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Egyptian Promoters Center for Pharmaceuticals S.A.EEl-Massalla for Industrialization of Cable Accessories S.A.E

Other Suppliers

1 WorldEgyex TradeInt'l for Agricultural Investment & Animal Wealth DevelopmentPlaza Mode Factory
3 Jo GroupEgymarkInt'l for Commercial & Industrial InvestmentPMD Int'l
3 WayEgypco TradingInt'l for Commercial MarketsPoli Salemko
3A Int'lEgypt & Middle EastInt'l for Engineering Supplies & ContractingPoly Film
3B Technology for PetroleumEgypt Aero Managements ServicesInt'l for Enviromental TechnologyPolymed Trading
3S Import & ExportEgypt AfricaInt'l For ForagePolymer Egypt
4 Directions Services & TravelEgypt Air Comperssors & Diving Equipment ManufacturingInt'l for Integrated Housing & Real Estate, Touristic Investment & Aducation ServicesPower Elevators
4 S SphinxEgypt Air HoldingInt'l for Medical ProductsPower Land Inc.
4D for Office SuppliesEgypt Air Maintenance & EngineeringInt'l for Touristic Villages & CampingPowerful for Engineering & Trade
5 B Int'lEgypt Automotive for Trade & AgenciesInt'l for Trade & DistributionPown Heliopolis School
A & AEgypt ColoursInt'l Freight GroupPQ Designers
A & A Consulting EngineersEgypt Computer-Sherif Kamal & Co.Int'l General TradingPremer
A & BEgypt ConstructionsInt'l Group for Import & ExportPremiere Cargo
A B X Logistics EgyptEgypt Electronics TradeInt'l Group for Modern TechPrestige Distribution
A C S Advanced Computer ServicesEgypt EngineeringInt'l Group for Technology & Engineering[Inter-Tech]Prestige Hotel Marketing
A M TEgypt EntertainmentInt'l Group Trade InvestmentPrima Crete for Construction Development
A to zEgypt Express-FedexInt'l House Cultural InvestmentsPrima Gold
A-Part CC ServicesEgypt FoodInt'l Import, Export & ServicesPrima Mootaz Gamal El-Din Ali El-Zaker
A.B.C. CenterEgypt for Communication & Information TechnologyInt'l Importer; Exporter; Supplying & TradingPrima Pack for Agencies
A.B.MEgypt for Marekting & Projects ManagingInt'l Information & Communication Technology CenterPrime Estate Int'l
A.D.I Real Estate InvestmentEgypt Gulf Hossam LotfyInt'l Integrated Group for TourismPrime for Import & Export
A.G CollectionEgypt Int'l physiotherapy CenterInt'l Investment & ConstructionPrime Pictures
Aal Tawakol CardboardEgypt Int'l Shipping Works & Customs ServicesInt'l Investment & DevelopmentPrime Soft
Aamset-ParisEgypt Integrated Schools Cambridge EgyptInt'l Investment & Tourism DevelopmentPrince De La Vie Floating Hotel
AB Care for Import & Export Ltd.Egypt Jet AviationInt'l Investmental ServicesPrincesa Cars
Abanob & Inter TradeEgypt Land of Adventures ToursInt'l InvestorsPrint Shop-Fabrics Furnishing & Accessories
Abanoub TravelEgypt Logistics CorporationInt'l Languages BookshopPrintograph
Abaza Auto Trade SAEEgypt Mark Customs ClearanceInt'l Lighting Commercial AgenciesPro Advertising
ABB Asea Brown Boveri S.A.EEgypt Multi SystemsInt'l Management & TradePro Creative Concepts
ABB GroupEgypt Paper IndustriesInt'l MencoPro Trade-Afifi Ahmed Afifi & Co.
ABB TurbochargersEgypt Point Off SideInt'l Modern SystemsPRO-TEC-Amr El-Sayed Mohamed Khalil
AbbasolEgypt Pressure TechInt'l Office for StationeryProceed
Abbass TradingEgypt Soft CommerceInt'l Office for Trade & DistributionProfessional Par Rent
AbboudyEgypt South Africa TelecommunicationInt'l Office RequisitesProfessional System
ABC Businessmen Services Ltd.Egypt TradeInt'l Oil Machinery IndustryProfessionals for Investment Banking
ABC Display & Store FixturesEgypt TrustInt'l Overseas AgencyProfessor Samy Naguib-Insurance House
ABC Food Systems Ltd.Egypt's Manufacturers AssociationInt'l Pack Wrapping SystemsProfile Advertising
Abd Allah Ibrahim Accounting OfficeEgypt.Com for Information Technology SolutionInt'l PackingProjobs Egyptian Staff Recruitment
Abd Allah Shalsh Accounting OfficeEgyptac TradeInt'l Pets ControlProline Egypt
Abd El-Azim Abd El-KaderEgyptair Air CargoInt'l Physiotherapy & Pains Medication CenterProMark Corporation Ltd.
Abd El-Aziz Atteya Maintainance centerEgyptair AirlinesInt'l PioneersPromax
Abd El-Basset Abd El-Samad RestaurantEgyptair Ground ServicesInt'l Poultry-Eng. Khalil MassoudPromo Egypt
Abd El-Hadi AutomotiveEgyptair Inflight ServicesInt'l Projects & ConsultingPromo Scent
Abd El-Hady El-Chorbagy SuccessorsEgyptair Supplementary IndustriesInt'l Real Estate Development & Touristic ServicesPromo Trade
Abd El-Hakam El-Feqi OfficeEgyptian Advanced SystemsInt'l Realty & Touristic DevelopmentPromoters Egypt Advertising
Abd El-Hamid Badawi Assal GroupEgyptian Advanced Systems-Khaled SalahInt'l Securities BrokeragePronovias Atelier
Abd El-Hamid KandilEgyptian African for TradingInt'l ServicesProtection for Services & Security
Abd El-Kader El-KadryEgyptian African-Ayman El-SaidInt'l Services Systems S.A.EProtrade
Abd El-Khalek Mohamed Fateh OfficeEgyptian Agricultural ServicesInt'l Services-Hatem Samir Abd El-RazekPsychological Medicine Hospital
Abd El-Khalek Pharmacy - Dr. Amany Abd El-KhalekEgyptian Agro Services CenterInt'l Shipping & TransportPullman Tours
Abd El-Maksoud PharmacyEgyptian AirportsInt'l Shipping ServicesPure World
Abd El-Meguid & Co. Household ArticlesEgyptian Amercian for Agriculture Investment & DevelopmentInt'l Sinai Travel Agency & Air CargoPyramedia Production & Distribution
Abd El-Salam Abu El-Ezz ContractingEgyptian American Center for Medical Diagnosis HospitalInt'l Sports Center for Military QualifyingPyramid Technology Solutions
Abd El-Samie Pharmacy-Dr. Abdallah El-ShahatEgyptian American For ImportInt'l Sports MagazinePyramids Carpets & Moquette
Abd GalleryEgyptian American Group for Engineering IndustriesInt'l Steel MarketingPyramids Industries Parks
Abdallah Pharmacy-Dr. Abdallah KamelEgyptian American Investment & DevelopmentInt'l Studies NetworkPyramids Int'l Group
Abdeen TradingEgyptian Animal Production-Hamza Abd El-Wahab & Co.Int'l SystemsPyramids Scientific Office
Abic Computer ServicesEgyptian Arab TradingInt'l Systems ShippingQ Standard
Abico TradingEgyptian Arabian UNion ContractingInt'l Textile IndustriesQatar for Petrochemicals Ltd.
Abnograph PrintingEgyptian Armament AuthorityInt'l Total Projects SolutionQaulity Limousine
Abo El-kher AgencyEgyptian Arthitects GroupInt'l Tourism & Hotels DevelopmentQuali Metal System
Abo El-Naga-Trading TesmarcoEgyptian Association Plastic Exporters & ManufacturersInt'l Tourist DevelopmentQuality Lab
Abo Hashem Engineering & TradingEgyptian Auditing & Taxation Experts OfficeInt'l TradeQuality Masters
Abo Salah Grilled FoodEgyptian Australian TradingInt'l Trade & AgenciesQualtra
Abo Sheloua Contracting & SuppliesEgyptian Auto Feeders AssociationInt'l Trade & ContractingQuantum Automatic Systems
Abollo Shipping Servies, Expore & ImportEgyptian Aviation Services S.A.EInt'l Trade & ImportQuantum Technological Solutions
Abor ImportEgyptian Beauty AcademyInt'l Trade-Gad GhoneimQuattro Shipping & Forwarding Services
Abou Ghali CarsEgyptian Bioscientific EquipmentInt'l TradersQuds Restaurant-Abu Riyad
Abou Ismail & El-Ashmouny Human ResourcesEgyptian BritishInt'l Trading & AgenciesQuebec Inc
Abou Neweir ImportEgyptian British FoodsInt'l Trading & Agencies-Rashad El-Sayed Gad & Co.Queen Air-Conditioners
Abou Tria Mechanical RequisitesEgyptian British Storage & Handling EquipmentInt'l Trading & ContractingQueen Center Pharmacy
Abtec Integrated ContractingEgyptian Buffalo Producers AssociationInt'l Trading & Engineering SuppliesQueen Clean
Abu AlamEgyptian Business MachinesInt'l Trading & Industry-Eng. Nabih Zaki & Co.Queen Nefer Floating Hotel
Abu Amr Pastry & PizzaEgyptian Canadian & ChemicalsInt'l Trading & MarketingQuest
Abu El-Enin Dental Medicine CenterEgyptian Canadian Advanced Pharmaceutical IndustriesInt'l Trading & SuppliesQuest Gift Center
Abu El-Kheir for Inks Printers & Computer RequisitesEgyptian Canadian Businessmen AssociationInt'l Trading GroupQuick Colour Center
Abu El-Nasr TradingEgyptian Canadian for Humate Trade & Agricultural ConsultancyInt'l Trading Import & Export-Ashraf Mansour Abd El-SalamQuick Com Computer Requisites
Abu El-Nil CurtainsEgyptian Canadian for Instruments & ControlInt'l Trading, Contracting & Equipment RentalQuick Com Group
Abu Ghali FishEgyptian Canadian TradingInt'l Transport & Trading Services-El-Fakher TransQuick Int'l Restaurants
Abu HaidarEgyptian Center Coolers & Air Conditioners TradeInt'l Transportation ServicesQuick Print
Abu Hamama ConfectionerEgyptian Center for Biological AgricultureInt'l Union for Investment & Real DevelopmentQuick Sandwich
Abu Shama Egyptian Labor RecruitingEgyptian Center for PlasticInt'l Video & Electronics CenterQuzi
Abu Shanab CrystalEgyptian Center for Road & Quarry EquipmentInt'l X Rays CenterR & M Convicing Cabling Solutions
Abu Tartur Phosphat ProjectEgyptian Center for Training & Continuous LearningIntegral Group for Int'l TradeR B M Sharter
Abu Zaabal Wooden IndustriesEgyptian Center Intellectual Property & Information TechnologyIntegrated Bureau for Engineering & ConsultationR H Media & Publication
Abu Zekry & Co. ServicesEgyptian Chinese for Real Estate Investment & Management ProjectsIntegrated Business SolutionsR M Designs & Consultancies
AC Nielsen EgyptEgyptian Coastal ConstructionIntegrated Computers TechnologyRaa Veterinary Drugs
Academy Travel AgencyEgyptian Commercial & Industrial Transaction-El-Sayed El-Baz & CoIntegrated Consulting Group-Dr.Hesham KamelRabie Group
ACE Group-EgyptEgyptian Computer ServicesIntegrated Engineering SystemsRabie Trading & Investment
Ackad Law Office Legal AdvisorsEgyptian Computer SoftwareIntegrated Environment Technology & Oil ServicesRada Research & Public Relations
Action Egypt Advertising & MarketingEgyptian Computer SystemsIntegrated Fertility CenterRadames I Floating Hotel
Active Int'l Information TechnologyEgyptian Construction & BuildingIntegrated Immigration ConsultantRadames II Floating Hotel
Active Technology Transfer Corp.Egyptian Construction & Touristic DevelopmentIntegrated Interior Architecture-Dr. Ehab EzzatRadiology & Imaging Center
Ad CollectionEgyptian Construction & TradeIntegrated Office SystemsRaed Building Engieering
AD CreationEgyptian Consultation for Commercial AgentsIntegrated ProjectsRafichem
Adams RestaurantEgyptian Consulting Office-Abd El-Hamid Ammar & Co.Integrated Solution of EgyptRagaa Clean
Adany Leather GarmentsEgyptian Contarctors & Int'l Trade-Ismail GroupIntegrated Solutions for Business ExpansionsRagaa Pharmacy-Dr. Hany William Ayoub
Adawy Jewellery'sEgyptian Contracting & Integrated Engineering WorksIntegrated SystemsRagaa Trade
Adel & Dina Beauty CenterEgyptian Contracting & TradingIntegrated TechnologiesRagab Mohamed for Import
Adel Halim & Co. Plastic ManufacturingEgyptian Cultural GroupIntelegent Trading & AgentsRaheek Commercial Center
Adel Philip JewelleryEgyptian Development & TradeIntellitechRahma Private Hospital
Adham CleanEgyptian Drug StoresInter Freight Shipping SystemsRaie Print House
Adman AdvertlsingEgyptian Electrical & Communication WorksInter HospitalsRajac School
Adrian for Trading & IndustriesEgyptian Electrical IndustriesInter Nile for Floating HotelsRamak Decoration
Advance Technology SystemsEgyptian ElectronicsInter Pharm for Import, Export & CommercialRamco Engineering & Constructions
Advanced Audio VisualEgyptian Engineering & Contracting GroupInter PharmaRamks for Import & Commercial Agencies
Advanced Business SystemsEgyptian Engineering & TechnologyIntercontinental Cairo City Stars HotelRamlawy Foodstuff
Advanced ComputingEgyptian Engineering GroupIntergraph Artist Design & AdvertisingRammal Watches
Advanced Distribution GroupEgyptian Engineering Industries-Mahmoud Aguib Mahmoud Ghannam & Co.Interiors FurnitureRamo Egypt
Advanced Engineering SystemsEgyptian EngineersIntermechanicalRamses for Real Estate Development & Leasing
Advanced Integrated SolutionEgyptian Engineers Arab Realty InvestmentInternal Building Systems Ltd.-El-Sherbiny & Co.Ramses Holding
Advanced Logic SystemsEgyptian Engineers for Commercial CentersInterproseRamses Veterinary Office
Advanced Technology & MarketingEgyptian Engineers for Contracting & Integrated HousingIntertech-BatinormRamy Saad
Advanced Textile TechnologyEgyptian Engineers for Real Estate InvestmentIntertem TravelRania Pharmacy-Dr.Nabila Gad
Advanced Tractors & Agricultural MachineryEgyptian EuropeanIntex Express & Freight SolutionsRano Travel
Adwaa El-HegazEgyptian European CouncilIntoegyptRas El-Bar Cafeteria
Adwaa Sudr for Touristic Development RiveraEgyptian European for Exhibitions & TradingInventors Arteriors Int'lRasem Surveyors & Maps
Aero Services EgyptEgyptian European for Modern Industries-Adel Youssef Ibrahim & Co.Inves Nile for Trading AgenciesRashad Int'l Trade
Aero Star Air ConditionerEgyptian European Shipping ServicesIpaco Touristic DevelopmentRashdan Center
Afaf PharmacyEgyptian European TradeIsaaf PharmacyRashdan Int'l Group
Afco & Contracting & DecorationEgyptian Expert ConsultantsIseo EgyptRashed Hospital
Afrco Contracting & DistributionEgyptian Export & ImportIskra Emeco Energy MeasurmentRashied for Navigation & Maritime Services
African Development BankEgyptian Eyes AcademyIslam Rafik Pharmacy- Dr. Islam RafikRashyda Housing & Real Estate Investment
African Egyptian Overseas TradingEgyptian Fish MarketingIslamia Charitable Association for Islamic Women RecruitmentRaslan Air Service
African Export-Import BankEgyptian Food & BeverageIslamic for Trade & Plastic IndustrializationRaslan for Entertainment Projects
African Trade & DistributionEgyptian for Advanced Chemical Technology-Ahmed Mohamed Abou El-Wafa & PartnersIslamic Int'l ProjectsRaslan Group
African WavesEgyptian for Air Craft MaintenanceIslamic MaintenanceRaslan Real Estate
Agaza ToursEgyptian for Allied SystemsIslamic Trading & SupplyingRatomag Trading & Engineering
AGR Int'l ContractingsEgyptian for Anesthetic Equipment & Industrial GasesIsmail PharmacyRawad Manufacturing & Mining
Agro Egypt Trading & Organic FertilizersEgyptian for Computers & TechnologyIsmailia Tourism Investment DevelopmentRay Flooring
Agro LinkEgyptian for Diving Equipment TradeIsmatco General Trading & AgenciesRaya Supermarket
AgrolinkEgyptian for Electrical Work & Communication S.A.EIsraa Industry & TradeRaytex for Furnishings & Upholstery
Agromed Ltd. for Agricultural & Veterinary RequisitesEgyptian for Information TechnologyIST NetworksRBM for Trading
Agron for Agricultural Development Ltd.Egyptian for Intelligent BuildingsIt LandsRCI Egypt Ltd.
