Telephon ExchangeMadena TexSalam & El-Malak for Poultry
Amany El-Sayyad & Co.El-Hoda TelecommunicationMadina El-Monawara Dyeing, Processing & PrintingSalam Charitable Hospital
Amco TechnologyEl-Hoda Telecommunication-Moamen Fouad MohamedMag IndustrialSalam Charitable Hospital Pharmacy
Ameco Medical IndustriesEl-Hossary for Chemicals & PolyemersMagdy Motawadie Sammour & Co.Salam for Tin Printing & Metal Forming
Ameen Printing & PackingEl-Kaaid for Plastic IndustriesMageena Engineering SuppliesSalam Generators
Amgad Food IndustriesEl-Kassab for IndustryMagefSalam Universal Trading & Contracting
Amir El-Watania for Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Fine TextilesEl-Kotb TextilesMagic Chemical IndustrySalama Industrial Group
Amir Engineering IndustriesEl-Masreya for Processing, Manufacturing, Import & Export of FishMahdy Agriculture Crops Dehydration Factory-Refaat Ibrahim El-Mahdy & Co.Saleh Basalah Establishment for Advertising & Information
Amirco Egypt Metal Pressing & ManufacturingEl-Masria Modern Communication systemsMaher TradingSaleh Eissa Telecommunication Center
Amoun Int'l TradingEl-Masria Textiles-Pharaonia-Sayed Mahmoud Attia & Co.Mahmoud Eid Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning EstablishmentSalemco for Spinning & Weaving
Amr Import Export, Commercial AgenciesEl-Masrya Factories Requisites Trade & SuppliesMahmoud Salama & Co. for Packaging & WrappingSallam for Manufacturing Sweets & Chocolates
Anco Electronic & Electric IndustriesEl-Mawardy Golden Products Manufacturing-Abd El-Aziz Ali Abd El-Aziz & Co.Mahrousa for Packagings & Plastic IndustriesSally Aluminium Industry
Antony Sanitary WareEl-Namouzagy IndustriesMahrousa PlastSama Trading
Anwaar El-Walid FactoriesEl-Nile PackagingMaidani Weaving & Spinning IndustrySamaha & El-Margoushy for Sweets & Food Industries
Appletex TextilesEl-Sewedy Electric for TransmissionMainetti Egypt Ltd.Samuel Tex-Samuel Hakim & Co.
Arab Brothers for Industry & TradingEl-Sewedy Electric High VoltageMak Brake LiningSanny Wood Office Furniture Factory
Arab Brothers for Multi IndustriesEl-Sewedy TransformersMakka JewellerySantamora Egypt for Blankets
Arab Brothers for Sugar ManufacturingEl-Sharkia Organic FertilizersMaklad Center for Trading & BuildingSara Engineering Industries
Arab Brothers Industrial Agricultural ComplexEl-Tholathia Corporation for Industrial InvestmentMaleka Food IndustriesSasco Albums & Writing Articles Production
Arab Brothers InvestmentEl-Wahat for Food IndustryMamdouh Mahrous Abd El-Aal & Co. for Engineering IndustriesSasco Egypt Import & Export
Arab Center for Prevention & Industrial Satety RequisitesEl-Yasmeen Chandeliers, Lighting Units Industry & Metal EnamellingMamdouh Mohamed Abd El-RahmanSasco Group
Arab Electrical IndustriesElastimold EgyptMamdouh Mohamed Konafa OfficeSasco Group
Arab Engineering IndustriesElbanna for HatcheryManar Coummunication CenterSasco MFG Album & Stationery Production
Arab for Jacquard Weaving-Mohamed Tayssr Mardini & Co.Elbanna PoultryMandarine Kuweder SweetsSasco Plast
Arab for Modern PackagingElectrica-Mohamed Abd El-Wahab IsmailMansoura IndustryScientific Chemical Industries Group
Arab Medical EquipmentsElectro Control Electronics & Controlling SystemsMaria Organization for Commerce & IndustryScientific Group Chemical Industries-Hazem Ahmed Nagy & Co.