Ahbar El-ShroukEgyptian for Manufacturing & PrintingItal RomaReady Mix Beton
Ahlia Establishment for Trading & Commercial AgenciesEgyptian for OilsItalian Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration WorksReal Estat
Ahmady General Contracting & SuppliesEgyptian for Technology NurseriesItalian Egyptian for Industrial PaintsReal Estate Development for National Banks
Ahmed & Atef Beauty CenterEgyptian for Touristic DevelopmentItalian Egyptian Trading & MarketingReal Estate Egyptian Center Marketing
Ahmed & Omar Cars Spare PartsEgyptian for Trade & AgenciesItalian Group Import & Export-Eng.Mohamed FathiRecruit Egypt Recruitment Abroad
Ahmed Abd El-Rahman Spectacles AssociationEgyptian for Trade & ContractingITS Egypt Ltd.-Hussein Mesharafa & Co.Red Line Egypt-Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed El-Beheiry OfficeEgyptian for Trade & ImportJ.M Import & ExportRed Rock-Khaled Salah
Ahmed Kamel OfficeEgyptian for Trading & Engineering ConsultancyJ.R Import & ExportRed Sea for Import & Export
Ahmed Mamdouh Ismail FarmEgyptian for Veterinary RequisitiesJac ConstructorsRed Sea for Real Estate Investment & Tourism Development
Ahram for MachineryEgyptian GardensJac Land Development Corp.Red Sea Hotels Holding for Touristic Investment
Ahram Medical Analysis LabEgyptian German for Foodstuffs AdditivesJac Power GroupRed Sea Investment & Touristic Development
Ahram Stationery-Eng. Hany FawzyEgyptian German for Int'l TradingJackie ToursRed Sea Mining
Ahram Trading-Mohamed Said Shehab & Co.Egyptian German for Protecting The EnvironmentJacob for Import, Export & Commercial AgenciesRed Sea Oil Service(Free Zone)
Ahramat Engineering & Trading OfficeEgyptian German PumpsJam Trading-Jean Archak Moughalian & PartnersRed Sea Touristic Resort
Ahramat Trading & SuppliesEgyptian Group for Engineering & Trading-Raafat Daniel Ibrahim & PartnersJamaica Advertising Import & ExportRed Sea Trading & Projects
Aida LeisureEgyptian Group for Import & ExportJames Cubitt & Partners-ConsultantsReda Hamza Auto
Aidy Press, Publishing & Media ProductionEgyptian Group for Logistics Services/H-E LogisticsJanna Trading & Decorating RequisitesReda Pharmacy
AIM Logistics Int'lEgyptian Group for Medical Service S.A.EJannat MisrReda Trade & Commercial Agents
Ain Shams University Hospitality HouseEgyptian Group for TradingJC Scientific & CommercialRefaat Moustafa Abd El-Salam for Import & Export
Air CairoEgyptian Group Investment & Touristic DevelopmentJC TodayRegal Advertising
Air Cool Air ConditioningEgyptian High Institute for Tourism & HotelsJeakartexRegina
Air Line Air ConditionEgyptian Holding for Airports & Air NavigationJeans East Ready-Made GarmentsRegional Observation Center
Air MemphisEgyptian Home AutomationJeita RestaurantRehab Hospital
Air SinaiEgyptian Int'l CenterJet Elevators & EscalatorsRemage Import & Agencies
AirbusEgyptian Int'l ChemicalsJet Engineering, Contracting, Import & ExportRemage Import & Trading
Airbus Cairo Liaison OfficeEgyptian Int'l Consulting GroupJet Set Trade & DistributionRenaissance Floating Hotel
Aircraft MaintemantEgyptian Int'l Cruises ToursJJW Hotels & ResortsRenaissance for Trading & Disibution
Aircraft Maintenance CorporationEgyptian Int'l for EngineeringJodi MiniRenaissance for Trading & Investment
Aircraft Maintenance CorporationEgyptian Int'l for Foreign TradeJohn Flimon Engineering ConsultanciesResala for Export & Agricultural Crops Est.
Airovents for EngineeringEgyptian Int'l for Trading & Industrial InvestmentJohnson & Johnson Medical EgyptRev Du Nil
Ajwa Group Holding EgyptEgyptian Int'l GroupJohnson Controls Egypt-LimitedRhino Pharm
Akaoui TradeEgyptian Int'l Tourism & HotelsJoint Group ContractingRhodia Egypt Distribution S.A.E
Akarat Alarab Est.Egyptian Int'l Trade & DevelopmentJonkel LandRidge Wood for Water Desalination
Akhal Agricultural DevelopmentEgyptian Int'l Transport & TradeJuhaina RestaurantRidgewood Egypt for Infrastructure Projects
Akhbar El-YoumEgyptian Integrated SchoolsJumbo Crazy HorseRight Move Egypt
Akhnaton for Contracting & Real Estate InvestmentEgyptian Integrted Solution, Agencies & Trading E.T.S.A.TJust On Time Middle East & South AfricaRime Information Bureau
AKI ConsultanciesEgyptian Investment & Agricultural Development-Eng. Ashraf Ali Hassan Hassan Enab & Co.Just Ontime Middle East & AfricaRimo Tours
Al Hassan for Modern Building EquipmentEgyptian ItalianK Cairo TravelRina Egypt
Al Hassan MarketEgyptian Italian for Leather IndustryK Fashion LineRio Misr Tourist Projects
Al Masria Universal AirlinesEgyptian Italian for Manufacturing & Producing Ceramic Tiles & PorcelainK.D.M Global LogisticsRiviera Trading
Al-Abour Trading & MarketingEgyptian Italian for Tourism DevelopmentK.E.T TravelRiyad 2000
Al-Ahram Computer CenterEgyptian Italian MosaicKababgy El-Azhar-FarhatRizkalla Showroom
Al-Alamia Safety & Communication SystemsEgyptian Jordonian Automatic DoorsKabadaya for Specialized EquipmentRoberto Ready-Made Garments
Al-Almia Services & SecurityEgyptian Kuwait Security Equipment-EKSKabesh ConstructionsRock Engineering Trade & Contracting
Al-Amal for Foreign TradeEgyptian Kuwaiti Tourism & Urban DevelopmentKablan Center-CairoRocket
Al-Amin Technology SystemsEgyptian Land Trading & DividingKachefRocket Limousine
Al-Asher for Development & Real Estate InvestmentEgyptian Life TakafulKadriano Air FreightRockit Transport Services
Al-Asher for ProjectsEgyptian Lotus TradeKafelet El-Kheir AssociationRoda Farm
Al-Ataa TexEgyptian Manar for Real Estate DevelopmentKahera El-Kobra for Development & ReconstructionRodan Investment in Agricultural & Touristic Development
Al-Azazy Printing HouseEgyptian Marketing & ServicesKahera El-Kobra HousingRodan Sport
Al-Badawy Recruitment Egyptian AbroadEgyptian Marketing CenterKalex TradingRodan Touristic Development
Al-Batros Golf & Hotels StudiesEgyptian Marketing ConsultantsKalilah HospitalRody Car Rent
Al-Benaa Contracting EstablishmentEgyptian Medical Center for Oxygen TherapyKallaRoma Exchange
Al-Dar Air Conditioner SystemsEgyptian Milk Producers AssociationKalvnetorRoma Pizza
Al-Dorrah Heart Care HospitalEgyptian Modern ArchitecturalKamal El-Din PharmacyRomani Pharmacy
Al-Fady Fire fighting Equipments Trade & Distribution Est.Egyptian Modern Building MaterialsKamal Zekry FarmRomany Air Condition
Al-Fajr Employment Recruitment AbroadEgyptian Modern RestaurantsKamel Abd El-Baky & Sons ShowroomRomany Import & Export-Nevein Maher Beshay
Al-Farouk Engineering WorksEgyptian Modern TechnologyKamel Ali Kamel for Glass & Mirrors FactoryRoots Technological
Al-FarsEgyptian Motor Vehicle ManufacturingKami TradeRooya Contruction
Al-Fateh Air ConditioningEgyptian Motor VehiclesKamsRooya Holding
Al-Fayrouz for Trade-Ihab Said & Co.Egyptian Mud Engineering & Chemicals Free ZoneKamy GraphicRooya Real Estate Development & Tourism
Al-Hak Furniture & DecorationEgyptian New TradeKan Zaman Restaurant & CafeRooya Real Estate Investment
Al-Halawani Real Estate InvestmentEgyptian Office RequisitesKandil Factory for Chandeliers & Metal FurnitureRooya Real Estate Marketing
Al-Hamd Stock BrokerageEgyptian OperatingKandil MedicalRooya Touristic Development
Al-Hasoob-Sherif Abd El-Moneim El-SherifEgyptian Pharmacists Distribution & PharmaciesKangs World EgyptRopi Cosmetics Lab.
Al-Islamya Int'l Real Estate InvestmentsEgyptian Pharmacists Production; Distribution & ImportKanoo & El-Shabrawy Ltd.Rossini Restaurant
Al-Karma Import & Export Ltd.Egyptian Pharmex-Kaled Wagdy & Tarek WagdyKantracRostex Touristic Investment
Al-Kateb Technical & Adminstrative ServicesEgyptian Pipes Industry Tech & AccessoriesKaraim for Import & ExportRotaco Commercial Agencies
Al-Khan Group Air ConditionEgyptian Polish FriendshipKarakish BakeryRotana Air Conditioners
Al-Magd Trading & Services Ltd.Egyptian Professional Conference ServicesKarama BookshopRotana Real Estate Marketing & Financing Services
Al-Magmooah for Real Estate DevelopmentEgyptian Property Adminstration & ConsultancyKardex for Office FurnitureRotaprint Import & Export
Al-Mann & Al-Salwa Import & ExportEgyptian Quarries & Building MaterialsKareem for ChemicalsRotrdam Car Rent
Al-Masia for Producing CeramicEgyptian Saudi DecorationKarim & Halim Leather IndustriesRougi
Al-Masria Advanced ComputerEgyptian ShowKarim Mohamed GhoneimRoushdy Office Air Freight
Al-Masria Information SystemsEgyptian Spanish ImportKarnak AgencyRowad Computers
Al-Memarian Engineering ConsultantsEgyptian Spanish Ready-Made GarmentsKarnak Financial LeasingRowda Pharmacy-Dr.Alaa Bahgat
Al-Mena Cargo ServiceEgyptian Swedish for Trading & Contracting LTDKarnak for Trade & ContractingRox Egypt
Al-Mohanad GroupEgyptian Sweets & ChocolatesKarnak Language SchoolRoxy
Al-Monairy Trade Ltd.Egyptian Swiss for DecorationKaroun Int'l Misr ContractingRoxy Cinema
Al-Nouran Financial Investments HoldingEgyptian Talaia for Int'l TradingKarvin HotelRoxy Flowers
Al-Nouran Multi Trading CorporationEgyptian TankerKashan HouseRoxy Hospital-Dr.Amr Fayez
Al-Ofoq for Import & ExportEgyptian Technology DistributionKasr El-Abiyad FurnitureRoxy Lab for Medical Analysis
Al-Rabwa ImportingEgyptian Telecom ServicesKassab Paper TradingRoxy Neurology & Orthopedics Center
Al-Rehab for Operation & Maintainance UtilitiesEgyptian Textile Industries-Fikry Omara & SonsKaswaa PharmacyRoyal Crown Hotel
Al-RoaaEgyptian TireKattameya for Development & Touristic Real Estate InvestmentRoyal Expo.
Al-Rowad Reconstruction & BuildingEgyptian Touristic ServicesKawmmeya Offset PressRoyal Foods
Al-Sadek Shipping, Customs Clearance, Import & ExportEgyptian Trade & ContractingKayan OrganizationRoyal for Investment & Development & Real Estate Investment
Al-Sawra HospitalEgyptian Trade & Development Ltd.KazaryRoyal Freight Fowarders
Al-Shafik ContractingEgyptian Trade for Imports; Exports & AgenciesKeep in Touch AdvertisingRoyal Gate for Automatic Doors
Al-Shark HealthcareEgyptian Trading & AgenciesKemet CorporationRoyal Group for Trading & Industrial Development
Al-Shrouk for Synthetic FibersEgyptian Trading & EngineeringKemet Int'lRoyal House
Al-Solaimany Advertising & PublishingEgyptian Trading & Supplies-Nagy Awad Messiha & Co.Kemet MedicalRoyal Karolz Tourism
Al-Tabarak ComputersEgyptian Trading Corp-Gehan Barsoum & Co.Kenouz El-Sharek Import & ExportRoyal Lab
Al-Takwa Cargo & ExportEgyptian Trading-Eng. Sayed Hassan & Co.Kerford Investments UK Ltd.Royal Logistcs Services
Al-Watanea LibraryEgyptian TranslationKewy Ready-Made GarmentsRoyal Lotus
Alabiad Comp for YouEgyptian Travel CenterKH & P Coffee BoutiqueRysham
Alag TradingEgyptian Union for ConstructionKhaled Anwar HospitalS & K Group
Alalamia for Trading & AgricultureEgyptian Union for InvestmentsKhaled ContractingS H Trading & Contracting
Alalwia Trading EstablishmentEgyptian Union for Investors AssociationsKhaled El-Sherif PharmacyS I S Int'l
Alam El-TatriezEgyptian Union Of Fishmen CooperativesKhaled Hussien PharmacyS I Technologies
Alam Rakamy NewspaperEgyptian Vessels DevelopmentKhaled Mourad Metal & Wood IndustriesS K R Engineering & Designs
Alameia for Trading & Agricultural InvestmentEgyptian Water PartnershipKhaledia for Engineering & TradeS M C Int'l Trading
Alamia Construction & TradeEgyptian, Trading & SuppliesKhaleejiah Information TechnologyS.H. Light
Alamia for Investment & Touristic Nabq DevelopmentEgyptian-Hassan Mahmoud IsmailKhalifa CargoS.S Freight Int'l
Alamia for Maintenance-Khaled El-HenawyEgyptian-Wahid KamelKhalifa DairySaad for Trade & Land Division
Alamia for Supplies & Hotel AppliancesEgypto for Tourism InvestmentsKhalil El-OgailSaad Hanna Sons Trade & Contracting
Alamia for Trade & Distribution-Mohamed Nabil Ibrahim El-Ghannam & Co.Egypto Swiss FoodKhan CarpetsSaad Office Furniture
Alamia for Trading & AgricultureEgyston-Yasser Abd El-GhanyKhattab Export, shipping, Commercial Agents & Int'l TransportationSaad Pharmacy
Alamia for Trading-Mohamed HeshamEgytech Technology & CommunicationsKhayrat for Engineering & TradingSaadani Sons
ALamia Photocopying & Computer BookshopEgytrade Int'lKhedivial Marine LogisticsSabah Real Estate & Tourism Investment
Alarm SystemsEgytrafoKheloued Customs Clearance, Shipping & Commercial AgenciesSabah Trading
Albadr Import, Commercial Agencies & General SuppliesEhab MobasherKholafaa El-RashedeenSabbagh Pharmacy - Dr. Yasser El-Sabbagh
Albert Asaad Mansour Account OfficeEhab Mohamed Saad El-Din for ImportKHS EgyptSabchy for Trading & Services
Alberto PhotographicsEhab PharmacyKian ComputerSabena
Alcan Int'l Network Middle EastEid HomeKids CollegeSabry Clean
Alcove InteriorsEidar Beyoot Real EstateKidzone GarmentsSadco Engineering Works
Aleffat TradingEin Publicity, Advertisement-Moustafa Abdallah Mahmoud Marwan & Co.Kinetics ComputersSadek Jewellery
Aleman Group Import & ExportEinor for Int'l TradeKing for SilverSadek Tech
Alex Power for Machines & Engineering ServicesEinsteinKing Mina TradeSaeed Investment
Alexandria AirlinesEissaily Trading & DistributionKing Snefro Hotels & Touristic HousingSafa
Alexandria for SuppliesEkbal Mohamed Moustafa Mohsen & PartnersKing Snefro Touristic InvestmentSafa for Import & Export-Salah Abu Eata
Alexandria Int'l CenterEkramy MotorsKing Snefro Touristic ProjectsSafa for Pharmaceutical Appliances
Alfa BookstoreEl Shark for Ceramics & Porcelain IndustriesKing Tut ToursSafa Int'l Trade-Hamdy Said & Co.
Alfa Electronic Telephone ServicesEl-Abiad ExchangeKingdom Agriculture DevelopmentSafa Limousine
Alfa ElectronicsEl-Ahmadia Import, Export & Scales TradeKings LightSafa Real Estate Investment Development
Alfa for Export-Sherif MorsiEl-Ahram TradingKirby Kuwait Modern BuildingsSafa Real Estate Marketing Center
Alfa Matic Automatic DoorsEl-Ain Center for Ophthalmic Surgery & MedicementKiro TimeSafa Trade & Distribution
Alfa MisrEl-Akkad CurtainsKironofer Int'l-Akram Anis & Co.Safari Rent Car
Alfa Tech-Ehab Sabry & Co.El-Akkad for Export & ImportKishek Trade & AgentsSafety Sky Int'l Freight Forworders
Alfa Technology HotelsEl-Alamya for Trade & CommunicationsKlein Schanzlin & BeckerSafety Technology
Alfa TradeEl-Arabia for Cosmetics & PerfumesKoba Factory for ConfectionarySafir Dental Center
Alfa Trade-Mohsen SaidEl-Aref Engineering Consultant OfficeKoko & Gogo SupermarketSafir for Computer Supplies
Alfi Doss ServiceEl-Asreya Real Estate Development & ContractorsKoksha Trade & MarketingSafir for Stock Brokerage
Alfredo CoffeeEl-Azazy CenterKomatSafir Trading & Air-Conditioners
Alfursan Real Estate Development & InvestmentEl-Baroun FlowersKonouz El-Sharq JewellerySafirs Radiology Center.
Alfy Associates FirmEl-Batal Housing & UrbanisationKonstantinia ArtSafty Stationery
Alhome for DecorationEl-Bebawy HospitalKontissah AtelierSaftyco Security Services
Ali Arafa FurnitureEl-Beshir Beauty CenterKoshit FurnitureSafwa Trading, Distributions, Importing & Exporting
Ali El-Samak ShopEl-Dar Real Estate DevelopmentKrissSahara for Touristic Development
Ali Kamel Engineering Consultancy OfficeEl-Dawlia for Contracting-Abu Shaisha Broth.Kuehne & NagelSahara Group for Engineering & Trading
Ali's Image Chain of PharmaciesEl-Dawlia for Converting PaperKuwait Egyptian Touristic EstablishmentsSaid Fathallah Sanitary Ware
Alinour for Global TradeEl-Ders Education General AuthorityL'Amphitrion RestaurantSaid Investments
Alkhalig Import, Export & Medical SuppliesEl-Deyab for Industry & Spare PartsLa Casa ComodaSaid Supermarket
Alknt ElectronicsEl-Domy GroupLA LegendeSaid Tawfik for Rubben
AllamEl-Doua HospitalLa Maison GallerySaido Electronics
Allied Arab InvestmentsEl-EinLa Reine Ready-Made GarmentsSaido Industry & Trade-Eng.Sayed Ibrahim & Partners
Allied Arab Real Estate & Touristic InvestmentsEl-Emad For Import & ExportLa Sirena RestaurantSaint Egypt-Graphic Studio
Allied Cargo Int'lEl-Emam TranslationLa Vake CoffeeSaint Fatima Pharmacy
Allied Films DistributorsEl-Eman Labour Recruitment AbroadLadies SalonSaint George Import, Export & Agencies
Allied for Trading & IndustryEl-Fady Housing & ConstructionLady ChristinaSaint Peter Int'l Hospital
Allied Marketing & Consumer ServicesEl-Farah for Import & Export-Ehab Adly FaragLady CoiffeurSaint Peter Language School
Allied Professional TechnologyEl-FardosLady Diana Floating HotelSaint Reta Hospital
Allied SoftEl-Fath Contractors, Trade & ConstructionLahmeyer Int'lSainte Claire Touristic Development
Allied Trading & ConsultancyEl-Gabry Establishment ElectromechanicLand Freight EgyptSakka Trade
Alloush Computer ServicesEl-Galaa Militaly Hospital for OfficersLand Mark InvestmentsSakkara Development Touristic Marketing
Almawared Engineering & TradingEl-GazayerieLand RoverSakkara for Development & Tourism Promotion
AlmonaEl-Geneidy TradeLarocheSakkara Group Int'l
Alpha AudioEl-Gergawey Import, Export & Customs ClearanceLaser ArtSakkara Limousine
Alpha CargoEl-GhareebLaser MasterSakkara Tours
Alpha Design & NetworkingEl-Hade'a Egypt for Import, Export & Commercial AgenciesLaser Net for Information SystemsSakkara Travel Group
Alpha EgyptEl-Hadi Engineering OfficeLaserena Beach ResortSakr El-Masry Threads Factory
Alpha Engineering & TradingEl-Hakim Engineering; Trading & AgenciesLasheenco for Air ConditionersSakr Factory for Developed Industries
Alpha Group-Hussein Ali HusseinEl-Hamd Int'l Trading EstablishmentLe Chantilly RestaurantSakr Seeds
Alpha Int'lEl-Hamdy G.C & Complete Hotel ServicesLe MagiqueSala Express
Alpha OmegaEl-Hamdy Hotel ServicesLe Meridien Heliopolis HotelSalah El-Din Flower
Alpha Omega GroupEl-Helal for Export & ImportLe Paradis Des FleursSalam Bouquet
Alpha PharmacyEl-Horia GroupLe Passage HotelSalam Cinema
Alpha TechnologiesEl-Horreya MallLeadersSalam Engineering Equipment
Alphachem PharmaceuticalsEl-Hosseiny Prothers for Exporter-Bedaya ExporterLeaders Import & ExportSalam Exchange
Alphamed Medical ServicesEl-IskandaraniLeather 1Salam Furniture Removal
Alreemco Trading & DecorationEl-Jazeera ExportLeather MSalam Ice Cream Material & Machines
Alrwaad Cargo & ExportEl-Joker Engineering, Import & ExportLebanese-Egyptian Casino & Touristic Projects ManagementSalam Import. Export & Commercial Agencies-Alaa Adel
Alsafy Importer; Exporter & Commercial AgenciesEl-Karez GraphLebnan NightsSalam Maritime Transport
Alshorafa Egyptian Recruitment AbroadEl-Kasr El-AbyadLeena Global ConnectionSalam Shopping Center
Alstom Egypt for Power Transport ProjectsEl-Kassab Foreign TradeLegend of The Nile TravelSalam Showroom-Gamal Ismail
Alstom Int'l EgyptEl-Kawthar for Export-Reda Ali Ibrahim SaadLekaa El-Ahebaa Fi El-Kher AssociationSalam Touristic Development in Sharm El-Sheikh
Alstom PowerEl-Khayrat RestaurantLeo PharmaceuticalsSalam Trading
Alstom TransportEl-Kheir for Trade & Real Estate DevelopmentLeocardusSalam-Youssry Saad Samuel & Co.
Alvome Successfull TrainingEl-Kholafaa El-Rashideen HospitalLeonardo Davetchy DecorationSalama Printing
Aly Yousry ContractingEl-Kods for Trading & Supplying Air Cond. WorksLevelsSalamco for Int'l Trade
AM for Computer & ConsultingEl-Kodsh FreightLevkoSalco Travel
Amadeus EgyptEl-Maaly Egypt Recruitment & TrainingLibarary Information for Marketing & ServicesSaleh, Barsoum & Abd El-Aziz/Deloitte
Amal for Trading & EquipmentEl-Maaly for Recrui TmentLiberty FactorySalem Import
Amana Warehouse for Building MaterialsEl-Madina El-Menawara JewelleryLibra Ltd.Saliny Ready Made Garments & Furnishing
Amanda EnterprisesEl-MadinahLibrairie FrancophoneSallmina Tour
Amansa for Engineering Consultants & TradingEl-Malk Ironmongery & PaintsLibya for InvestmentSalmeya Trade & Contracting
Amar DecorationEl-Manadily ContractingLife ChemicalsSalomi for Frits & Glazes
Amar Trade & DistributionEl-Marwa Est.for Trad & AgenciesLight Group Food IndustriesSalwa Pharmacy
Amer & Partners for Trade & SuppliesEl-Masri Freight ServicesLight Import; Export & Commerical AgenciesSam Trade
Amer Group HoldingEl-Masria for Air-ConditioningLink 2000Sama Telecom Systems
Amer Int'l CenterEl-Masria for Digital SystemsLink EgyptSama Telecom Systems-Said Abdallah
Amer Sons for ContractingEl-Masry ComputerLink Pipe Engineering & ConsultingSamaa El-Deeb Pharmacy
American Arabian Consult OfficeEl-Masry Office FurnitureLink WatchesSamah Trading Establishment
American Center for DentistryEl-Massry for Agricultural Development & Animal ProductionLion ServicesSamar Rercuitment
American Corner for ComputerEl-Mesria ClassLittle Pooh NurserySamar Viaggi
American Est. for Computer Marketing & RequisitesEl-MohagerLive Colors EgyptSamar Yehia Pharmacy
American Express Travel ServicesEl-Mohandess PressLiving Well for Touristic & Real Estate DevelopmentSameh Lewis Creations Advertising & Publicity
American for Marketing & AdvertisingEl-Mokhtara Consultation & DevelopmentLizly CargoSamehco Int'l Forwording & Exhibitions Services
American HomeEl-Mostafa ExportLoaloa Furniture ShowroomSamir Abd El-Rehim Motor Vehicle Spare Parts
American HospitalEl-Nasr TradingLoaloaa for Import & ExportSamir Factory
Amin PharmacyEl-Nasr TravelLobna PharmacySamir Foaad Gab Alla for Import & Export office
Amin Roushdy Amin Abd El-Salam & Co.El-Nasr Vegetables PicklingLockheed Martin Global IncSamir William Beauty Center
Amin Technological SystemsEl-Nor Real Estate InvestmentsLogic It-Ossman El-Essawy & Co.Samla & Allam El-Roum for Real Estate Development
Aminex Petroleum Egypt Ltd.El-Nour CargoLogic MediaSamman Pharmacy
Amir Int'l TradingEl-Nour for Import & ExportLogitime EgyptSamn Ala Asal
Amir JewelleryEl-Nozom El-Handasia El-MotakadmaLois JeansSamo Tours
Amir Khoury AdvertisingEl-OmarainLondon Dyein HouseSamy Trade for Building Equipment
Amir Trading & AgenciesEl-Qads for Import & exportLongulf Rep. OfficeSan George Schools
Amiral Corp.El-Qaetar Printing Houses-Hany Fahmy Ayad & Co.Lord for Packaging MaterialsSan Misr
Amiral Management CorporationEl-Rada Trading & MarketingLord Trading & Engineering ServicesSanabel for Animal Feed
Amiral Management CorporationEl-Rehab for Contracting & Supplies-Rehab Mahmoud Abdel Moneim & PartnersLotus Foreign TradeSanabel Supermarket
Amirco ExpoEl-RowadLotus Import & ExportSanana Trading
Amnor for Medical & Herbal OilsEl-Rowad for Food IndustriesLotus TechnologySanbouk Egypt
Amo TravelEl-Rowad for Sewing MachinesLotus Trade & Industrial ServicesSand
Amon JewelleryEl-Saba AutomotiveLoudSandra Jewelley
Amoun Computer CenterEl-Safa for Import & ExportLouise PharmacySanito Marketing & Distribution
Amrco for Consulting & AgentsEl-Safa Palstic IndustryLouloaa Sinai Stone QuarriesSant Fatima Computer Accessories-Atef Youssef & Co.
Amwal Financial InvestmentsEl-Safa TradingLouver OpticsSapin Casco Trading & Engineering
Anan CafeteriaEl-Safa Trading-Salem Allam SonsLouvre for Floating HotelsSapo Agencies; Exporting & Importing
Anan for Trading & DistributionEl-Safwa El-HandasiaLSG Sky Chefs Catering EgyptSapo for Commercial Agencies, Import & Export
Ananco Trad & ImportEl-Said ConsultantsLundbeckSarah Global Logistics
Anani Pharmacy-Dr.Mohamed El-AnaniEl-Salam Office FurnitureLuxor AirSaray Real Estate & Touristic Projects
Anasia Egypt for TradingEl-Sallab for Commercial & Import-Abd El-Aziz Moustafa Kamal Ahmed El-Sallab & Co.Luxor ToursSary Car Rent
Andalos InstallationsEl-Sarh TradingLuxury ProductsSaudi Day's Newspaper
Andalos Metal WorksEl-Sary for Export & Int'l FreightM & S Beauty CenterSaudi Moon Office
Andalosia Medical ServicesEl-Sewedy Chemical IndustriesM 2000Saudi National Tours
Andalous for Air ConditionersEl-Sewedy Electric GroupM M S CarSaudi Pharmaceuticals
Andalous GroupEl-Sewedy LampsM N EgyptSave Way 1
Andalous Trade & Contracting ServicesEl-Shaimaa Center for EquipmentM Trade Imp. Exp.Savola Strategic Marketing Services
Andlousia Office FurnitureEl-Shalakany for EngineeringM.B.A AdvertisingSawa Trading
Andrawos Contractors & Planners & Co.El-Shams GraphicsM.E.G for Trading & ContractingSayed Abd El-Moneim Pharmacy
Angle PharmaceuticalEl-Shams Real Estate MarketingM.F Trading & ImportingSayed Gamal Beauty Center
Anglo-Egyptian for Import & ExportEl-Sharkia for construction EquipmentM.F.Khamis Foundation for Society DevelopmentSayed Mahmoud Sayed & Co.
Anis GroupEl-Shorbagy for FoodsM.G.L Cargo ServiceScaff
Ankram Construction & DevelopmentEl-Shruk Masr Air-ConditioningM.K El-Moshneb Electric Consulting OfficeScanner Center for Colour Separation
Ankram Touristic TransportEl-Soukry FurnitureM.R Import & ExportScanning House
Ann CleanEl-Taisser For TradingM.S Printing & PublicationScara Mouche Tours
Anni Floating HotelEl-Tarek TravelM/S Flash II Floating HotelScarab of Egypt
Ansaldo EnergiaEl-Wafaa for Trading PaperM/S Grand PreziosaSchatz Restaurant
Antiques HouseEl-Waheed Air ConditionersM/S Lady MarySchenker Egypt Ltd.
Antonia-Amir EzzatEl-Watania-Samah HusseinM/S Lady SophiaSchomburg Middle East
AnubisEl-Watanya Trade & ComputersM/S Magic 2Scientific Center Projectors
Apn Keshk Furniture & DecorationsEl-Yasmin Hotel SupplyMaamoon Est. Electronic EngineeringScientific Consultation Office for Pest Control
Apple Service ShippingEl-Yossre Agriculture ProductionMabrouk Fathi BicyclesScientific Medical Equipment-Mohamed Soliman El-Gendy & Partners
Apple Site tradingEl-Zamzam Filter Spare PartsMabrouk for ExportScientific Office for Account & Auditing
Apple Vacation GroupEladwaa Labour RecruitmentMac Business & Commercial OrganizationsScientific Pets Cotrol
Aqua BlueElalamia for Communications & ComputerMac Int'lScientific Trading Center
Aqua Marina Touristic Investment & DevelopmentElamiaa Construction & Real Esteate InvestmentMacca Construction EquipmentScimitar Production Egypt Ltd.
Aqua Sana for Water Treatment TechnologyElan GroupMach-Tech Engineering & TradingScitron Training & Consulting
Aqua TrexElasdkaa-Ossama Makram & Co.Macro Import & ExportScopo
Aquaflex Egypt Developed Swimming PoolsEldar AlarabiMacy Envelope IndustryScreen Center
Arab Administrative Development OrganizationEldawlia MarketingMada Out Sourcing ServicesSea & Air Int'l
Arab African Import & ExportEldeyab Agricultural & Environment DevelopmentMadera SweetsSea Gull Touristic Development
Arab American VehiclesELDOMY for Industrial & Trading ProjectsMadina El-Menawara Import, Export & Customs ClearanceSea Gull Travel Tourism
Arab British of Dynamic IndustriesElectric Power Systems Eng.Madina El-Monawara Pharmacy-Dr.Ahmed HamdySea Horse Restaurant
Arab Brothers ContractingElectrical & Mechanical Trading L.L.CMados Engineering & TradingSeagull Travel
Arab Center for Consultation & Projects EvaluationElectrical Energy ManagementMadrid CafeSealed Bag Sacks
Arab Chemical Consulting CenterElectro Dream for Advanced SolutionMady CosmeticsSeament Misr
Arab Computer & Motor Vehicles Trade Est.Electro Int'l TradingMaestro Industry & TradingSebac Shaker
Arab Computer CenterElectro Mechanic for Engineering & ConsultationsMaf Modern Communication SystemsSeco Groupe
Arab Computer ScienceElectro Mechanical HouseMag Michel ConstructionSecret Import & Export
Arab Consultants Integrated GroupElectro Mechanical ProjectsMagazSecurity & Legal Experience House-General Dr. Ahmed Abu El-Kassem
Arab Contracting DrillingElectro Misr Int'lMagd BookshopSedawy Pharmacy
Arab Contractors for Operation Utilities Maintenance & ServicesElectro Tharwat Trading & Contracting-Sayed Helmi & Partners.Magd Motor Vehicle TradingSeddik Supermarket
Arab Contractors Mechanical & Electrical EngineeringElectromotive Motor VehiclesMagda Abd El-Aziz Lawyer OfficeSedky Mousa Dawoud Sons Condiment
Arab Development-Hammam Ahmed Abd El-KhalekElectronic CentreMagdy & Maged Beauty CenterSedra
Arab Electricity MagazineElectronic Services Center A1Magdy El-Emam for FurnitureSedra Property Management
Arab ElevatorsElectronics FactoryMagdy Kamel Transport & TradingSeenopex Oil & Gas
Arab Engineers for Engineering ServicesElectrotech for Engineering & DistributionMagdy Pharmacy-Dr. Magdy Mahoud Abd El-AzizSegraph Computer Graphic
Arab Federation for Paints ProducersElectrum Engineering & TradingMagdy Spices & SuppliesSeif Beauty
Arab for Fiber ProductsElfagr Real Estate Investment, Contracting & Land SellingMaghraby BrothersSeif Int'l Trading
Arab for Investment-Ghannam & Co.Elfath for Animal HusbandryMagic 1Select Jewelry & Watches
Arab French ConsultantsElfath for Crop HusbandryMagic Air Condition Sor Air Conditioner & TradeSelection Travel
Arab French Investment & DevelopmentElhosan Import & ExportMagic CommunicationsSemco Optics
Arab Group Engineering & ContractorsEli Lilly Export Scientific OfficeMagic ISemiramis for Int'l Trade
Arab Group ExchangeEliteMagic Int'l ServiceSemiramis Int'l Trading-Dr.Atef Ibrahim Meleka & Co.
Arab Importer & Exporter-Sherif Mohamed Aziz Mokhtar & Co.EliteMagic PrintSenaria Import & Export
Arab Int'l Limited Showrooms & Conferences OrganizingElite JewelleryMagic Sectrum HouseSenator Freight for Warders & Int'l Trade
Arab InvestorsElkodsh FreightMagic Soft Computer ServicesSenator Jewellery & Real Estate Investment
Arab Mashreq TradeElmasry TradeMagic SolutionsSenefero Supplies
Arab Misr Insurance GroupElmassry Export EstablishmentMagico Imp. Exp. & Commercial AgenciesSennary Furniture
Arab Orient Takaful InsuranceElmawred Import & ExportMagico Real Estate InvestmentsSer Tex Fabrics Factory
Arab Projects for Agriculture & DevelopmentElmeery Import, Export & Commercial AgenciesMagnolia FlowersServo Medical
Arab Projects for Urban DevelopmentElmisria for Trade-Ahmed Abd El-Hady Abu El-NasrMaha Beauty CenterServo Medical
Arab Real Estate InvestmentElmourad ToursMaha ToursServo Tourism Transport
Arab Realty for Youth HousingElnelien Trading & AgenciesMaharat SuppliesServo Travel
Arab Ship Managment-EgyptElobour Real Estate InvestmentMahasen HaberdasheryServomed
Arab Swiss ChemicalsElshabrawy Import & ExportMahdy for Investment & Touristic ProjectsSesco Specialized Engineering Services
Arab Touristic DevelopmentEma PharmMaher Farag Beauty CenterSesco Trans for Development Logistic
Arab Trade, Investment & Cotton TradingEmad El-Din Mohamed Naguib Wahdan OfficeMaher MofeedSeta for Commercial, Real Estate & Industrial Investment
Arab UnionEmak El-Akaba Touristic DevelopmentMaher Optical GlassesSeven Communication Ltd.