Arab Medical for AppliancesElectro Technique ContractingMarina El-HelalSecretaries Council in 10th of Ramadan
Arab Modern Industries Ltd.Electrocom Electronic IndustriesMarina for Electric Supplies & TradeSedik Textiles
Arab Modern Industries-Al-Hossamy & Co.ElectrometalMarmonite Egypt Marble & GraniteSega-M
Arab Paper & IndustryElias Textiles, Knitwear & Ready-Made GarmentsMarrie LouisSeifco for Industry
Arab Paper ConvertingElkomy Import, Export & Commercial AgenciesMarso ChemicalsSelco Plast Electrical Industries
Arab PorcelaineElmasria Tricot & SpinningMarwa Animal Feed & ConcentratesSelcoplast Cables
Arab Steel Fabrication/ASFElnilein for Rafia BagsMarwa for Glass & Crystals EquipmentSemeco for Leather Industry
Arab Tech for El-Ectrical Complemetary IndustriesElshehab Dyeing & Finishing & GarmentsMarwa Garments Manufacturing & FinishingSemeco Int'l for Foreign Trade
Arab Union PackagesElsheikh Factory for Development IndustrialMasaied ClothingSemeco Leather Industries-Samir Mottawie & Co.
Arab ValvesElwedehy Ready-made GarmentsMashhour Engineering & IndustrialSemix Engineering & Trade
Arab World Printing HouseEMA for Macaroni Manufacturing & Foodstuff PackagingMasreya El-Gedida MortorSerafi Trading & Industries
Arabia Electrical & Mechanical IndustriesEma for Trading & Hydraulic ServicesMasreya For Chemical & Electromechanical IndustriesSerma Ramses
Arabia Plastic ProductsEmak Braking SystemsMasreya for Electrical Supply & TradeSewedy Electrical Industries
Arabian El-Yousr General ContractorsEmileo InteriorsMasreya Plastic TechnologySewedy for Plastic Industry
Arabian Establishment IndustrializationEnby Int'l Ready-Made GarmentsMasreya Spinning, Weaving & TricotSewedy/Arab Cables & Electrical Industries
Arabian for Manufacturing of Modern Building Materials IndustryEnergya MetalsMasria CardsSG Lighting
Arabian for Synthetic Batteries ProductionEnergya Power Cables-El-SewedyMasria ElectricShady Freight
Arabic TechnicalEnergya Specialty CablesMasria Ready Made GarmentsShaimaa Aluminium Drawing
Arabiya for Dynamic SuppliesEnergya Steel FabricationMasriya for Textile ManufacturesShaimaa Textile Manufacturer
Arabo EngineeringEngimed Engineering & Medical IndustriesMass ElectronicsSham Tex
Arafa HoldingEngineering & Technology Systems GroupMass for Industry & TradeShamsi for Textile Industries
Ariegsa Engineering GroupEngineering & Trading Services Co.Master Line for Textile IndustriesShamy Trading, Engineering & Metal Industries
Ark Industry & Trading-Radwan Lotfi Sbahi & Co.Engineering Center for Feeding IndustriesMatco Paper Converting & PrintingSharaf Chem for Trade & Manufacturing
Arkan Manufacturing & MinningEngineering Co. for Electronics & ControlMatta ClothesShark Factory for Rubber Rolls-Kamal Mohamed Dorgham Sons
Arkan TechnologyEngineering Electrical & MechanicalMecca AluminiumSharkeya Household Appliances Industry
Arma Food IndustriesEngineering EnterprisesMecca Building MaterialsSharkeya Industrial Supplies
Arma OilEngineering for Electrical HeaterMedco Plast-El-Sayed Moustafa Madbouly & Co.Sharkeya Paper Products- Amr Bahy El-Din & Co.