Arab Union for Land TransportEmak Swimming Pools CenterMahfouz for Services & SecuritySevim Egypt
Arab Union for Trade Contracting & Land SellingEmam Furniture & DecorationMahmoud Ahmed Awad Ali Importer & Exporter OfficeSewesy Factory Military Badges
Arab Wold for Ports DevelopmentEman Advertising & General SuppliesMahmoud El-Sayed Mohamed El-MadnySeyofi Gallery
Arab World Egypt Air HotelsEman PharmacyMahmoud FurnitureShaar Pharmacy
Arab World for Financial InvestmentEman-Mahmoud Abdallah ZayedMahoba Oil & Food SecurityShabaka Group
Arab World for Real EstateEmbassy of Islamic Republic of AfghanistanMahrabel TravelShabrawy Restaurants Chain
Arabella Tourist & Urban DevelopmentEmco Computers & SystemsMai Int'lShaden Floating Hotels
Arabeya Online BrokerageEmdad Supportive Services S.A.EMain Legal Consultancies CenterShader El-Samak Restaurant
Arabia CeilingEmecoMajestic Assembly of Electric Tools-Abd El-Wahab Mohamed Mohamed Sowan & Co.Shadi Systems
Arabia DevelopmentEmiral Int'lMajesty Int'l FreightShadi Systems
Arabia DevelopmentEmpire BooksoopMak TradingShadow Graphics
Arabia Engineering computers-Rania MoustafaEmpire Import & ExportMakany El-Mofadal RestaurantShafik Ahmed & Co. for Paints
Arabia Engineering GroupEmpire TravelMakany-Ahmed MokhtarShah Floating Hotels
Arabia for Agriculture & Real Estate DevelopmentEnaya Center Cardiocogy, catherization & Blood VesselsMakilo for Import & ExportShahd Domestic Articles & Furnishing Trade
Arabia for Chemicals & PerfumesEndless CreationsMal Medical AidsShahin Dry Clean
Arabia for Perfums & CleaningsEnergia Varnish WiresMalachite Furniture & DecorationShaker Cabob
Arabia GazEnergya for Engineering & DistributionMalak El-SagheerShaker Int'l Center for Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery
Arabia Int'l for Conferences & Exhibitions OrganizersEnergya IndustriesMalak MotorsShalaby General Contracting
Arabia Mining & Building MaterialsEnergya Industries SwedishMalek Trade CarsShalimar
Arabia WareEnergya Power & Telecom SolutionsMalha Touristic ServicesShams Agriculture Magazine
Arabian Co. for Integrated Food IndustriesEnergya Renewable EnergyMaliehaShams Club
Arabian Commercial SystemsEng. Salah ImbabyMallah MaitainanceShams for Tourism Activties
Arabian ContractorsEng.Consultant Dr.Ibrahim Mahfouz OfficeMamalek PharmacyShams Hotels & Tourism
Arabian EuropeanEng.Ibrahim Fahmy El-Minyawy & Co.Mamari for Import-Essam Helmy Rizk Alla & Co.Shams Int'l
Arabian for Supplies & TradingEng.Khaled Abd El-Aal Architecture OfficeMamco for Trade & DistributionShams Jewelry
Arabian Gulf Marine Trading Co.Engico Engineering Consulting OfficeMamdouh Sayed BicyclesShams Magazine
Arabian Hotel Media Production CityEngineer Essam Shehatta FarmMamf FreightShams Pharmacy
Arabian Internet PublishingEngineering & Industries CenterMan MachineShams Quarries Products
Arabian Italian Freight & Transport-Abd El-Raouf Moustafa & Co.Engineering & Int'l Trading (Eitco)Management & Air-port ExpertsShams Sinai Hotels & Touristic Villages
Arabian Trade House CroporationEngineering Authority HouseManapharmaSharaf for Sepecialized Engineering Construction
Arabian TradingEngineering Center for Energy & IndustryManar Packaging & WrappingShark Center for Ceramics
Arabian TradingEngineering Center for Import & ExportManar Seeds & Insecticides TradingShark Sons
Arabic Egyptian CommunicationsEngineering Center for PrintingManhstyr Import & ExportShark Trade & Egyptian Agencies
Arabic Industries Informatics NetworkEngineering Center for Technical ServicesMansour Courier ServiceSharkeya for Chemical Requisites & Foodstuffs Industry & Trade
Arafa for Real Estate InvestmentEngineering Commercial for Marketing & TradeMansoura for Engineering ContractingSharkeya for Trade & Agents
Arbor Egypt Fluid System TechnologiesEngineering Computers & SystemsManufacturing & Trading-Machinery Setting, Construction & TradingSharkeya Hotels & Touristic Establishments
Arc LineEngineering ConstructionMap AdvertisingSharkia for Export & Import
Archi Caza for Furniture & ProjectsEngineering Construction OfficeMap Trading AgencySharm El-Sheikh Hotels Supplies
Architect Misr Engineering & TradingEngineering Constructions EgyptMar Trade Import & ExportSharm Holiday for Hotels & Touristic Villages
Architects EngineersEngineering Consultancies Office-Maher Taha El-NimrMarco for Commercial AgenciesSharm Int'l Touristic Development
Architectural Consultant OfficeEngineering Consulting Office(N.M.)Marez PharmacySharm Real Estate Development
Architectural Engineering & DecorationEngineering Contracting & Trade HouseMargo for Trading & ContractingSharm Red Sea Touristic Development
Architecture & Planning GroupEngineering Contracting- Nabil RagabMargoushi Home Fabrics & CurtainsShasbco Importer & Exporter
Architecture Office-Essam Safey El-DinEngineering Contracting-Amr Abbass Hussein & Co.Marhaba ToursShaspo Tours
Ard Real Estatex & Touristic DevelopmentEngineering Contractors Office-Eng. Fouad TawfikMaria Dove Tailed GlassShaspoco Import; Export & Commercial Agencies
Areege FactoryEngineering Contractors-Mohamed MoustafaMarina GroupShebl Pharmacy
Arex Egypt GreeceEngineering Electrical WorksMarina LightShedal Group for Designs & Agencies
Argonaut Mechanical & Electrical WorksEngineering Elevators CenterMarina RecruitmentSheen Group Contractors
Arma Soap & DetergentsEngineering for Furinture ManufacturingMarina Sedr Touristic DevelopmentSheikh Trading & Distributor Est.
Armada StationeryEngineering Group for Technical ServicesMark TechShell Egypt N.V.
Armando-Ashraf AfifiEngineering Industrial PaintsMarkenz ServicesShephard Pharmacy
Armed Forces Officers Cooperative Asso. for Construction & HousingEngineering Int'l TradingMarket LeadersShepherd Colour Separation
Aro Line Min Dina Ready-Made GarmentsEngineering Integrated Projects & ServicesMarketing AdvisorsShepherd Travel
Aroma FlowerEngineering Laundry & Kitchen EquipmentMarketology SolutionsSheraco Senior Export
Arrow Electronic SystemsEngineering OfficeMarliz PharmacySheraton Heliopolis Language School
Art CargoEngineering Office Constructions ArchitectureMaronia CollegeSheraton Institutions Complex
Art CenterEngineering Office Consultant-Eng. Maher Abd El-SalamMarry PharmacySherbas Supermarket
Art for Leather ProductsEngineering Office for Engineering Consultancies, Decorations & Architectural ContractingsMarsa Alam Touristic Investments & Marine SportsShereen Car
Art Group PrintEngineering Office for Trading & ContractingMarsa Egypt Int'l for Touristic VillagesSherif El-Ashram & Partners
Art Group-Ahmed KamalEngineering Office General ContractingsMarsa Group for Resorts & HotelsSherif Markets
Art StyleEngineering Office Production RequisitesMarwa Islamic for Investment & DevelopmentSherif Restaurant
Art TouchEngineering Precision Equipment WorkshopMarwa Islamic Trading & AgenciesSherouk for Real Estate Investment
Art ViewEngineering Projects for Civil & Metal ConstructionsMarwa Pharmacy-Dr.Hesham El-SaadanySherouk Markets & Commercial Stores
Artic for Air ConditionersEngineering Projects-Abd El-Aziz Kandil & Co.Marwa TradeSherouk Moulds Industry & Metal Products
Artistic FurnitureEngineering Real Estate InvestmentMarwa Trading & EngineeringSherouk Pharmacy-Dr. Nabila Mena Mikhail
AS Salam for Petroleum Services-Farouk ManzourEngineering Refrigeration & Air ConditionMary Floating HotelsSherouk Real Estate & Building
Asa Int'l-El-Khashab & Co.Engineering Sanitary WorksMaryco Engineering & Trading-Youssef Sarabana & Co.Sherouk Real Estate Investment & Development
AsdafEngineering SystemsMaryland Hotel, Sharm El-SheikhShift Decoration & Advetisement
Asetes for Real EstateEngineering Systems for ImportMas for Scientific IndustriesShine for Advertising
Asfahan Perfumes & CosmeticsEngineering Technical Office Importing & SupplingMas Trading & AgenciesShira for Trade & Agencies
Ashraaf FoodstuffEngineering TestingMash Consultants Ltd.Shof Int'l Export & Import
Ashrae Cairo ChapterEngineering TradingMash Ready-Made GarmentsShoka Trade
Ashraf Abd El-Fattah PharmacyEngineering TradingMashaa Allah SupermarketShoot Sports
Ashraf Dahroug PharmacyEngineering Water TechnologyMashaweerShorbagy for Medical Equipment
Ashraf Farouk TradingEngineers Specialized OfficeMashly Int'lShorbagy Medical
Ashraf for Import, Export & Trading AgenciesEnter BrightsMashour El-Meniery & Co.Shorbgy Group Investment & Agricaltural Development
Ashraf Mohamed Rayan OfficeEnvironmental & Remote Sensing Services CenterMashreky ConsultanciesShorouk El-Nada Ready-Made Garments
Ashry Pharmacy - Dr. Mohamed El-AshryEPSI EgyptMashreq Bank EgyptShorouk Engineering & Computer
ASL ShippingEpsy Information TechnologyMaslaShorouk Int'l
Asmil IndustriesEquarious Touristic InvestmentMasreya for Agencies & Service StationsShorouk Int'l Bookshop
Aspire HR ConsultantsEquipment Development CenterMasreya Road RequisitesShorouk Trade & Services
Asreya Chemicals & ContractingEsaco Engineering Supplies & ContractorsMasreyin Titan DistributionShorouk Trading & Distribution
Asreya for Import & ExportEscale Travel ServiceMasria Contracting & TradingShorouq Guarding Manitenance & Service
Asreya TradeEscapade Hotels & Cruises-Mounir Wissa & Co.Masria Contracting & TradingShotec for Engineering & Foreign Trade
Asset Technology GroupEscapade Nile CruiseMasria Engineering & TradingShouwikar Ali Dawoud & Co.
Assiuty for Trade & Import-El-AssiutyEscapade TransportationMasriat Plastic Fittings & ProductsShrouk Packaging & Wrapping Materials
Assiuty Samitary WareEscapade Travel Tourism-Monnir Wissa & Co.Masry for Real EstateShutl Trading
Aswan Touristic HospitalityEsh El-Farroug RestaurantMasrya for Air ConditioningShutter Warema Egypt Ltd.
AsyeatechEslam MashhourMassSI Computer Consultants
Atef Badawi Consultants & Co.Esmart Soft Information SystemsMass AdvertisingSI Ware System
Atef El-Messilhy Khattab AliEssam IbrahimMASS Consult-Consulting EngineersSIAC Group
Atef Habib Rizk & Co.Estad MagazineMass GroupSiac Industrial Construction & Engineering
Atelier DreamEstsharia for Building-Eng.Hassan Rashdan & Co.Mass TravelSiani Supplies & Trade
Athear TradingEta for Export & ImportMassive Advertising AgencySiemens Health Care Diagnostic
Atiah for Trading & AgenciesEtalah Real EstateMassive Cargo ServicesSigma for Int'l Supplies
Atlantic Int'lEtapes Nouvelles Egypte VoyagesMassive Trade FairsSigma Group
Atlas BookshopEthiopian AirlinesMaster Business ComputersSigma Int'l for Trading
Atlas Import & ExportEtoile JewelleryMaster ChemSika Modern Farm
Atlas Int'LEtrac for Printing; Publishing & DistributionMaster CrewSilicon Vision
Atlas Real EstateETS GroupMaster light Modern LightingSimple Touch
ATM-Fathi El-Kholy & Co.Euro ChemicalsMaster Line Ltd.Sina Air Cargo
Aton Floating HotelEuro Door for Automatic DoorsMaster LinuxSina Trade for Mobile Telephone Servies
Aton for Agencies & TradeEuro Egyptian EngineeringMaster Pack Commercial AgentsSinai Enviromental Services
Attallah SupermarketEuro Food EgyptMaster Plan EngineeringSinai Marina for Maritime Works
ATTIC StationeryEuro Medditerrenean AirlinesMaster Rescuing CarsSinai Misr Int'l Touristic & Hotels Projects
Auction GalleryEuro ShopMaster ServicesSindbad for Managing Toursim & Hotel Est.
Audio SystemsEurope Car RentMaster Tech Int'l S.A.ESindbad Hotels
Audio TechnologyEuropean Concrete Technologies ProductsMasters GroupSindbad Tourism Group
Aura ArchitectEuropean Foundation for Development & EducationMatar PharmacySindbad Touristic Projects
Authentic for Imp, Exp & Commercial AgenciesEuropean Freight ServicesMatbaaSingapore Airlines
Authorized Consultants for Informational TechnologyEuropean Security & Heating SystemsMatcoSinia Book Shop
Auto AnanEuropharma Int'lMatrix Recovery ServicesSiraj Lighting
Auto ColorEvac Trade & ContractorsMatrix SystemSiscom Group
Auto DynamicsEvent MeMatrix SystemsSitra Petroleum
Auto Micho Cars TradingEvery Man'sMattar Pharmacy-Dr.Ibrahim El-DessoukySiwa Agriculture Reclamation
Auto Park TradeEvolution SystemsMawahebSiwa Import , Export & Commercial Agencies
Automobile El-HegazEvro TransportMawardy Eastern PerfumesSixty Nine Group
Automobile El-SherifEwais Office for ContractingMaxim HoldingSkarfina Scarf
Ava Air Conditioners WorksExcel TravelMaxim Real Estate InvestmentSkills
Aviation Business ConsultantExcellentpack PrimapackMaxim Trading & DistributionSky
Aviation Information TechnologyExecutive Movers World WideMaximum SystemsSky Net World Wide Express
Awika Trading Est.Executive TravelMayfairSky Scrappers Group General Trading
Awlad RadeyExpandMaz Int'l TradingSky Scrotters
Awynat Oasis Agricultural DevelopmentExpo MagazineMazaya DesignSky Soft
Aya Trading & Agricultural SuppliesExpress Air & TravelMazaya Real Estate DevelopmentSky Tech-Ashraf William Habib
Ayman & Marwa Modern PharmacyExpress Computer SyatemsMazen Steel ConstructionsSmart Aviation Egypt
Ayman Abd Rabow Showroom CarsExpress MarketMecca Computers Maintenance & TradingSmart for Trading & computer
Ayman Helmi Wa SharikoExpress MediaMecca Leather ProductsSmart Light
Ayman Mostafa Abd El-RahmanExpress PharmacyMecca TradeSmart Man
AZ Int'l Import & ExportExpress Technology Trade & DistributionMechatronics for Elevators Supplying, Installation & MaintenanceSmart Power for Engineering & Construction
Azim Car RentExpress TradingMedco PharmaSmart Touch-El-Farrag for Modern Products
B. Karnak Language School [Junior School]Express TradingMedi Gardens Agricultural ProductsSmart Wedding Guide
B.MExpress-Hamed IbrahimMedia 21Smash Sport Clubs Management
B.M.W Ossama Abd El-GawadExtension TravelMedia Hatem Salem Advertising & Broad Casting AgencySmash Tennis Academy
Baby AcademyExteran Misr Ltd.Media Int'l TradingSmash Trading
Back Pain & Neck Specialized CenterExtrad HabicoMedia PlusSmile Art Production
Badia Agriculture, Animal & Poultry ProductionEye Int'l Subspeciality CenterMedia World TravelSmiley's Grill
Badr Al-Madina ComputerEye Subspeciality CenterMedica House for Medical SuppliesSnecma C.F.M Int'l
Badr El-Din PetroleumEyes Treatment & Surgery, Contact Lenses Center & Eye Sight Laser TreatmentMedical Dental Beauty CenterSobhy Center
Badr GroupEzaby Pharmacy ChainMedical Express Ltd.Sobhy Restaurant
Badr HospitalEzac Import & ExportMedical Genetics CenterSochema for Trade Public Free Zone Alexandria
Badr Pharma for Pharmaceutical IndustriesF H Bertling Logistics Egypt Ltd.Medical Opthalmic Centre-Dr.Hossam El-Din Mohamed Ahmed & Co.Societe Egyptienne De Fret Et d'Enterprises Maritimes
Badran & Associates Consulting EngineersFacesMedical Opthalmology & Contact Lenses Center-PioneersSociete Francaise De Voitures
Bahaa CarFact Real Estate MarketingMedical ShopSociete Int'l de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
Bahaa ContractorsFadichem for Import, Export & AgenciesMedical Specialized Centr in El-HegazSodeco Construction
Bahaa Darwish OfficeFadimar ToursMedical Technology TradingSodeco for Material & Special Works
Bahi for TradeFady Cool Air Conditioning WorkMedicancySodeco Int'l Agencies & Contracting
Bahi Travel AgencyFagr El-Gedid TravelsMedico Import & ExportSodeco Int'l for Marketing & Contracting
Bahr for ExportFahima Saleh Hussein Import & Export OfficeMedics for Medical EquipmentsSofi Sport
Bahrawy for Touristic InvestmentFahmy for ExportMediterranean for PaintsSofia Trading Ltd.
Balloons NurseryFairmont Heliopolis HotelMediterranean FruitSofipack for Packing
Balsam PharmacyFairmont Towers HeliopolisMediterranean Transport & Telecommunication ConsultantsSofitrans
Balsam Trade-Mohamed El-Sayed El-Sayed & Co.FaisalMedmark PharmaceuticalSoft & White Supplies
Banana for leather Products & Shoes ManufacturingFaisal GrillsMedtec-Int'l Medical TechnologySoftware Tech
Banas Contracting & Real Estate DevelopmentFalcon Misr for Int'l FreightMegaSok El-Asr Magazine
Banas for ConstructionsFalcon SecurityMega Construction & IndustriesSok El-Asr Mall
Banas-Dessau Engineering & ConsulationFalcon Touristic DevelopmentMega Soft Information SystemsSolarium Furniture
Banhawi InsulatingFalcon Touristic InvestmentMega StarSoleco Misr-Khaled Yacout Soliman & Co.