Art MetalEngineering for Electrical WorksMedical Appliances & PackagingSharkeya Tex for Hosiery & Tricot
Art of Glass LaminationEngineering for Manufacture of Spare Parts & GearsMedstar IndustrialSharkia for Insecticides; Chemicals & Seeds
Art SteelEngineering for Metal AppliancesMedstar MisrSherif El-Sirgany Jewels
Artex ApparelEngineering for Metal IndustriesMega TradeSherif Supermarket
Artistico Frames ManufacturersEngineering for producing Gas CylinderMehy EngineeringSherifco High Kitchen
Asdekaa Metal ElectroplatingEngineering for Textiles, Dyeing & Processing-Ahmed Askar & Co.Melamine El-EmanSheter Int'l Trade & Supplies
Asher for Metal ForgingEngineering GroupMenart for Luxury FurnitureShorouk Metallic Works
Asher General Supplies & Office RequisitesEngineering IndustriesMerry Moon Investment for Medical RequisitesShotex
Asher Green Agricultural RequisitesEngineering Industries Technology CenterMesbah Printing House-Abd El-Moniem Ahmed Mesbah & PartnersSiag Chemical
AshramcoEngineering Metal ForgingMetal Exchange for TradingSiko Reno Leads
Association for Development New Urban CommunitiesEngineering Technical Plastic IndustriesMetal PrintSiro Advanced
Atef El-Sawy for Small Industries & ExportingEngineering Textile; Dyeing & FinishingMetal Tubes Mild Steet Tubes N'SectionsSiro Misr
Athar El-Nabi Trade & IndustryEngineering Workshops MachinesMetalart SAESitic-Hazem Salah El-Din
Atta Tex Polyester Yarns IndustriesEscom Metal ProcessingMetalart SilverwareSixth of October for Household Articles
Attaby Electric SuppliesEspranto JeansMetaleir for SilverwareSmall Industries Development Association in 10th of Ramadan
Attar Equipment EnterpriseEsraa PhoneMeteory Fire Extinguishers ManufacturingSociete Industrielle Franco-Egyptienne-S.I.F.E
Automotive Feeding IndustrialEsraa PlasticMicro Touch Systems & AccountsSofetex
Automotive Filters IndustryEssedinq Language SchoolsMiddle East For Food IndustriesSofipack Foam Industries
Avon Cosmetics EgyptEtoile Design Manufacturing & TradingMiddle East for Import & Export-Khaled Mohamed & Co.Soliman Zaki Soliman
Awlad Ragab Additives & Concentrade of Poultry Feeds ProductionEtwal KroumMiddle East for Shoes IndustrySonya for Manufacturing Electric Appliances
AWTEuropean Union Trading & AgencyMiddle East for TextileSotir Industry-Fanous Jute
Azher Girls FacultyEuroquarzo Sigma CoatingsMiddle East Media ProductionSoya Egypt for Concentrat Feed
Azouz MacaroniEurovet EgyptMiddle East Mining IndustriesSpcialized Consultancies
Badawy Electrical & Engineering IndustriesEva Knitting, Dyeing & ClothingMiddle East StarSpecial for Office Furniture
Badawy Hydraulic LiftsEver Green Weaving & KnittingMiddle East Textile & TulleSpeciality Chemicals-Eng.Ahmed Hamed Gad & Co.
Badawy Metal ForgingExperience House for Financial & AccountingMiddle Export City StarSpecialized Chemicals-Master Chemicals Technology
Badr Buildings & ConstructionsEzz & El-Serag FurnishingsMina United for Wrapping & Packaging Requisites ManufacturingSpecialized Food Industries
Badranco PlastEzz Rolling MillsMinapharm Pharmaceuticals & Chemical IndustriesSphinx Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Bahy Paper & Carboard ManufacturingFady El-Beltagy FoodstaffsMinart for Fine FurnitureSprea Misr for Chemicals & Plastics
Bardy SchoolFahd Tyres & BattariesMini Max Electronic IndustriesSquare Office Systems
Baseco IndustrialFahmy Saad Fahmy Int'l Developped Engineering IndustriesMirita HotelStandard for Shoes
Beeco Interior Solution & Suspanded CeilingFaik Engineering & TradingMisr Anticorrosion Technology MacotechStarco Industry for Corrugated Cardboard
Bel Egypt Expansion for Cheese ProductionFakhoury Industrial & TradingMisr CafeStarco Pack
Bel Egypt InterpriseFalcon PlastMisr Canada Mineral Oils Production & BlendingStartex Textile
Beladi MarbleFalcon Stores-Adel Fouad & Co.Misr Compressor ManufacturingStartex Textile for Dyeing & Finshing
Belvedere Garments Accessories IndustryFamily NutritionMisr El-Hegaz for Pipes Manufacturing & Plastic ProductsSteel Craft Advanced Engineering Works
Bergen for IndustryFancy RamsesMisr El-Hegaz for PP Woven Bags & Jumbo BagsSun Rise Trading & Investment
Beshir Bros for Textile IndustriesFannia PlasticMisr El-Hegaz for Vinyl Compounds & Packaging MaterialsSunny
Beshir Engineering & TradingFarag & Co. for Clothes ManufacturingMisr El-Hegaz Pipes Fittings & Plastic ProductsSunny Wood Office Furniture
Best Cheese for Dairy ProductsFarag TextileMisr El-Hegaz Polyethylene Pipes & FittingsSuper Gas Investment
Betco for Concentrates & FeedFarouk Mechanical TurningMisr El-Hegaz PVC Compounds & Master BatchSupplies Electrical & Mechanical
BIC Electronics Environment & EnergyFashion PointMisr El-Hegaz Woven SacksSweden for Printing & Paper Converting
Bioriginal Int'l GroupFateh Engineering & General ContractingMisr El-Nour for Marble & GraniteSweet Factories & Foodstuffs
Bishara Textile & Garment ManufacturFathy & Rofaiel Akledious Hanna & Co.Misr El-Nour for Plastic & MetalsSweet Source for Sweet & Food Products
Bishr Glass IndustriesFathy Sayed Ahmed Abd El-Salam Keshk & Co.Misr El-Nour Plastic Packages S.A.ESwiss Garments S.A.E
Blendex EgyptFattouh for Yarn IndustryMisr El-Nour U.P.V.C Pipes ProductionSynthomer Egypt
Block IndustrialFayrouz for Metal FormingMisr Electrical & Mechanical IndustriesSystems Development Technology
Blue Nile Sweets & FoodstuffsFgr Information SystemsMisr Electronic-Hazem Labib Ahmed Labib Mohamed & Co.Tabarak Industry & Trading
Blue Skies Egypt S.A.EFibrex EgyptMisr Feed AdditivesTag Pac Alumium Containers & Chip Producing
Bobinagko Electrical Industries-Fathy HassanFima TexMisr for Components TechnologyTaha Medical Artificial Limbs & Medicads
Bolous Wood Est.Fine Collection for Industry-Sherif Nabih Doss & Co.Misr for Trading & IndustryTahhan For Iron & Metals
Borg Metal ShapingFine ToolsMisr Gulf for Modern IndustriesTaki Factories
Bouka for Industry & DevelopmentFire Equipment Development CentreMisr Hegaz Profile ManufacturingTaki Vita
Brightex FurnishingsFive Star for Feeding IndustriesMisr Int'l for Plastic IndustriesTamany for Foodstuff Industry-Mohsen Mohamed Abd El-Baki & Nabil Mohamed Mohamed Abd El-Baki
Building Metals Chemicals & Metals, Treatment of Metal SurfacesFlex Print for PrintingMisr Italy MachineryTarek Mounir Kamel Louca & Co.
Cablex for Engineering IndustriesFlowtex Textiles & Furnishings ManufacturingMisr Metal Production & PlatingTareko for Industrial Security & Extinguishing Appliances & Companies Accesories
Cadbury EgyptFontana for Mixers & PlasticMisr Plastics for Packaging IndustryTasty More
Cadbury Egypt Group for Food IndustriesFontana Soft DrinksMisr Polymer IndustriesTawhed
Caico Adhesives Materials ProductionFood Industry & Packing Complex in Tenth of RamadanMisr Poultry InvestmentTawheed Sanitary Ware
Caico Komet StationaryForkan Spinning & WeavingMisr Reinforced Concrete WorksTayseer Industry & Trade
Cairo Feeding IndustriesForm Furniture & Decoration Manufacturing FactoryMisr Security SystemTec Serve Engineering Services & Commercial Agents
Cairo Fibres & Cottons BrighteningFortis Group Glass IndustriesMisr Special Electronics & Training EquipmentTechnical Center Maintenance Works
Cairo Food IndustriesFortuna EgyptMitkees Paper Converting FactoryTechnical Chemical Laboratories
Cairo Glass MaufacturingFouad William & PartnersMobel Polymers for Polymers, Chemicals & PaintsTechnical for Electrical Heaters
Cairo Group HydraulicFoundation Agriculture TechnologyModern CarpetTechnical for Manufacturing Pumps
Cairo IndustrializtionFrance Metal ManufactureModern Egyptian for AdhesivesTechnical Industrial Heaters
Cairo Poultry ProcessingFresenius Medical CareModern Factory for Chandelier ArtTechnical Industries
Can for Manufacturing & Filling CansFresh for Electric Home AppliancesModern Fagala LibraryTechnical Manufacturing Group
Care Construction & MaintenanceFricool Engineering IndustriesModern for Cars Manufacturing & FramesTechnical Rubber & Plastic Products