Banhawy Air-ConditionerFamily Bookshop GroupMegahed Pharmacy-Dr. Mohamed Ahmed ShawkySoleis D'Egypte Tours
Banjamin for Customs Clearance OfficeFamily ComputerMegamed for Medical ServicesSolidaire Designs & Home Decor
Banking Law Firm Egypt-Hany Abd El-LatifFamily CorporationMegatoneSoliman Travel Egypt
Banking Legal GroupFan EatemadMegharbel for ContractingSolo Records
BannanFanar Car El-Eissely ShowroomMehrez & KremaSolofex Int'l
Banorama Car ShowroomFanny Trading OfficeMelanySon Of The Founder Of Special Groups
Bansia SupermarketFantastic for Decoration, Furniture & Interion DesigningMeleka for Industry & TradeSonac/Societe Nationale du Commerce
Baraka B 4Fantasy LandMelody AflamSonaria Trade
Baraka for ImportFantaziaMelody ArabiaSondos for Veiled Ladies Garments
Baraka OpticsFar East Import & ExportMelody Artist ManagementSonesta Hotels & Nile Cruises
BarcatryFar East Int'l TradingMelody Entertainment Ltd.Sonia Fayek Farag Office
Barco Misr ConstructionsFar East Int'l Trading & SuppliesMelody Film Ltd.Sonic Communication Support
Bardeesy Medical for Medical EquipmentFar East Technical ConsultationsMelody HitsSonic Group
BarityFar East Travel & ToursMelody MusicSonker Supply Ships
Barkotel CommunicationsFarag Garments & Fabrics Trade & IndustryMelody PicturesSorour for Motor Vehicle Spare Parts
Baron Computer & Communication InstituteFarahat Petroleum Tanks WorksMelody TrixSoteer Group for Trading
Baron Hotel HeliopolisFares Matarnity HospitalMelody TunesSoulatheya for Import & Air Conditioners Works
Baron Real Estate MarketingFarid Khoury Industrial Machinery & ProjectsMelouk Leather Products FactorySound of Science
Baroon for Engineering & ContractingFarid Labib Rizk Importing & Exporting OfficeMemco for PlasticSouter Press
Baroudy PharmacyFarid Pharmacy-Dr. Farid Lamei AzizMemo Industrial PlanningSouth Red Sea Enterprises
Barrak for Tools SupplyFarida FactoryMemphis Electronics-Hossam Moustafa Abd El-Rahman & Co.South Sinai for Financial Investments
Bartercard EgyptFarina ToursMemphis Tours TravelSouth Sinai Hotels
Basco Engineering & Trading-Eng.Sherif Fanous & PartnersFarolex Shipping & General TradeMena Int'l FreightSouth Sinai Supplies & Touristic Services
Basco IndustrialFarouk El-TahhanMena Int'l Ltd.South Sinai Tourist Transport
Basell Egypt Representative OfficeFarouk Guirguis Accounting OfficeMena Trade & DistributionSouth Sinai Touristic Village
BashmenaFarouk Import & ExportMena TradexSouth Sinai Travel
Bassily PharmacyFarouk Sobhy OfficeMena Vet for InvestmentSouth Sinai Water
Bassy High TradingFarrag for Modern ProductsMenanet CommunicationsSpace Tec
Bassy Trade Int'lFashion Int'l GroupMend-A-Bath Int'l EgyptSpark
Batal Land Trading, Marketing & DivisionFashion Traders for Importing & TradingMenes Language SchoolsSparkle for Colours Separation & Printing Solutions
Batal OnlineFast for Commercial Stores FittingsMenese Integrated Language SchoolSpecial Mechanical Equipment
Batoul for Hotel & Touristic DevelopmentFast Link EgyptMeniral ServicesSpecialised Dental Clinic
Bavaria EgyptFast MotorsMentor Graphics EgyptSpecialist-Sherif Mourad
Bavlly Trade & SuppliesFath Contracting, Trading & ConstructionMentrade for Import & AgenciesSpecialists
Bayan for Information SystemFath for CarsMenx Office RequisitesSpecialized Eyoun Misr Center
Bayan Palace for Curtains & UpholsteryFath Real Estate DevelopmentMer CadeauSpectra Optics
BDLFath Refrigeration & Air ConditioningMeragSpectrum Advertising
Be HoldingFath-Ahmed WagdyMeramarSpeed Bird Trans
Beage Sacks & BagsFatimya Engineering WorksMerci for Uniform & General SuppliesSpeed Computer System
Beau Site for Hotels ManagementFayek TradingMerck LtdSpeed Freight Services
Beauty Salon Emad & SaadFederation of Investors AssociationsMerck Sharp & Dohme Scientific Office-EgyptSpeed Graphic
Beirut HotelFeky Electrical Supplies EstablishmentMercury CommunicationsSpeed Multi system
BektonFelopateer Palace for Import, Export & Commercial AgentsMeret TravelSpeed R
Belal Specialized HospitalFemex Importing & ExportingMergani Medical CenterSpeed Team Advirtising
Bell Dam AtelierFeminine Association for Health ImporovingMerghany HospitalSpeed Way Logistics
Bella Group for Manufacturing & TradeFentasy Land-Moustaf Ahmed ShafikeMeridian Cars ShowroomSphinx Int'l Trading
Bella NapoliFerm Ware TradeMeridien BookshopSphinx Real Estate Investments & New Cities
Belle VoleFhrs Misr for Training & ConsultanciesMerit Travel-Sherif Soubhy Baghdady & PartnersSphinx Touristic & Urban investments
Belts EgyptFigi-Magdy GeorgeMero Int'l for Import & ExportSpider Maintenance
Berge JewelleryFilo Freight-Nabil Guirguis IskandarMerryland HospitalSpirit
Beriwin TravelFilo MarkMery Ra Travel AgencySpirit Group
Bermawy Import & ExportFinancial Arabian for Securities BrokerageMeryland ToursSport & Luxury Boats Magazine
Berzy Can ImmigrationFine Art Contracting & TradeMesk Art & DecorationSport 2000
Bessada TechnocomFine Collection for TradingMeslo Egypt & North AfricaSport Air
Best DecorFine FabricMesria Trade-Sherif Rabie & Co.Sport Auto
Best for ChemicalsFine Touch TradingMetaco ConstructionSports Voyage Travel
Best Guide OneFirst Air ConditionMetco for Engineering WorksSpot Aviation-Hesham Moustafa El-Kasby & Co.
Best of Wings Misr Engineering & TradingFirst ClassMFD Animal HealthSpot Communication Advertising Agency
Best PrintFirst Class for Marketing & Touristc ManagementMiami Pharmacy-Dr.Mohamed El-RounySpring Com
Best Way LogisticFirst Class Refrigerated TransportingMic Engineering & Contracting Eng.Nagi Iskandar & Co.Sprint Import & Export
Beta Technical Trading BureauFirst Cool Ail ConditioningMico LogisticsSprint Printing
Better Home Real Estate InvestmentFirst Egypt TradeMicoland Modern Agricultural SuppliesSPSS Middle East
Bettermall Real Estate InvestmentFirst Engineering MachineryMicro HardSt Mary Clinic
Beverly Hills Real Estate DevelopmentFirst GasMicro System ComputersSt. Peter Travel
Bianchi for Real EstateFirst Int'lMicro TopStada Egypt
BicycleFirst One Car-Khaled ShakerMid Orient Industrial DevelopmentStadia Developing Sports Business
Big C ComputersFirst PharmMidco Oilfield Services Free ZoneStamp Int'l
Bingo Gift & ToysFirst Video RecordingMiddle East AdvertisingStandard Chartered Bank
Bio Pharma TradingFish & SushiMiddle East Advisory GroupStandard for Securities
Biochem Misr Ltd.Fish Island Fish FarmingMiddle East ClothesStandards for Tours
Bioxel PharmaFive Stars ResturantMiddle East Commercial CentreStar Glass Fiber
Birds Int'l Freight ForwarderFlash AirlinesMiddle East CommunicationStar Kids
BiyankiFlash Floating HotelsMiddle East Courier ServicesStar Tours
Black HawkFlash InvestmentMiddle East for Contracting & Engineering ConsultantsStar Wood
Black StoneFlash TourMiddle East for Project Development & Int'l TradeStarlet Touristic Services
Blafond BlafondFlash Transport ServicesMiddle East for VaccinesStars Center Electronics
Blation Misr for Import, Export & TradingFlash Video FilmMiddle East Int'l TradingStart of Medical equipment & Networks of Industrial Gases
Blue City for Hotels Marketing & ManagementFleet Information TechnologiesMiddle East Land Reclamation & Development of Agriculture & Animal IndustriesStartech
Blue Nile Int'lFlexsign for Advertising MaleriatsMiddle East Oil Tankage & PipelinesStarts Touriesm Development & Real Estate Investment
BMB SolutionsFlorabelMiddle East StarStation Coffee
Bobian Trading & ContractingFlorabella FlowersMiddle East Tarding & ContractingStbco Contracting
Boghdady Export & ImportFloratechMiddle East TourismSteinbergen Netherlands
Borouge Engineering & TradeFlorence Floating HotelMiddle East Trade & DistributionStep By Step
Boskalis Int'l B.V-EgyptFlorida MallMiddle East Trading Ink ImportSTME Egypt Storing Services
Botros Group JewelleryFlorinaMiddle East WaterStone Art
Boudy Establishment Import & ExportFlower HouseMiddle for Economic DevelopmentStone Systems Technolgy
Boudy Motor Vehicle Trading-assan Mohamed IbrahimFlower MarketMideast Communication SystemsStrategy Consult
Boudy Motor VehiclesFlower ShopMido Ready-Made Clothes FactoryStudio Misr & Fish Ring
Boushi for Real Estate InvestmentFlowserveMido TradeStudio Vart
BoutrosFlowtech for Agricultural InvestmentMikhail Naguib Hanna OfficeStyle Computer Service-Mohamed Moustafa & Co.
Brand New BuyFocattiona Sama RestaurantMilitary Medical AcademyStyle Group for Trading & Investment
Bravo ServeFocus GroupMimacStyle Motors
Briggs EgyptFog TradingMimar EgyptSuez Canal Arab Development & Investment
Bright Star Hotel SuppliesFonda & SoilMina BrusSuez Canal Import & Export
Bright Star-Bahaa Tharwat & PartnersFonterra Egypt Ltd.Mina Contracting & Engineering ServicesSuez Canal Touristic
British Computers & SystemsFood Products Processors & Exporters AssociationMina EgyptSuez Canal Travel
Brittany for Languages & ComputerFor Free Real Estate & Touristic InvestmentMina Export, Import & Commercial AgenciesSuez Gulf Power
Bromo SystemsFor You BookshopMina Import EstablishmentSuez Gulf Tourism
Bros TyresForm for Import & ExportMina Int'l TradeSuez Industrial Development
Brothers Computer RequisitesForm MattMina Mark Real Estate & TourismSuez National Exchange
Brothers for ImportFormattMina Medical Tower HospitalSugier Air Cargo
Brothers GroupFormula MotorsMina Printing HouseSultan Car
Brothers-Ahmed Salama & Co.Forsan Computer AccessoriesMina TilesSultana Tours
Brouj Property ManagementFortuneMina Tower HospitalSun Air
Builder for ProjectsFosroc EgyptMina Trade Int'lSun Express for Cargo Services
Builder Real Estate DevelopmentFottouh PoultryMinar EngineeringSun Express I.E.C
Building & construction Civil EngineeringFouad Habib El-Muoheb for ImigrationMinark Consulting & Customs ClearanceSun Rise Engineering, Trade & Construction
Buildmore Installation Services Ltd.Fouad Mohamed Bassiouny OfficeMinas ServicesSun Rise Language School
Bull Middle EastFouad Neama Translation OfficeMinas Tels for Hotels ManagementSun Shine Egyptian Automation & Information Technology
Bureau Egyptien de Conseils TechniquesFour Brother Import & ExportMinistry of Civil AviationSun Tec Egypt Heavy Equipment
Bureau Veritas EgyptFour Catering & ServicesMira Group-Raouf Ramzi Abd El-Raouf & Co.Sunny Days Resorts
Burgan EgyptFour Pack Trade & SuppliesMiracle for Medical ServicesSunrise Touristic Development
Butter FlyFour StarMiracle Uniform FactorySuper Air Conditioning
Bygging IntercontinentalFourteenMirage Cars TradingSuper Exchange
Bylander MisrFozmetal for Engineering IndustriesMirage JewellerySuper Freight Int'l
Byte Computer Systems-Mohamed GomaaFrame Advertising & PublicityMirage OneSusan Mubarak Museum for Children
Bytes & BitsFrancoMirage RecordsSwap Int'l Trading
C & Co OpticsFrank AdvertisingMirage Trade & ContractingSwedish Gourmet
C'est la Vie Touristic DevelopmentFree ColorMiratil Tourism & HotelsSwedtrade
C. Mart for Trading, Marketing & DistributingFree Line-Eng.Sameh SelwanesMiskSweet Center
C.C.I.EFree MotionMisk for Import & ExportSweet Confectionery Processing
C.N.R for Import & Int'l TradeFree MusicMisk TravelSwift Group for Int'l Transport
C.N.S GroupFree TecMisr 2000 Lab.Swift Logistic & Shipping Int'l
Cabello CabelloFree Way TravelMisr Abu Dhabi Touristic & Real Estate InvestmentSwift Trading Egypt
Caesars Palace HotelFreight Center ServicesMisr Agriculture DevelopmentSwiss Egyptian
Cairo Airport Duty FreeFreight Masters Ltd.Misr Air-Conditioner-Eng.Assem BesharaSwiss Egyptian
Cairo Airport HotelFreight TechMisr Anshas Food ProductsSwiss Group for Securities Brokers
Cairo Airport Touristic TransportFreight Way LogisticsMisr BiotechnologySwiss Service Center
Cairo AviationFreight Way-World Wide Freight ForwardersMisr Construction & TradingSxy's
Cairo Book CenterFrench ConnectionMisr ContractingSystem Contracting
Cairo Cars-Nabil El-SheikhFrench Jewel Import & ExportMisr El-Gedida Glasses & MirrorsSystems Engineering of Egypt
Cairo Communication SystemFresenius KabiMisr El-Gedida Int'l Trading & AgenciesSystems Management Consultants
Cairo Constructions & ConsultationsFresh BoxMisr El-Gedida RecruitmentT & A Medical
Cairo Contact Lenses CenterFresh Cool for Cooling & Air ConditionerMisr El-Hegaz Labour Recruitment OfficeT.E.N. Tours Egypt
Cairo Contracting & General Supplies-Hatem Mohamed Shawky & Co.Fresh World Int'lMisr El-Nour for Plastic IndustriesTab Constructions
Cairo CoolFricool Creation for ContractingMisr El-Nour TradingTaba
Cairo Engineering Support Labs.Fricool GroupMisr ElectronicsTaba Integrated Consultancies
Cairo FreightFriends ExchangeMisr Engineering DevelopmentTaba Stevedoring & Trading
Cairo Freight SystemFriends LaundryMisr Eye CenterTaba Touristic Development
Cairo Heart & Chest CenterFriends Realty DevelopmentMisr for Microfilm & Electronics Ltd.Tabarak Commercial Services
Cairo Heliopolis HospitalFriends TradeMisr for Spare PartsTabarak for Trading & Contracting
Cairo Hydraulic GroupFrontier Oilfield Services Ltd.Misr for Technology & ProjectsTabarak Import, Export, Agencies & Trade
Cairo Int'l AirportFruitex Egypt-Hossam El-Din Gharib & Co.Misr Friends ExchangeTabarak Pharmacy
Cairo Int'l ToursFruland for Investment & IndustryMisr Holland for Investment & Agriculture DevelopmentTabarak Trade & Agricultural Development
Cairo Int'l TradeFundays for Trade & InvestmentMisr Import & TradeTag El-Din Pharmacy
Cairo Int'l Trade-Hossam El-Meseiry & Co.Furniture DesignersMisr Industrial SolutionsTag Technology
Cairo Marketing Laundry, Cafeterias & Hotels EquipmentFutec Bar Code SystemsMisr Industrial Solutions-Mohamed Abd El-Sattar & PartnersTagi El-Farouki Confectionery Industry
Cairo Music Conter for Teaching MusicFutre FreightMisr Int'l Contracting & Supplies-Fady Farouk MohamedTagoury Trading Est.-Mohamed El-Tagoury
Cairo Office for Engineering & RefrigerationFuture Computer & CommunicationsMisr Int'l for Export & ImportTagoury's House
Cairo Orthopaedic CenterFuture Energy Works DevelopmentMisr Int'l Touristic & Hotels ProjectsTahado Anas Import & Export
Cairo PressFuture FoundationMisr Investment & DevelopmentTahera Trading & Foodstuff Packaging
Cairo Race WayFuture Group-Ahmed Abd El-AzizMisr Italia for Ready-Made GarmentsTakbir Institution Textile & Knitwear
Cairo RehabFuture Group-Eng. Ibrahim Abd El-Hai MohamedMisr Land Reclamation; Irrigation & Construction MachineryTakhayal Entertainment
Cairo Service StationsFuture Group-Hesham Abd El-Aziz & Co.Misr Laser CenterTakiym for Financial Consult
Cairo Software ServiceFuture Hi Tech.Misr Pharaoh Sanitary WareTakwa Export
Cairo Software ServicesFuture Horizons ScienteficMisr PolymerTakwa for Publishing & Distribution
Cairo Specialized HospitalFuture Import & ExportMisr Radiology CenterTalaia Limousine
Cairo SportsFuture Int'l-Mohamed TohamyMisr Security & SevicesTalent
Cairo Stars Printing Service & Mouse Pad ManufacturingFuture Plants & ContractorsMisr Sons Development-Hassan Allam SonsTalento
Cairo Steam for Engineering ServicesFuture ProductsMisr Swed ImportTalinco
Cairo Technical Services OfficeFuture Real Estate InvestmentMisr Tech Commercial Sani AcrylicTamad Commercial Establishment
Cairo Trade Int'lFuture School for Languages & ComputerMisr Tiran Touristic DevelopmentTameco
Cairo Trade; Contracting & Consultancy ServicesFuture Trade & ContractingMisr Trade Int'lTamer for Trading & Contracting
Cairo Utility Data CenterFuture Woods Importer & TradeMisr Urban & Touristic Projects-Eng. Wael Borhan & PartnersTamerco for Trading & Importing
Cairo Women's ClinicFVCMisr Wataneya Real Estate DevelopmentTamerco Trade & Contracting
Cairomatic for Industry & Water TechnologyFyfatex Threads & Spinning TradingMisr World TradingTana Petroleum Middle East
Caliche Import, Export & AgenciesG. Models GrashMisreya MedicalTanbouly
Campbell Egypt Catering ServicesG.C Graphic CenterMisrnaft Commercial & Technical ServicesTanger Consulting & Marketing
Campell FreightG.C Scientific Commercial Est.Miss Esadora Floating HotelTantawi Trade, Contracting & Engineering Consultancies
Campus MagazineG.E Health CareMiss Sara IncTantawy Italian Blinds
Canada Egypt Business CouncilGabaly HotelMiss WorldTanweer Group
Canadian Chamber of CommerceGaber Abd El-Shahid Motor Vehicles TradingMito ConsultTaqwa Export & Supplying
Canadian Trade CenterGabr Industrial & Petroleum ServicesMoatez Export & ImportTarde Mark Cars Rental
Canal Container TerminalGaby Gallery-Magdy El-Imam & Co.Moaz PharmacyTarek Silver Works
Canal GroupGaby Trading & SuppliesMobi LandTarget Marketing
Canal Pharmacy-Dr. Ahmed SaidGad Contracting & TradingMobi Soft Advanced SolutionTasneem Educational & Engineering Services
CanonGad Stationery ReqisitesMobi Taka for TradeTawakol
Cape East EgyptGahi TradingMobillinkTawakol Trading
Capital Diesel for Spare PartsGaiedco Touristic Development Ltd.Modern Arab DevelopmentTawasol Telecom
Capleo UnitedGak Ground Aviation ServicesModern Canal ChemicalsTawheed for Freight Services
Caprini OpticGalal Hamouda Dentistry CenterModern Communication SystemsTawhid Center
Captain Motors-Amir El-MansouryGalaxia ToursModern Construction Marbel & GraniteTaysco Egypt
Captain ToursGalerie GabyModern Egyptian Marble & GraniteTazeg for Import & Export
Car Market Int'l MagazineGalerie Tony 2Modern Establishment for Import & ExportTchero Int'l Ltd.