CartoboxFricool Refrigeration IndustriesModern for Tape Weaving-Abd El-Razek Mohamed Abd El-Ghany & Co.Technical Turning Workshop for Machinery & Gears Spare Parts
Cepack Packaging MaterialsFuture TechnologiesModern Gratcia for Domestic Furniture-Saad Youssef Guirguis & Co.Techno Master for Metal Insdustries
Ceramica Cleopatra GroupGad LightingModern National for Cables Manufacturing & MetalsTechno Pol for Engineering Industries
Ceramica Fancy for Ceramic, Porcelain & Sanitary Ware IndustryGad Wood FactoryModern Paper Converting Factory-Ahmed Ashour Ahmed & Co.Technocoat for Supplies
Chairman Technology, Export & ImportGada Telephone ExchangeModern Textile IndustriesTechnology for Engineering & Industry
Chem Part Polymrs Egypt Import & ExportGamal Cement Bricks & Building MaterialsMog 10th of RamadanTechnomatek Center
Chemi Pharma for Agriculture chemicals & VeterinaryGamil Mechanical TurningMog Engineering & IndustryTechnopol Egypt for Engineering Industries
Chemical PlastGeneral Group IndustryMOG for The Developed IndustriesTelephone Egypt for Telecommunication
Chemical TopGhadeer for PlasticMohamed Abd El-Aziz Nounou Successors & Co'sTenth of Ramadan Center for Iron Sheet
Chemicals for ConstructionGhandour HospitalMohamed Abd El-Aziz Nounou Successors & Co.Tenth of Ramadan City
Chemicals Partner EgyptGhanem PharmacyMohamed Ahmed MetawaiTenth of Ramadan Construction
Chourbagui for Printing, Dyeing, Finishing & Coating of TextileGhuniem Spinning & Weaving Equipment Industry-Said Sayed Ibrahim Ghuniem & SonsMohamed Khalil Badawy & SonsTenth of Ramadan Dyeing; Printing & Finishing
Christian Precious Metals-Maher Kamel Guirguis & Co.Giant for Paper & CartonsMohamed Salah El-Din & Co.Tenth of Ramadan for Carton Manufacturing
Cleopatra Glass ManufacturingGlobal General Supplies, Import & ExportMohandes Textile, Printing & Finishing Ready Made GarmentsTenth of Ramadan for Spinning & Weaving
Cleopatra Silicon ValleyGlobal Packing & PackagingMohsen Amer & PartnersTenth of Ramadan Knitwear & Ready-Made Garments
Coats EgyptGohar Brothers Sweets FactoryMohsen, Zein & Co's. for TradeTenth of Ramadan Printing, Publishing & Wrapping
Color Tex DyeingGohar Trade & IndustryMona El-Husseiny PharmacyTenth of Ramadan Trade Exterior Trade
Combi Misr Screening MachinesGolden Bird for Fast FoodMondial for Plastics & Refrigerators ComponentsTexchem Egypt
Compu PrintGolden Eagle FoodsMondial Home AppliancesTexti Industrial & Trading
CompumaniaGolden Eye Optical RequisitesMondial Refrigeration IndustriesThe Egyptian Arab Pumps
Computech EgyptGolden Star PressMonirco for GasketsThe Int'l for Agricultural Development
Conrad Ready Made GarmentsGoldentex GroupMorcous LandThe National for Glass & Crystal
Conset Ready Made GarmentsGoldentex WoolMorgan Chemical IndustriesThe National for Manufacturing Aluminium Tubes
Construction Contracting & Building WorksGomhoria Horus Factory for Compensatory Instrument & Moving ChairsMotahedoun for Medical, Plastic Products & CosmeticsThe Rock Gravure Cylinders
Cotton Belt Egypt-Magdi El-Showeikh & Co.Gondola RestaurantMoulds Production Paper IndustriesThe Rock Rotogravure Cylinders
Cotton Land for Tricot & Garments-Amr Eid & Co.Goodies Egypt for Industry & TradingMoussa Abd El-Latif El-Zaghal & Co.Motor Vehicles Mirrors ManufacturingThe Rock Smart Card Solutions
Cultural Development for Printing & Press-Mohsen Amin Fahmy & Co.Gorica Egypt Group For Industry S.A.EMoustafa Sanitary ware , Paints & Building MaterialsTholathia Trading Marketing & Industry
Culture Development LibraryGrand Pharma for Manufacturing of MedicineMubarak-Kohl ProjectThree M for Engineering Industries
D.P Int'lGreen Crescent HospitalMudika for Modern TextilesTiba Advanced Plastic Industries
Dabur Egypt Ltd.Green Egypt for Agricultural InvestmentMynah Rubber IndustryTiba Engineering Industries-Hassan Mohamed El-Khodary
Dairy Home Factory for Milk ProductsGreen Egypt for Non Woven FabricsNabarawy PlastTiba Engineering Industries-Magd El-Din Farouk Ismail El-Manzalawy & Co.
Dar Alaa El-Rahman for PrintingGreen Egypt for TradingNabcontract for Contracting S.A.ETiba Food Industries
Dar El-Badr El-Kobra Paper & Printing Requisites TradingGreen Egypt MiningNada Tex TextilesTiba Food Manufacturing
Dar El-Emara El-Misria Contracting, Trading & InvestmentGreen Land Group for Food IndustriesNaga PlastTop Boy Ready-Made Garments & Sports Wear
Dar El-Fikr El-ArabiGreen Land Printing & PackagesNagah Hassan El-Azab & Co.Top Group for Metallurgical Foundations
Dar El-SalamGreen Land Real Estate InvestmentNageh Tex for Weaving, TextileTop Knit
Dar Isis Printing House-Ashour & Co.Greenland Dried wheyNaguib Trading-PanelfoldTork Contractors
Dar Sadek PrintingGroup Pyramide Egypt for Metal IndustriesNagy Stationery Products FactoryTota
Darco for Domestic Requisites & Metal WorksGuindy Reinforced Steel & Building Materials DistributionNahawy TexToyota El-Asher
Dawlia for ElectricGulf Industrial GazesNahda Industrial-Alaa Salah Ali El-Salamy & Co.Trans Chem Group for Industry Egypt
Dawlia for Telecommunication 2Haboub Tex for Dyeing & ProcessingNahdat Misr for Agriculture DevelopmentTrans World for Tricot & Ready-Made Garments
Dawood BrothersHakim Misr-Paco for All Kinds of Plastic ProductsNahdet MisrTredco for Engineering Industries
DebcoHakim Packages, Printing & FormingNahdet Misr Marketing & TradeTricromatic Misr
Deco EgyptHakim Plast-Ahmed Abd El-Hakim Hashem & Co.Nara Modern IndustryU.V.El-Daour
Decorative Furniture Hardware & FittingsHakim Plast/Abd El-Hakim Hashem FactoryNasr for Acrylic SpinningUni Swap
Deeb Trade & DistributionHakmand Knitting Factory Hashem Ibrahim El-DoghryNasr for Bridges & ConstructionsUnion Coating & Chemical Industries
Delta Carbon for GasesHalal Egypt for Food StuffsNasr Polyester SpinningUnion Fabrics & Ready-Made Garments
Delta Construction & ManufacturingHalwani BrothersNational Egyptian HydraulicUnion for Gas Cylinders & Metal Processing
Delta Cooling & Air ConditioningHamadein Import & ExportNational FoodstuffUnion Textiles
Delta Egypt CoatingHamd Trade & SuppliesNational for Industrialization-H.N.S Group-Middle EastUnion Trade Import & Export
Delta Electrical AppliancesHammad for AluminumNational for Maize ProductsUnit Four Chemical Industries
Delta for Paper ConvertingHana Foods & Italian Fresh PastaNational for Paper IndustriesUnited Brothers for Foodstuffs Industries
Delta for Sweets & Food IndustriesHanotex Rubber & plastic IndustrialNational for Plastic IndustriesUnited Brothers Import & Export
Delta GasesHany Ahmed MohamedNational Medical IndustriesUnited Brothers Mechanical Supplies
Delta Housing & ConstructionHappy Dye Egypt for Fabrics & Ready Made Garments IndustryNational PipesUnited Chemical Industries
Delta Mills & BakeryHappy Tex Egypt-Hany Albert Abd El-Nour & Co.National Sanitary Ware TradingUnited Contracting
Delta Misr IndustryHaram For Building Materials & Architectural Supplies TradingNational TextilesUnited Distributors
Delta Pharmaceutical IndustriesHaramin for Building Materials TradingNazra GlassesUnited Engineering & Elextrical Industries
Delta Transport MeansHassabo Forging & Sale MetalNefertiti Paper ProductsUnited Establishment Eggs & Chickens Trading Boxes El-Seid Ahmed Mohamed
Delta TrimmingsHassan FootwearNetherland for Industrial DetergentsUnited for Advanced Systems
Deluxe Metal Turning & PressingHebeish for Engineering WorksNew A.W.A ChemicalsUnited for Foundries
Demiry Wooden & Metal IndustriesHedartex Dyeing; Printing & Finishing- Hesham HedarNew A.W.A for Chemical Raw MaterialUnited for Ironmongery & Hardware Trading
Design Display Systems & Shop RequisitesHegaz Centre DistributionNew Al-Rimontex-Michael Mandouh AminUnited for Leather & Shoe Industry