Cardiac Catheterization & SurgeryGalileo Int'l Supplies & ConsultationsModern HomeTchero Pharm
Care Medical for Medical SuppliesGallary Mahmoud ZeidanModern Import & ExportTD Design Interior
Care PharmaciesGallery AntiqueModern Information SystemsTea Computers
Career Development & Consultation AcademyGallery Da VinciModern Int'l Group ArchitectureTeam Work-Raymond Mamdouh
Career Development Organization [CDO]Gallery El-HelbawiModern Press Printing HouseTeamco Construction
Career FindersGallery HouseModern Ready-Made GarmentsTeamcon Engineering Consultancies & Contracting
Cargo Int'l CenterGallery SMModern Real Estate & Industrial Investment CenterTeba for Industrial Supplies
Cargo Plan Global LogicticsGallery SmModern Sasal Swiss General Contracting & Trade-El-Faky & Co.Tech Electric
Carlo Gavazzi EgyptGallery SucashModern SchoolTechman for Trading & Agricultural Works
Carlson Wagonlit Travel EgyptGam TradingModern Services GroupTechnical & Commercial Agencies Office- Eng.Refaat Abd El-Shahid
CarribeanGama TechModern Show for Lighting & SoundTechnical & Commercial Services Establishment
Carte Blanche CommunicationGamal Abd El-Nasser Language & Arabic SchoolsModern Sweet HomeTechnical Agricultural & Commercial
Cash Back CardGamal Abu El-Enein for Heavy EquipmentModern Systems EngineeringTechnical Center for Feeding Industries
Casual ClubGamal Consultancy GroupModern TechnologyTechnical Commercial Center
Catalonia Trade Promotion CenterGamal El-Din El-Afghani Islamic Charitable Assembly HospitalModern TechnologyTechnical Computer Technology
Catalyst Business SolutiosGamal Electrical SuppliesModern Technology for Refrigeration & ConditionTechnical Data Trade Office
Catina Int'lGamal LightingModern Technology for supplies & EngineeringTechnical Design Consultant
CazablankaGamalco for PackagingsModern Typing OfficeTechnical for Elevators
CC.Inn Travel ServiceGammal GroupMody Ready-Made GarmentsTechnical Group Services
Cement EgyptGanat ElwardMogoland AdvertisingTechnical Maintenance Center
Cement Traders Egypt Inc.Ganco for Trade & SuppliesMohamed Adly El-Shamaa Import & ExportTechnical Organization for Elevators
Center Color SeparationGannatex for Import & ExportMohamed Ahmed El-Aghory OfficeTechnical Services & Agents Office
Center for Comprehensive Speech & Learning DisabilitiesGanzouri Specialized HospitalMohamed Dousow GlassTechnical Trade Ltd
Center for Environment & Development for The Arab Region & EuropeGap Int'l AdvertisingMohamed El-Anani Fadel OfficeTechnical Trading
Center for Int'l Private EnterpriseGard Land Touristic InvestmentMohamed El-Margwashi Import & ExportTechnico Refrigeration Stores
Center for Planning & Architecture StudiesGarno Misr Water Treatment TecnologyMohamed El-Moselhy PharmacyTechniqual Office Decoration & Real Estate Services
Center Mohsen HafezGaryval Int'l TradeMohamed El-Rakhawy SupermarketTechno Center-Hesham Hosny
Center of Accounting & Managerial ExpertiseGateway Freight SystemsMohamed El-Shamy Consultants Experiance Est.Techno Chem Trading & Contracting
Center of Designing & DevelopmentGazel StoreMohamed Fahim PharmacyTechno Commerce Importing & Exporting
Centra Ophthalmic LensesGB Chem-Gammy Sobhy Boutros & PartnersMohamed Fayez HospitalTechno Consult
Central Agency-Sabry & Co.GDMCMohamed Gaber & BrosTechno Cool
Central Comprehensive Care AssociationGebril AbdallahMohamed Ibrahim Beauty CenterTechno Freight
Central Laboratories for Armed ForcesGega ElectronicsMohamed Ismail Car ShowroomTechno Glass
Centre of Freight & Transport Int'lGeita EgyptMohamed Maher Layaly's OfficeTechno Group
Ceti for Import & ExportGelany BookshopMohamed Mahmoud Ismael for Impor OfficeTechno Market
Challenger LtdGelateria RomaMohamed Mahmoud Samy for Supply OfficeTechno Way
Chamber of Information Technology & CommunicationGEM Import, Export & TradeMohamed Moustafa PharmacyTechnogreen Agricultural Projects
ChampionGEM PharmaMohamed Sabry Abd El-Gayed OfficeTechnogreen for Agricultural Investments
Champs Elysees HotelGem TravelMohamed Sabry El-Khodary Import & ExportTechnogreen Group
Charisma & LoungeGematco Int'lMohamed Tarek Youssef Legal AccountingTechnologica Trading & Computer Systems SAE
Charisma TravelGemsha Bay-EgyptMohamed Tawfik Mohamed OfficeTechnologist Transport Services Supplies
Charms for Importation & DistributorGena ModeMohamed Yassein Mohamed Mansour Import & Export OfficeTechnology & Commerce Cairo Group
Chatin Import & ExportGener EgyptMohandes Contracting Office-Eng.Mohamed Abd El-Rahim AbdallahTechnology Group for Importing & Agencies-Nady Shafik Ghattas
ChefGeneral Authority for Health InsuranceMohandes Development Trade & ReconstructionTechnology Valley
Chema Photo Soky EgyptGeneral Cable EgyptMojito Floating HotelTechnowave Trading S.A.E
Chemical Trading CenterGeneral Civilian Associations & Establishments UnionMoka RestaurantTecnico Contracting & Trading
Chemitec Int'lGeneral Contractors & Importation-Mohamed Ahmed Abu ZikryMokhtar EstablishmentTecno Group Import & Export
Chic 888 ThreadsGeneral ElvatorsMokhtar GroupTecno Master
Childeren Care CenterGeneral Engineering StoresMokhtar Osman Khalil FarmTeeba Data Systems
Chili's Restaurants ChainGeneral Paper for Paper IndustryMomen GroupTegaranet.Com
Chines Real Estate Investment & Project ManagementGeneral Trading & ImportingMomentum CommunicationTeiseer Importer & Exporter
Chinese GardenGeneral Trading & SuppliesMoMo WearTekia-Alaa Shams & Co.
ChinoisGeo Map ConsultantsMon Cheri ToursTelecommunication Engineering Consultant Office
Chisel House of DesignGeo Service GroupMona Animal & Agricultural ProductionTelel Real Estate Investment
Choose Family Chantable AssociationGeorge Air Conditioner & TradingMona LeasingTelestar II
Christ Cargo Int'lGeorge Habib Soliman OfficeMona Siag ShowroomTemsah
Ciao Ciao RestaurantGeorge TradingMonaco Floating HotelsTen Tours
Cilantro Restaurants ChainGeosMonaleza PharmacyTentrade Commercial Agents
Cit PointGerman Auto ServiceMonaliza Atelier & GalleryTerrot
City Laser & Archetictural Models ApplicationsGerman CarsMondera JewelleryTevouly Pharmacy
City Real Estate & TourismGerman Egyptian Trade, Import & ExportMondial Trading & DistributionTexience Textile Exports
City Real Estate DevelopmentGet EgyptMonex Commercial Agencies-Osman Mounir FahmyTharwa Petroleum
City Trade ServiceGET Group LTDMonica Car Motor Vehicle Trading ShowroomThe Associates for Telecommunications
Cityco Housing & DevelopmentGewel Plus JewelleryMonitradeThe Bible Society of Egypt
Civic One Trading & ContractingGezira InvestmentMonte Carlo Floating HotelThe Egyptian for Construction Development
Civil Information TechnologyGezira Marketing & Project ManagmentMoon CleanThe Energy Serve
Clara TradeGhaba Import & TradingMoon Light TradeThe Int'l Real Estate Services Group
Clarity Contractors, Import & ExportGhanem ExchangeMoore StephensThe Modern House for Publishing & Distribution
Clarity JewelleryGharbeya Agricultural Development & Food SecurityMora Group for Engineering & TradingThe Specialized Contracting Cranes
Clas OpticsGhawayeshMorah TradeThe Steady
Class Advertising AgencyGhazal Cotton Trading & Ginning Ltd.More Creation Advertising & PublicityThe Trees Magazine
Class Musical & Audio EquipmentGhipli RacewayMorgan Car Seat Cover FactoryTheta Medical
Class TouchGhorayeb Int'l Freight ForwarderMorgan for Motor Vehicles UpholsteryThird Collection
Classic Modern KitchensGim Aviation ServicesMorning Star Graphic StudioTholathia Corporation for Chemicals & Metals
Classic StationeryGinger ToursMorro OpticsThomas Accessories
Classic-Tarek Hamdy WhebyGlass & GlassMorsi Trade & SupplyingThomas Cook Overseas Ltd.
Classy DesignGlass StyleMoses CleanThomas Trade
Cleopatra for Export & ImportGlobal AdvertisingMoshtrayat Dot ComThree Com
Cleopatra for Tourism DevelopmentGlobal Capital Securities BrokerageMostafa Import, Export & Commercial AgenciesThyssen Krupp
Cleopatra HospitalGlobal Development & InvestmentMostafa Importing & Int'l Trading CorpThyssenKrupp Elevator Egypt
Cleopatra Touristic RestaurantsGlobal Document SolutionsMostakbl Import, Export, Commercial Agents & SupplyTi-Yi Nile Cruiser
Clever General TradeGlobal Engineering & SupplyMostaqbalTia Hotels & Limousine
Click HoldingGlobal Engineering & tradingMotahdeenTiba Bio
Click On LineGlobal Financial ConsultantMotaz ToursTiba Fog
Click Printing HouseGlobal for Elevators & EscalatorMother & Baby CareTiba for Agencies
ClimateGlobal Insurance Group-Insurance & Reinsurance ConsultantsMoustache Garments TradingTiba for Contracting & Tourist Investment
Cliopatra Scientific Office for Medical Equipment & AgentsGlobal Integrate LogisticsMoustafa Haroun Trading & AgenciesTiba for Trade & Contracting
Club CleanGlobal IntertradeMoustafa MarketTiba Garden
Code ZbuggieGlobal Investment HouseMoustafa Trading & SupplyingTiba Green Trading & Agricultural
Codec Express Lab.Global Investment House SecuritiesMovie Star CoiffeurTiba Industrial & Trading Investment & Land Reclamation
Codec-Antonio GeorgoGlobal Net WorkingMr LimoTiba Investment
CoffeeshopGlobal Peering Exchange Ltd.Mr-JoeTiba Investment Building & Construction
Coffor EgyptGlobal TechnologyMrs.S GroupTiba Investment for Animal & Poultry Wealth Development
Colompia Int'l GroupGlobal Technology OnlineMS Printing & PublicationTiba Investment; Import & Export
Color ShackGlobal Trade CenterMSD for Animal HealthTiba Real Estate & Touristic Investment
Combi Egypt Ltd.Global Trade Egypt Import & ExportMubarak ElectronicsTiba Service Ltd.
Comet for Trade & Engineering WorksGlobe ImpexMulti Commerce-Mahmoud Gamal El-Din El-ShafeiTiba Touristic Development
Comete EgyptGlobe SoftMulti Food for Trading & Packing of FoodstuffTiba Touristic Investment & land Reclamation
Comfort INNGlobe TradeMulti Freeze for Import, Export & Commercial AgenciesTiffany
ComlitGlobo Human ResourceMulti Guard Commercial Agencies & ServicesTiffany Cargo Systems
Commerce WinchesGlory Floating HotelMulti LinguaTiffany Int'l
Commercial Advisory GroupGloryvet Import & ExportMulti TechnologyTiger Aviation Services
Commercial Consultants OfficeGlow PublishingMultinational Forces & ObserversTiger Motors
Commercial Consulting Bureau-Hegazy & KhairyGMA-Ali Abd El-BarMultipharma for Pharmaceuticals & ChemicalsTime Trade-Medhat Atteya
Commercial Engineering Office Al-Assaf GroupGMS Hi ForceMultiskills Recruitment & HR ConsultancyTip Top-Olfat El-Gouhary & Co.
Commercial Free ZonesGohar Charitable HospitalMuslimah BridesTiran Tours
Commerical-Ali Abd El-HadyGohar HospitalMy ComTitan Cement Egypt
Competence EgyptGolden Arrow for Fast FoodMy Computer 2000Titan Concrete & Marble Egypt
Comprehensive Commercial SolutionsGolden Eagle Trade-Amgad FaltaousMy Dream FurnitureTivoli for Tourism Investments
Compu Data CenterGolden Falcon Trade & DistributionMzana CenterTivoli Travel Agency
Compu Hard Trading ComputersGolden Fruit for Import & ExportN.U.Y TravelTNS
Compu LainGolden Horse Shipping ServicesNaama Golf & Touristic InvestmentTogether Travel
Compu LogicGolden Land ToursNaba for Trading, Contracting & Commercial AgenciesTohami Trading
Compu Logic for TradingGolden LineNadaTokio Marine Egypt Takaful
Compu StoreGolden Line Int'lNada Int'l ServicesTokio Marine General Takaful
Compu SystemGolden N.Int'l TradingNadco GroupTokyo Int'l
Compu Used Import & ExportGolden Pharaoh LogisticsNadi CleanTommatoes Street
Compuland Trade & ImportGolden Pharaoh ToursNadia Ali HassanTommy Garments
Compume Egypt for Information TechnologyGolden PoolNadia El-Sayed MohamedTone Flower
Compunile TradeGolden Pyramids for Tourism DevelopmentNagdi ToursTony Jewellery
ComputerGolden Real Estate DevelopmentNagi & Nader Labib HannaTony Service
Computer & Internet World MagazineGolden Share Securities BrokersNagy CenterTop Aviation
Computer 2000Golden Star Shipping & Clearing AgencyNahla PharmacyTop Care Egypt
Computer Global-Youssef Said & Co.Golden Tech for ProgrammesNama for Trade & ImportingTop Color Studio
Computer Technology AssociationGolden TouchNapouly ConfectioneryTop Cosmetics for Import & Export
Computer TroubleshootersGolden Touch Construction & DecorationNarita TravelTop Design-Magdy Emam Zaky & Co.
Computer World-Abdou El-KhwassGolden TyreNasgeyatTop Florida Tourism
Comsys Integred SolutionsGolf Contractors & HousingNashaat Halim & Co.Top for Brokerage
Comsys Software S.A.EGolf ElectronicsNasr Abo El-Abbas Accounting OfficeTop Gear Cars Rental
Comtec for Import; Export & AgenciesGolf Memorial HospitalNasr for Trade & DistributionTop Interior Decoration
Concept For Sound Light & led Screen.Golf Specialized HospitalNasr for Trade & Urban DevelopmentTop Line-Farid Fawzy & Co.
Concorde El-Salam Hotel CairoGolshanNasr Galss & Crystal SilveringTop Quality for Management Services
Constraite Treatment & Upgrade-Ashraf Ayoub Abd El-MelekGoma for Air ConditioningNasr Language School-English School PreviouslyTop Speed Magazine
Construction ProductsGood MarkNasr Supermarket-Mohamed AbdallahTop Tand
Consultant of Hospitality AdministratorsGood Shepherd GroupNass ToursTop Team
Consultant Office for FiltersGood Times for RestaurantsNasser El-Sokery Cars ShowroomTop Team Technology
Consultant Trading BureauGood WayNational Accountants-Mikhail Fouad GhalyTop Techno Lab
Consultantion for ConstructionGood Way TechnologiesNational Air Navigation ServicesTop Tigar
Consultants GroupGotexNational Authority for Remote Sensing & Space SciencesTop Trade
Consultants, Studies, Technical & Technological Researches FundGoul Fam CenterNational Bank of OmanTop Trade-Hassan Ahmed Hassan & Co.
Consulting Accounting OfficeGourmet ShopNational BookshopTorath Import, Export & Commercial Agencies
Consulting Engineering CenterGowebah ContractorsNational Bureau of EgyptTorero
Consulting Engineering Office-Master Lab. LaboratoriesGrace Team PrintingNational Direct SalesToshiba El-Araby Visual & Appliances Marketing
Consulting Engineering Office-Mohamed El-ShenawyGrand Blue for Development & TourNational DrillingTotal Cargo
Consulting Office-Amr Mohamed RadwanGrand Cafe Restaurant ChainNational Eye HospitalTotal Rent a Car
Consulting Office-Kamal Hassaan MohamedGrand Egypt TravelNational for Complementary IndustriesTouch Stone
Consulting Office-Mohamed TalhaGrand Int'l Ltd.National for Construction & DevelopmentTouch Wood Showroom
Contact Lenses ManufacturingGrand Mid HabicoNational for ImportToukhy Misr Printing
Continental TradeGrand Palm 1National Gas S.A.ETourist Investment-Blanche beach
Continental Trading & ServicesGrand Plaza TravelNational Group-Maarouf & Co.Touristic & Real Estate Constructions
Contra Egypt Urban DevelopmentGrand Sharm ResortNational Housing/Professional SyndicatesTouristic Marsa Alam Investors Association
Contradec Projects & TradeGraphcanoNational Information TecnologyTourky Furniture
Contrast Advertising & PublicityGraphia Advertising AgencyNational Institute of Occupational Safety & HealthTow Ways Int'l
Cook DoorGraphic Computer ServciesNational Integrated Ahliah for Construction & ReconstructionTrade Link for Technical Supplies
Cool AirGraphic Link PrintingNational Integrated HousingTrade Net
Cooperative Associaation for SuppliesGraphics AcademyNational NavigationTradefairs Int'l
Copad Egypt for Trading & Pharmacetical IndustriesGraphilex Signs & Industries S.A.ENational PetroleumTradex Egypt
Copam Egypt Engineering & AgenciesGraphitec PressNational River Ports ManagementTradimpex Egypt for Agencies
Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social ServicesGraphitic Printing HouseNational Trading & TransportationTrading Engineering Group
Copy ExpressGrata Real Estate DevelopmentNatural Gas VehiclesTrading Enterprises
Copy Form Middle EastGrata Trading & Evaluate projectsNautilus Diving Services CenterTrading of Foodstuffs
Coral On TravelGravityNawar Cars RentalTrag Ltd.
Corde EmpowermentGreen Beach Touristic ProjectsNawar Motors-Khaled NawarTrager Egypt Tours & Travel
Cornea Laser Especialized CenterGreen Line Int'lNazer Commerical AgenciesTraining Productive Institute for Construction & Building Professions
Cortefiel Chain StoresGreen PradaiseNeama Golf Touristic InvestmentTrane Egypt
CortigianoGreen StoresNeedles House Egypt Machinery & AccessoriesTrans Express Ltd.
Cosmos-E Engineers & ConsultantsGreen Valley for Industrial FoodsNegmet El-Nozha for Motor VehiclesTrans Link
Craft ToursGreen Valley for Investment & DevelopmentNeo LogisticsTrans Nile for Touristic Transportation
Creation ArtsGreen Valley-Ihab MoawadNesma AirlinesTrans Ocean Forwarding & Commerce
Creation ArtsGreen WayNet Engineering SystemsTransnative
Creative Hotels & ResortsGrow Tech Agricultural DevelopmentNet LineTransworld for Development & Trading S.A.E
Creative TechnologyGulf Agency Egypt Ltd.Net ProTravel Bug-Egypt
Creative Travel Int'lGulf Badr TradeNet WiseTravel Center Tours
Crew ToursGulf Canadian Arabic Real Estate InvestmentNetworks Valley Information SystemsTravel Club of Egypt
Cristal Middle East Protection SystemsGulf Egypt Hotels & TourismNew Beta StationeryTravel Days Group
Crocodile Egypt TravelGulf of Aqaba for Touristic InvestmentNew Care Nursing ServicesTravel House of Egypt Corp
Crocodile for Touristic ProjectsGulf SpaceNew Castel Renting Cars & Limousine ServicesTravel Land Egypt
CrocsGulf Travel & ToursNew CenterTraveland
Cropex for ExportGutenbergNew Center for Integrated Studies of Land & EnvironmentTreasure Travel
Croquee Printing & photocopying of Engineering DesingsH M Trade & DistributionNew City ContractingTree Travel
Cross Countries Oil Field SuppliesH.B DesignNew Compu MarketTrends Group-Integrated Solution
Cross Road CarrentalH.U Trade; Agencies & Engineering WorksNew Contrast Engineering & ImportingTresor for Touristic Development
Crown ChemicalHabib Kamel Saad Law BureauNew DealsTresor Travel
Crown Home Engineering ConsultantsHabib Scientific OfficeNew EgyptTreximport Egypt
Crown LogisticsHabiba Group Real Estate & Tourism InvestmentNew Egypt TravelTRI Int'l Group
CrystalHabibco Trade-Refaat Awad HabibNew Engineering Cities for Industries & ConstructionTri Star Air
Crystal BakeriesHabieba HarounNew Flash TransportTrible A Trade
Crystal LineHabitat for Humanity EgyptNew InovationsTrinty Group
Crystal PharmacyHadidy Jacquards Textile-Eng.Tarek Mahmoud El-Hadidy & Co.New Ismailia Tourism & InvestmentTrio Akmy
CT & THadramaut El-HalabyNew Liberty Conditionning-Alfred GadTriple Computer & Communication Concepts
Cubes NurseryHafza Medical CenterNew Light Printing HouseTristar Cargo System
Cultural Nozha AssociationHaidy CleanNew MarkomTristar Cargo Systems
Culture Media CenterHak Trade ExportNew Mefco Design KitchensTrisys
Curzon Import & Trading-Adeb Sorour & Co.Hakim FurnitureNew MenaTriton Logistics
Curzon Trading Int'lHala Ready-Made Garments & Tricot FactoryNew Mina CoolTriumph Private Hospital
CVS MakinaHalaby PharmacyNew Perfect Import & ExportTronic
Cyenn Designs & ContractingsHalal FurnitureNew Procsel Engineering ConsultantsTropex Shipping Services
D & B Graphics-Diaa, Boulos Isaac & Co.Halim ExportNew Shahd LimousineTropi 2 for Touristic Development
D H L Global ForwardingHamad Mobile Telephones TradeNew Soft Advanced Software DevelopmentTropicana for Hotels & Resorts
D Trading Oil ServicesHamaky ConstructionNew SonitaTropicana Projects
D-LinkHamde & Madam Reda Beauty CenterNew StarTropital Hotels & Resorts
DagardHamdy Hamed Abd El-Rahman OfficeNew Star Men HairdressingTrust for Construction-Samah Refaat
Dahab 2000 for Int'l Trade & ExportHamdy Motor VehicleNew Style Engineering, Contracting & TRADINGTurkey Group Organization
Dahab Decoration & FinishingHamis Floating Hotels-Ehab Youssef EliasNew Techno TeamTut Systems Ltd.
Dahab Real Estate InvestmentHammad Motor VehiclesNew TechnologyTwing Engineering Works
Dairy Land for Dairy Products & FoodstuffsHammouda SonsNew Technology IndustryTwo Wires
Dalia Agricultural ProjectsHamoun Import; Export & Commercial AgenciesNew Technology PharmaTyco Electronics Egypt
Dalia Bakry DesignsHamour Fishing ArticlesNew Technology SystemsTycoon Int'l Trading
Dalma-ImmigrationHana Food ProductsNew TradingTycoon Securities
Damac Properties Egypt S.A.EHanan Pharmacy-Dr. Hussein KamelNew Tropicana Touristic EstablishmentTyre Trade-Maurice Ishak Rizkallah & Co.
Damascus SupermarketHand CleanNew Turquoise JewelleryU.S.A Marketing Int'l
Damson Sporting EquipmentHani TradeNew Vision EgyptUBC for Ingrated Systems
Dana Import & ExportHanotex Factory for RubberNew Vita for Import, Export & AgenciesUCF Overseas Transport
Dania for CarpetsHanouf TravelNewport Media Inc.Ultra Marine Service
Dania for Real Estate & Touristic InvestmentHany El-Kashef PharmacyNewtrac Trading Ltd.Uni Designs
Danieli Egypt Representative OfficeHany Mahfouz DesignsNext SourceUni Plants Tests
Danisco Egypt TradingHany Moustafa PharmacyNextep ConstructionUni Tech Contracting & Trading
Danton Helath CareHappy HomeNice ShadawUnicorn Int'l
Dantrans FreightHappy MotorsNicolas ToursUnigypt Trade
Dar Al-Fajr Publishing & DistributionHarb Electromechanical EngineeringNight Raydar MotorsUnilex Sign Systems
Dar Al-Quri El-Arabi Publishing & AdvertisingHarco Egypt Marketing DistributionNilco Int'l TradingUnion Group Import & Export
Dar Alqari AlarbyHaridy Car for Touristic TransportNile Advanced Technology SystemsUnited Architectural Projects Development
Dar AltarjamaHarley of EgyptNile AirUnited Auto
Dar El-FergianiHarmen Group Trade, Engineering & ContractingNile Aster Int'lUnited Biomed-Sayed Mahmoud Sayed & Partners
Dar El-Hamd for TradingHarmony Enginnering Services OfficeNile ConstructionUnited Brothers
Dar El-Handash Real Estate InvestmentHarmony Wood Office & Hotel Furniture & DecorationNile Cosmetics LabsUnited Cargo Systems
Dar El-Hassanat OrphanageHaronco Construction & UrbanisationNile CreationsUnited Construction
Dar El-KaramHaroun El-RashidNile CruiseUnited Consultant Group
Dar El-Khalig Engineering ConsultantsHaroun Photo Copying DocumentNile Delta ProgrammingUnited Consultants
Dar El-Lotus Printing-Malak MichealHarout AramNile Dream Floating HotelUnited Consultations
Dar El-Salam for TradingHarriya GlassesNile Egypt for Import & ExportUnited Contracting
Dar El-Salam TradingHarrow & CompanyNile Engineering SuppliesUnited Corporation for Valves & Pipes Fittings Industries
Dar El-Sonna El-Mohamadia PrintingHashem El-Mehdar Industry & Tourism DevelopmentNile for Trade & ShippingUnited Eastern Dvelopment
Dar El-ThaqafaHashemeya Engineering ConsultantsNile for Trade MarketingUnited Egyptian for Printing House
Dar Elfnon-Eng.Azza El-NahaasHashemeya for Agents, Trade, Import & ExportNile Fresh Export & ImportUnited Electronics
Dar Real Estate Investments & Touristic DevelopmentHassan Ahmed Dawoud & Co.Nile GroupUnited Engineering & Trading-Eng. Mohamed Reda Madbouly & Co.
Dar Yehia Printing HouseHassan Allam HoldingNile Import, Export & Commercial AgentsUnited Engineering for Grains
Daret El-Karz Publishing & DistributionHassan Real Estate InvestmentNile Int'lUnited Engineering Projects
Darts AdvertisingHatata TradeNile Int'lUnited Engineers Egypt
Darwish Commercial ServicesHatem Fawzi GalleryNile Int'l CargoUnited Engineers for Computer Systems
Darwish Consulting Engineers Ltd.Havak Mechanical & Electrical ContractorsNile Int'l CenterUnited Eyptian Association Human Resources Development
Darwish Real EstateHawai SupermarketNile Investment & Agricultural DevelopmentUnited Fish Products
Dat AdvertisingHawanem RestaurantNile Investment & DevelopmentUnited for Agencies & Distribution
Data Management SystemsHawash Kitchens & Bathrooms RequisitesNile Leaders Floating HotelUnited for Distribution
Data OnlineHaya Dental HospitalNile Logistics ServicesUnited for Parcels Services
Data Show ComputerHayat Medical CenterNile Marble & StoneUnited for Trade & Distribution
DatatecHayat Medical ClinicsNile MedicalUnited for Trade, Import & Export-Mahmoud Fouad Ahmed Abo El-Fetouh Shahin & Co.
Dawlea-Soheir Fathi Abd El-Ghany & Co.Hayatt for Coordination Sites & Urban PlanningNile Medical Int'lUnited Group
Dawleah ShippingHayaty ContractorsNile Satt TradingUnited Group Engineering & Establishments
Dawlia for Import, Export & Commercial Agents-Hesham Abu Sheasha & Co.Hazem Abu Gabal Dental LabNile Solitaire Floating HotelUnited Group Grains Import
Dawlia for Import, Export & General SuppliesHealthy Foods EgyptNile StyleUnited Information Technology
Dawoud Center for Computer & DesignHealthy Trading & ImportNile Trade-Raafat Ghaly Rizkallah & Co.United Int'l Trade Establishment
Dawy Electric ToolsHearty EgyptNile Trading-Aziz AwadUnited Investment
Deals-Hany Riyad FahimHeaven Import & ExportNilotica Property ManagersUnited Medical & Electronic Group
Decoree Furniture & Wooden ProductsHeavy Industries ServicesNitcoUnited Nations Development Program/UNDP
DecorichHeba for Trade & Land PartitionNo Limits for FurnitureUnited Office Requisits & Bar Code Systems
Delma for InvestmentHeba TexNo NameUnited Paper Industries
Delmar For Real Estate & DevelopmentHedeyet MagdNoble Int'l TradeUnited Projects
Delmar for Touristic DevelopmentHegaz Cars RentalNoby Coal TradingUnited Realty Development
Delta Advanced Information TechnologyHegaz PlumingNocchio Art & DesignUnited Realty Development & Investment
Delta Bio PharmaHegaz TourismNoha EL-Kady CenterUnited Technical Services
Delta BiotecHegaz Trading & Contracting EstNomrosy HaperdasheryUnited Touristic Projects
Delta Communication & TradingHegazy Engineering ConsultantsNoretsu Media & Publishing Ltd.United Tours Services
Delta CompassHegazy GroupNorhan TradeUnited Trade
Delta Compass Commercial WorksHelene Trading & Travel Ltd.Normandy CenterUnited Trade & Distribution
Delta Design Office-Dr. Hanna ShawkyHelio Cairo HotelNormandy Center Veiled WomenUnited Trade & Imports
Delta Egypt Foreign Trade-Bahgat Youssef & Co.Helio Electric for Electrical ContractingNormandy PharmaciesUnited Trade & Services Station
Delta EtesalatHelio Int'l TradeNormandy PharmacyUnited Traders & Agencies Professionals
Delta Hydraulic EngineeringHelio Trade for Trading & DistributionNorth Africa Real Estate InvestmentUnited Trading
Delta Logistics EgyptHeliopark HotelNotre Dame du Perpetuel Secours-GirlsUnited Trading
Delta Maritime NavigationHeliopolis Business CenterNouby InksUnited Trading & Contracting
Delta Misr for Engineering WorksHeliopolis Cardiac CentreNour El-EyounUnited Trading & Services
Delta NileHeliopolis CenterNour El-Hayah EyesUnited Transport Services
Delta SoftwareHeliopolis Center for Contact LensesNour El-Hegaz Motor Vehicle RentalUniversal Arts & Craft
Delta TCBYHeliopolis ClubNour for Animal & Agriculture InvestmentUniversal Building Systems
Delta Touristic Inv.Heliopolis Contracting & TradeNour for Touristic InvestmentUniversal Cast
Delta Trading Laundry Equipment-Mohamed Medhat Helmy & Co.Heliopolis Engineering & Trading officeNour PharmacyUniversal Center Freight
Delta Vet CenterHeliopolis Engineering CenterNouran SugarUniversal Contracting
DeltaweyaHeliopolis Express ToursNouran Trade, Supplies & ServicesUniversal Development Industries
Demashk CenterHeliopolis Fecundity & Heredity CenterNout ToursUniversal for Commercial & Agency
Demco Construction-Eng.Kamel Nassif KamelHeliopolis Financial InvestmentNovaco Y.N-Adel Helmy Labib Helmy & PartnersUniversal for Trade & Supplies
Dental Care CenterHeliopolis for Trade & TransportionNovey CarUniversal Group-Shipping Services & Customs Clearance
Dental House Dental RequisitesHeliopolis HospitalNovotel Cairo Airport HotelUniversal Int'l Trading
Dental Specialst ClinicHeliopolis Housing & DevelopmentNozha Beach TourismUniversal Sports
Depa Hotel InteriorsHeliopolis Housing & Touristic DevelopmentNozha Farm ProductionUniversal Systems
Deree PharmacyHeliopolis Institute / E S MNozha FishUniversal Trading-Hesham Abd El-Fattah Hassan & Partners
Desert In StyleHeliopolis InstitutionNozha Information TechnologyUniverse Computers
Desert Lodge HotelHeliopolis Int'l MarketNozha Int'l HospitalUp To Date for Trading
Design & Build Designing & Projects ManagementHeliopolis Int'l Trade OfficeNozha Touristic InvestmentUp-Trend
Design & Trade Center D.T.CHeliopolis Real Estate InvestmentNozha Trading OrganizationUpdate for Integrated Business
Design CentralHeliopolis Services Development SocietyNRL LogisticsUPS SCS Egypt
Design Centre CairoHeliopolis Veterinary ClinicNurb GroupUrgent Freight
Design Consulting UnitHeliotechNutech ElectronicsUS Magazine
Design ValleyHeltrex-Eng.Sherif Wadie Roushdy & PartnersNuts @ NutsUsed Corner
Detm TextileHenkel Trading EgyptO C Document Center for Documents PhotocopyingUSP Advertising Agency
Deugro Egypt Ltd.Henry Kabrita Dental SuppliesOak Bridge Int'l TradeUTi Egypt
Developed Engineering & Trading ServicesHeraa Import, Export & Commercial AgenciesOak Hill Furnishing-Saad MarzoukUtica Egypt
Developing Modern ProjectsHero Est.Oasis HotelUtopia Nursery
Development & Performance Improvement CenterHero KombObeikan Industrial investment GroupValencia Jewellery
Development ContractingHi Med EgyptOccan Tourism & Real EstateVally Air Services
Development for Tourism ProjectsHi TechnologyOcean Blue Heliopolis ResortValue Trade Engineering & Trading
Development ProjectsHigh FidelityOcean ScapeValuesys Information Technology
Diaa Seif El-Din HospitalHigh FilmOceania for Engineering SystemsValuetech Group
Diab Cars ShowroomHigh Institute for Language in Masaken SheratonOCTA EgyptVan Gogh
Diab Development & Agricultural InvestmentHigh Line Inter YoursOctobus Net CafeVariable Studies Institute
Diamond Food Machines for Commercial AgenciesHigh MotorsOdecVariety Multimedia Stores
Diamond Group-Suzy Morcos & PartnersHigh Optical Technology InstituteOekoplan Architectural & Urban Planning OfficeVas Integrated Soultions
Diamond Land JewelleryHigh Point FurnitureOffice for Studies & FinanceVenice Translation Office
Diamond MotorsHigh TouchOgail-Mohamed AbdallahVenus Bakery & Pastry
Dibici & AdderghamHigh Touristic ProjectsOgeil 2000Venus Chemicals Egypt
Dice for Circular WeavingHigh ToursOgeil CarnavalVenus Int'l Transport
Digi MedicaHigh TradeOgeil Shoping MallVenus-Attia Ragheb
Digital City for ComputersHigh Way ShowroomOhod-Abbass El-Awady & Co.Verina Ltd.