Developed Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industries EquipmentHegaz Urban DevelopmentNew Alpha for Production of Medical NecessitivesUnited For Liquid Batteries
Development Group MisrHegazy PrintingNew Alphatex-Talat Mazhar Abd El-Dayem & Co.United for Mirrors & Crystal
Development of Industrial ProjectsHeikal Industry & TradeNew BoulosetexUnited for Technological System
Deyar InteriorsHeikal MatchesNew Cairo Oil SealUnited Furniture & Sponge
Diamond Textile for Wool & Ready Made GarmentsHelal & Diamond StarNew Cairo PoultryUnited Group for Production of Medical Necessites
Dina Tex TextilesHelal & Golden Star FactoriesNew Compu Land ComputersUnited Import & Industrial Supplies
Dirpy Textile Industries-Emam Gamal El-Din & Co.Helal & Golden Star for Marketing & DistributionNew Delta CafeUnited Industries-El-Sewedy
Doha Export & Foodstuff PackingHelal & Golden Stars for Modern IndustriesNew EfcoUnited Metals
Dolla Soom Dental SuppliesHelal & Silver StarNew ExpressUnited Neutral Glass
Dow Mideast Systems SAEHelal Detergents; Chemicals & PlasticsNew Finepac for Manufacture of Corrugated BoxesUnited Oils Processing & Packaging
Dr.Greiche/10th of Ramadan for Glass ProductsHelal Domestic Industries Factories-Salem Amin Salem Helal & Co.New Genatex for Textile Dyeing, Printing & FinishingUnited Oriental Sweets
Dr.Hamdy Abd El-Wahab PharmacyHelal for Modern Plastically IndustriesNew Hover Manufacturing Aluminum & Plastic TubesUnited Paper Industries
Duravit Egypt Sanitary Ware ManufacturingHelbawi Group for Ready Made Garments & JeansNew Jacquartax Textiles & FabricsUnited Paper Industries-Magdy Botrous & Partners
E-Med for IndustrialzationHelbawy Jeans FactoryNew Juicy-Refaat & Safwat Mohamed Mohamed Abd El-Baky & Co.United Technical & Engineering Industries
E-Trade Commercial Agencies, Import & ExportHelel for Home ApplianceNew Karnak for Spinning & Weaving, Dyeing, Printing & Finishing-Nazih Badr El-Din & Co.United Trading & Agency-El-Beleidy
Eastern Foodstuff Industries EstablishmentHelw TexNew Karnak Spining & MeavingUnited Trading & Marketing
Eastern for Developed Industry & PackagingHesni TextileNew KomerUnited Vegetable Oil Processing
Eastern GasesHi Food for Advanced FoodstuffsNew MacUnited Weavers
Ebn Sena Center for SurgeryHi-Pack for Packaging & Wrapping MaterialsNew Magic Electric Tools IndustryUnited Wires El-Sewedy
Ecico Egypt for Electric & Domestic AppliancesHigh Tech Look Precise IndustriesNew Nagehtex Tex for Weaving, Embroidery, Dyeing & PrintingUniversal for Building Materials & Chemicals
Economic Ahmonseto Jute & PolyesterHigher Institute for TechnologyNew Pack Printing; Packaing & PlasticsUniversal for Edible Industries
Economic Ind.Development CaliforniaHigher Technological Institute at 10th of RamadanNew Sam Roller BearingsUniversal For Paper & Packaging Materials
Edga MetalsHorreia Food IndustriesNew Shreen Tex for Ready-Made & Knitted ClothesUniversal Paints
Education ProjectHorreya Wrapping-Adel Nessim & CoNew Tec Dayam for Dyeing, Manufacturing, Textile & Ready Made GarmentsUranus Egypt Export & Import
Educational ProjectsHossam El-Din Telecommunication CenterNew Trend Cement ProductsVenus Spinning
Efco Modern FiberHouda Telecommunication CenterNew Vetrovit Veterinary PreparationsVita Liquid Polymers Egypt
Egy MedHouse LiftNile ButtonsWadi El-Nil Metals Manufacturing & Trading
Egy South Security & GuardingHousehold Cleaning Products of EgyptNile Food IndustriesWady El-Washyka Land Reclamation
Egycom Plastic ManufacturingHouseman Egypt for Water TreatmentNile Kordsa Industrial FabricsWael Galal Sedik
Egypt for Glass & Car Lamps IndustryHover Stationary Products & Adhesives & Aluminum Tubes ManufacturingNile PackagingWahab Int'l Textiles Ltd.