Digital Developed SystemsHigh Ways Int'l ShippingOkaplan Consulting EngineersVet Mark
Digital Group-Khaled Hassan & Co.Highly Professional AdvisorsOla for Private Education EstablishmentVetonia Flowers
Digital Office SystemsHilmy Law FirmOld Oak GalleryVga Computer
Digital Touch GroupHilton ConstructionOlio for Food ManufacturingVia Egypt Touristic Development
Dimag Import & TradeHinda TravelOlive Producers AssociationVictoria El-Mohandes
Direct ComputerHipton Import & DistributionOlympic ToursVictoria United Hotels
Direction AdvertisingHits TechnologiesOlympic YVienna Cafe
Dispatch Egypt-Mohamed Abu Bakr & Co.HMS Host EgyptOlympusView Advertising & Marketing Consultancies
Distri Books-Andre George RaghebHoda CoiffeurOm El-Nour Medical Center HospitalVigy Star
Diversey EgyptHoda El-EslamOmega Electronic ScalesViking Restaurant
Divoos Diving ToolsHoda Organic FertilisersOmega Engineering & TradingVilla Modern for Furniture
DJ Recording-Isis Samir Fahmy & Co.Hodhod TradingOmega Import & ExportVIP Int'l
DMA Engineering InvestmentHolandeya Water PurificationOmega MarketingVirgin Mega Store
DMC ContractingHoliday Home HotelOmega PharmaVision Trading
Dodo Class FurnitureHoliday Inn Cairo City Stars HotelOmega Solvents TradingVista VIB
Domatco for TradingHolidays RestaurantOn Line Media for MarketingVital-Doha Ahmed farid Bakry Mouftah
Domestic & Regional Air LinesHome & HeartOn Track Marketing Research & ServicesVoice of Arab League
Domex FurnitureHome Center FurnitureOne 2 One MediaVoletti
Domiatec Group for Investment & Agricultural DevelopmentHome ServiceOne ClickVolir Export
Domiaty Labour Recruitment OfficeHome Tech Prefabericated Construction & CaravansOne Man Team Import & AgenciesVoyageur Floating Hotel
Door MasterHonest Engineering & TradeOnly OneWadi Corp. for Trade & Promotion
Dorcas Touristic InvestmentHope FlowersOnly Travel ShopWadi Touristic Investment
Dosou for Cars GlassHoraizon-Samir Mohamed Abu El-Atta & BratharesOnshore Offshore Services & ContractingWadnil
Doutsh HouseHorizon DevelopmentOonas ToursWady Dora
Dr Fady Elian Dental ClinicHorizon for Medical AppliancesOperations Egypt for Health CareWady El-Nil Engineering
Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Hafez ClinicHorizon for ServicesOppacificWael Heshmat Pharmacy
Dr. Ahmed Tammam ClinicHorizon for Touristic DevelopmentOptima FlooringWael Pastry Maker
Dr. Ahmed Zoheir El-Houshy ClinicHorizon GraphicOptions AdvertisingWael Pastry Maker
Dr. Alaa Kamel El-Adl ClinicHorizon Inter Active StudiosOracle Egypt Ltd.Wafaa Development & Investment
Dr. Faris Medical CenterHorizon Touristic ProjectsOrascom Training & TechnologyWafaa-Sayed Mohamed Shehata
Dr. Feral Hussein Ibrahim ClinicHorizons SoftwareOrchem Import & ExportWafchiem
Dr. Hamdy El-Zahed CenterHorreya HospitalOrchid Office FurnitureWafe Ready Garment's
Dr. Karim El-Sobky ClinicHorreya HotelOrganic EgyptWago Trade
Dr. Khaled Haggag ClinicHorse ToursOrient Construction & Real Estate DevelopmentWaha, Production & Collection
Dr. Magdi Awad Farag Dental ClinicHorticulture DevelopmentOrient Star Int'lWahab Int'l Trade
Dr. Magdy Shawky MetryHorus Edfu Integration & Conversion Paper IndustriesOriental for Industries DevelopmentWahash Farm
Dr. Maged Samir ClinicHossam El-Din Mohamed Ahmed BicyclesOriental Urban DevelopmentWakil Trading & Supplies
Dr. Maher Abd El-Ghaffar Mahmoud ClinicHossam PharmacyOriental Weavers of TextilesWalaa Saleh El-Menzalawy
Dr. Medhat Salah El-Din Bassim Dental CenterHossamy Law OfficeOrientals HoldingWalaa-Emad Hassan Hussein Khalil & Co
Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Azeem Dental ClinicHot BiteOriflame EgyptWalaako for Customs Cclearance Est.
Dr. Mohamed Seif El-Nasr ClinicHot Line Cargo SystemOriginal for ComputersWalid Factory for Leather Products
Dr. Mohamed Taha Salama ClinicHot PinkOrkila Egypt ChemicalsWalls & Floors
Dr. Mohamed Talat Taha ClinicHotel TVOrouba for Trading & MarketingWataneya General Supplies
Dr. Mokhles Youssef Dental ClinicHoweedy for Engineering ConsultantsOrouba PharmacyWataneya Management & Marketing
Dr. Moustafa Abd El-Alim Saad ClinicHozana StudioOscar StationeryWataneya Production & Packaging of Natural Water & Vegetable Oil
Dr. Moustafa Kamal El-Din Ezz ClinicHuman Capital Capability AcademyOscar SupermarketWatania Dry-Clean
Dr. Ramy Said PharmacyHuman EgyptOsman Pharmacy - Dr. Mohamed OsmanWatania for Elevators
Dr. Samir Shaker Laboratory for Medical AnalsisesHuman Resources CropOsool E.S.B for Securities BrokerageWatania for Tread & Distribution
Dr. Samy Farid PharmacyHumbty DumbtyOsool MediaWatania Textiles Manufacturing; Dyeing & Finishing
Dr.Abd El-Kader Fahmy HospitalHurb Trade for CommerceOssama OpticsWave Trade & Agents
Dr.Adel Aziz Shawky LaboratoryHurghada Tours AgencyOstaz OnlineWavecom INC
Dr.Ahmed El-Said PharmacyHussein Taher ShowroomOstaz Tourstic & Real Estate Development & InvestmentWazayef Masr Newspaper
Dr.Amr El-Kholy Analysis LaboratoryHusseiny GroupOstoura RestaurantWe Are Communications
Dr.Ayman Noshy Dovetailed GlasswareHydrogeen Land Scape & Irrigation NetworksOtrac Heavy EquipmentWedding Magazine
Dr.Eman Alfy PharmacyHydrogreenOTS Digital Communication PlatformWedjat Pharma
Dr.Farouk Ghoraba Foreign Trade Ltd. OrganizationHydrotech Engineering & Technical ServicesOut LetWelcome Tours
Dr.Hassan Soliman Consultancy & Projects ManagementHydroteck Modern Irrigation SystemsOutlines for DecorationsWelder
Dr.Hazem Hassan Gomaa Law OfficeHydrotek For Trade & SuppliesOverseas Duty Free 2Werner Sobck Egypt Ltd.
Dr.Hossam Badawi Office for Engineering ConsultancyHyper Power TechnologyOverseas Int'l Import & ExportWestern Geco
Dr.Hossam Ebeid PharmacyI.B.A Freight ServicesOverseas Int'l Services & FreightWestern Restaurant
Dr.Khaled Reconditioning of Motor Vehicles GlassI.C Group-Int'l Center for ContractingOwn Heliopolis Language SchoolWestland Agro Import & Export
Dr.Laila Arafat HospitalI.D.M TechnologiesOxygen EgyptWhite & Red Trade & Agencies
Dr.M.M.Khamis Accountants & Auditors OfficeI.S.G Commercial AgenciesOxygen Trading & AgenciesWhite Bird Travel
Dr.Mahmoud Fayez HospitalI.T.PP.I.L Egypt Ltd.White House
Dr.Maksoud PharmacyIBerian TradeP.M HouseWhite Oak Int'l Trading
Dr.Moahmed Abd El-Alim Boshnak ClinicIbis Egypt Agri IndustriesP.R.C for Distribution & Restaurants ManagementWhite Orchid
Dr.Moataz El-Shennawy PharmacyIbn El-Walid PharmacyP.Zone Int'lWhite Palace
Dr.Mohamed Ahmed Eweida ClinicIbn Sina BookshopPacha MarketWhite Star Chain
Dr.Mohamed Youssef Cartilaginous Slip Cases ClinicIbn Sina for HousingPacific Int'l TradingWhite Wave
Dr.Mohsen Guirguis Asaad ClinicIbn Sina for Touristic DevelopmentPacific Inter Link Rep. OfficeWhite Westinghouse-Mohamed Nabil
Dr.Ola Pharmacy-Dr.Ola AbdinIbrahim Aboud PharmacyPackaging Int'lWico Egypt
Dr.Omar Fahim CenterIbrahim Abu El-Enein Heavy EquipmentPaco Egypt Packaging FactoryWID Trading; Import; Export & Commercial Agents
Dr.Raafat El-Eryan Centre for Lasec Contact EyelensesIbrahim Kaleila for Import & ExportPalace BookshopWide Import & Export
Dr.Shaker HospitalIca EngineeringPalestine HospitalWinner Technology
Dr.Wagih SedkyIcat for Organizing ExhibtionsPalm Springs Club EgyptWintech Machines & Tooling
Drake & Scull Int'l EgyptIce Home Air ConditionerPan Arab Group for Trading & Industry Ltd.Winter Normandy Cinema
Dream Air-ConditioningIdag Trade & SuppliesPan World Clearing & ForwardingWireless Dynamics
Dream CarIDD Land ScapePan World Travel & TourismWizard Notebook
Dream Investment GroupIDH-Int'lPaneauWockhardt Egypt
Dream ResidenceIDRAKPanorama PharmacyWoods Egypt
Dream Telecom for Communication EquipmentIhab Mounir JewelleryPapimpex for Trading & Commercial AgenciesWoods-Ossama El-Gendy
Dreams Beach VillageImagePapion Rose PastryWorld Freight Center
DS-Concept Factoring GmbHImage T.R.V GroupParadise BookshopWorld GYM Fitness Centers
DTEC for Computers & SystemsImage Water TreatmentParadise Renting CarsWorld of Ostrich Egypt
Dutch NurseryImaging SolutionsParadise Touristic & Real Estate InvestmentWorldwide Trading
Dyar Fine FurnitureIman ServicesParoniceX P
Dynamic for TradeImbt Touristic EstablishmentPassefic Int'l LinesX Pass
Dynamic GroupImbt TradingPatchiX-Comp for Trading & Supplies
Dynamic ImportImhotep Engineering & TradingPaulXervon Egypt
Dynamic Shipping & TradingImpex Int'lPeace TourismXsab Portfolio Management
Dynasty Travel Service & Incentive HouseImpression Importing & ExportingPearl Trade & ContractingXtreme Photography
Dystar Kimya Sanaiya Representation OfficeImpro EgyptPen House for Trading & IndustryY & B Immigration Consultants
E ConstructImtenan Health ShopPenta ElectronicsY Net
E Works SolutionsIn Mac Ltd. ComputerPentagon Egypt Int'l Shipping ServicesYasko Shipping & Trading
E-SquareIncentive House of EgyptPenzo Egypt Trade & DistributionYasser Printing House
E.B TradingInception Advertising & PublicityPerchem MEAYassin Holding for Financial Investments
E.B.C Egypt for Import & ExportInchcape Shipping Services EgyptPerfect for Import & ExportYassir Poultry & Animal Wealth Development
E.G.B MedicalIndomar TradingPerfect Hotels RequisitesYassirco for Poultry Requirement
E.M.C Office StationaryIndomedix EgyptPerformanceYat Computer Services
Eagle Air Conditioners & CoolingIndustrial & Chemical AgenciesPerfumes Commercial CenterYehia El-Sayed Law Office & Legal Advisers
Eagle Electric LiftsIndustrial & Commercial Int'l InstitationPET for Packaging MaterialsYes Int'l
East Int'l Freight ForwardersIndustrial Services CenterPetra Digital SolutionYona Export & Import
East MarineIndustrial Specility LubricantsPetroleum ArrowsYoni Furniture
East Mediteranean GasIndustry & Economic ConsultanciesPetroleum Projects & Technical ConsultationsYosran Trade & Marketing
East Port Said PowerIndustry & Economics ConsultantsPetronics Oil Tools & Electronic ServicesYou & Me
East Trading CorporationIndustry & TradePettar SportYouny Print
East Trading for Import & ExportInfinity Cargo EgyptPfizer Egypt S.A.EYoussef El-Oguiel Cosmetics
East West TravelInformPharaana Import & ExportYoussef Youssef Fahmy Successors
Eastern Tourist Investment & DevelopmentInformation Technology GroupPharaoh Trade Communication NetworksZ Overseas for Guarding & Services
Easy PCInformation Technology Inc.Pharaohs Paper TradingZ Overseas Trading & Services
Ebad El-Hady Education & Computer CenterIngazPharaonic-Raef Ibrahim & Co.Z Tours
Ebad El-Rahman for Development & Real Estate InvestmentInmac LimitedPharma Chem Int'l-Dr.Abd El-Aziz Osama & Co.Z3
Ebad El-Rahman-Mohamed FathyInsit AdvertisingPharma Time for Communication & Public RelationsZacares Egypt
Ebdaa Furniture & DecorationInspiration InteriorsPharmaceutica for Chemicals & PharmceuticalsZad Group
Ebeid House HotelInt'l Advanced BusinessPharmaceutical Egyptian AssociationZafer Int'l Shipping & Logistic Solution
Ebkot for Development & TourismInt'l Book Center-Wafik Hafez & PartnersPharmacy El-Asaal-Dr. Soheir SelimZaghloul Motors
Ebkot Real Estate InvestmentInt'l Building ServicesPharmagin Egypt Pharmaceutical TradingZahabia for Touristic Development
Ebony & Ivory-Mohamed Said & Co.Int'l Business ConsultantPharmagin Import & ExportZaher Amin El-Sawy Office
Ebtsama Specialized HospitalInt'l Cargo Aviation SolutionsPharoahs StyleZahraa Int'l Trade
Ecco PharmInt'l Center for Maintenance & SuppliesPharoas for Contracting & ExportationZahraa land Reclamation-Beshir Ibrahim Shehata & Co.
ECO ServicesInt'l Center for Migrattion Policy DevelopmentPharoes Import & Export-Nasser IbrahimZahret El-Bon El-Barazily
EconometrixInt'l Center for Real Estate DevelopmentPharohotellsZahret El-Hegaz Staff Recruitment Abroad
Ecosystems EgyptInt'l Center for Trading-George Wagih & Co.Pharomina ToursZahret Sinai
ECS PlusInt'l Center Import & ExportPhelopater Public Accountants & Hotels ConsultantsZaitia Marketing
Ecu Line Egypt Ltd.Int'l Chemicals & Paints S.A.EPhilip GeorgeZaitoun Trading
Edeco CarsInt'l Clearance OfficePhilo Trade Enterprise-Gamal Shoukry Barsoum & Co.Zakaria for Import, Export & Co.
Edge AdvertisingInt'l Commercial ActivitiesPhoebusZaki Opticians
Edge Industrial ConstructionInt'l Commercial ActivitiesPhoenix Freight ServicesZaki Pharmacy
Edge-Pro for Information SystemsInt'l Consultancies CenterPhoto Screen EgyptZamzam Sounds & Visions
Edimex for Trade Agencies & ImportInt'l Consultancies Center-Ehab El-FekyPhoto WahbaZango
Edko Petroleum Consultant & ServicesInt'l Contracting & TradingPhysiotherapy Medical Center-Dr. Raouf KamelZanmar Est. Ltd.
Edrac GroupInt'l Data SystemPico LogisticsZas Aviation Service
Edu System Int'lInt'l Design StudioPingo ShoesZawbaa Contracting & Trading
Edward Garas Yani Accounting OfficeInt'l Development & InvestmentPioneer Computer SystemsZayad Investment & Trade
EfakInt'l Drug Agency Pharmaceuticals IndustryPioneer LimousineZayed Bookshoop
EG MODA LLCInt'l Electrostatic PaintsPioneers EgyptZeinth
Egapi SolutionsInt'l EngineeringPioneers Holding for Financial InvestmentZeiny Center Languages & Translation
EgicsInt'l Engineering & Petroleum ProjectsPixelsZeitoun Supermarket
Egy France Wood CorporationInt'l Engineering DevelopmentPlafondZekry Pharmacy-Dr. Heba Sayed
Egy Land for Import & ExportInt'l Engineering DevelopmentPlanet AfricaZhone Technologics
Egy PetInt'l Engineering-Nesrine FayedPlanning & urban Development Advisory officeZikry afier Pharmacy
Egy Trade Ltd.Int'l Environmental TechnologyPlastica-Adel El-Barbary & Co.Ziyad Import & Export Establishment
Egy WebInt'l EtakPlastics Engineering & ConsultingZodiak
Egy-Chem for Lab TechnologyInt'l Export CentrePlatino MisrZomauroda Restaurant
Egybel Trading & DistributionInt'l Flex TradePlatinum PartnersZoser Tours
Egycopharm for PharmaceuticalsInt'l Food Industries GroupPlato Restaurant

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