Egypt for Metal PressingHyundai El-AsherNile PackingWakid Pharma
Egypt Italia for MachineryIdeal Standard Int'l/Egyptian American for Sanitary Wares S.A.ENile Plastics & Industry-El-Azhary & Co.Warda Tex for Spinning & Weaving-Eid Labib & Partners
Egypt Japan Steel WorksImam for Paper ProductsNile Printing & PackagingWaritex Egypt
Egypt Otsuka PharmaceuticalsIman for IndustryNile ShoesWataneya for Refractories
Egypt SaltImex for Industry & Trade-Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-RaoufNisr PlasticWatania Hydronewmatic
Egypt SaltIndustrial Designs & Services OfficeNoha Electrical SupplyingsWatanya for Plastic Industry
Egypt TailoringIndustrial Instrumentation Services Est.Nor MetalWaves Acrylic-Corolous Magdy Fakhry & Co.
Egypta Advertising AgencyIndustrial Investments/Detergents & Silicate FactoriesNoras-Mohamed AbdallahWazzan Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
Egyptian Advanced PackagingIndustrial Medical PackagingNorth Africa for TechnologyWeidmuller-Standard Electric
Egyptian Agricultural & Industrial DevelopmentIndustrial SystemsNounou Bros-Int'l TextilesWekala Industrial Supplies
Egyptian Aluminium TubesIndustrial ToshkyNour Cements ProductsWektac Egypt
Egyptian American CranesIndustry Men Association for Developing Investment & ExportNour Factory for Metal Processing & FormattingWhite Head Spinning
Egyptian American for Feeding IndustriesInpack for Carton Industry S.A.ENouval ModernWilliam Office Furniture
Egyptian American ManufacturingInt'l Air ConditioningNovatex Dyeing & PreparationY.T.S Transportation & Customs Clearance Services
Egyptian American Paint & CoatingsInt'l Blankets & TextileOdiba Textiles for Dyeing & FinishingYassin Trade & Industry
Egyptian Arabian FoodInt'l Building MaterialsOilatum for Food IndustriesYemeni Coffee-Abd El-Maaboud
Egyptian Belgian Windows & DoorsInt'l CablesOm El-Qorra Unique Packages Factory El-Sayed Hamed Moussa & Co.YKK Egypt
Egyptian Canadian for Manufacturing CartonsInt'l Carbid EgyptOm El-Qura-10th of RamadanYousef for Springs
Egyptian Carton & Paper ConvertingInt'l Casting & Modern IndustriesOmega MotorYousr Food Industries
Egyptian ChemicalsInt'l Center Extinguishing & Industrial SecurityOmega Ready-Made Garments ManufacturingYousr Printing
Egyptian ClothingInt'l Centre for Wood TradingOmya EgyptZaabalawy Complex
Egyptian Co. for Chemicals & PharmaceuticalsInt'l Chemicals & Industrial DetergentsOnline Doors & Windows SystemsZahar Goulash Automatic Factory
Egyptian Electric & Electronic CompoundInt'l CosmeticsOptimum Media EgyptZaher Packaging & Wrapping Materials Manufacturing
Egyptian EngineeringInt'l Electric Motors ManufacturingOrbit EngineeringZahraa Textile Manufacturer
Egyptian Engineering & Electric Industrics ElectricInt'l Factory for Paper Manufacturing-Khedr SonsOrchard TextilesZahret El-Asher for Metal & Engineering Industries
Egyptian Engineering & General SuppliesInt'l FatOrganic Agriculture CenterZaki Zekry Mata Gohar
Egyptian Engineering & ManufacturingInt'l for Agricultural Production & ProcessingOriental Construction MaterialsZamzam Household Articles
Egyptian Engineering ConsultantsInt'l for Chemical & TradingOriental Int'l TradeZamzam Presses
Egyptian Engineering for Production Lines & EquipmentInt'l for Electronic & Electrical SystemsOriental Weavers CarpetsZamzam Tiles Industry- Hamouda Mohamed & Co.
Egyptian Equipment PlasticInt'l for IndustriesOriental Weavers FibresZarina
Egyptian European Developed PlasticsInt'l for Modern Engineering IndustriesOriental Weavers Int'l-Free ZoneZenouki Kitchenware
Egyptian FibersInt'l for Supplementary & Medical IndustriesOrouba Investment & Agricultural DevelopmentZschimmer & Schwarz Egypt Chemicals
Egyptian Food IndustriesInt'l for Trade, Export & CommerceOryx Land for Food Industries` Rowad Club
Egyptian for Adhesives & ChemicalsInt'l Foreign Trade-Mohamed El-Fattayri & Co.Osama Abbass El-Moursi Communiction Center
Egyptian for Advanced IndustriesInt'l Industrial for Trailers-Bassem Nabil YoussefOxico-Ahmed El-Qotaty

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