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Worldwide Company Directory / Egypt / 6 th of October / 6th of October,6th of October /

Premium Suppliers

El-Gammal for Paints, Chemical Industries & Spray Products

Other Suppliers

3M & A Electric SuppliesEgyptian British Garments IndustryHiteknofal SolutionsOmarco for Engineering Industries
6 October Milling & MarketingEgyptian CanningHoda PlasticOmda for Car Renting
6 October Tame Animals Veterinary ClinicEgyptian Cars Air Conditioning & RadiatorHolw El-Sham for Powder & Light Foodstuffs IndustriesOptmyz Lenses Industries
6th October Factory for Pipes IndustryEgyptian ChemicalsHome Care Chemical IndustriesOrient Pharmaceuticals & Biologicals
6th of October Components FactoryEgyptian Cinematic WorksHorticultural Exports Improvement AssociationOroba Investment
6th of October Food IndustriesEgyptian Cold Storage IndustriesHosary Housing & Real Estate DevelopmentOverseas Food Products-Moustafa Taher El-Koueri & Co.
6th of October Industrial DetergentsEgyptian Concrete & EngineeringHot Line Cosmetics & PerfumesOverseas Technology Int'l-Atef Naiem Anton & Co
6th of October PlastEgyptian Contracting & Marble Works OfficeHourous Energy SystemsP.T.S.Egypt
6th of October University HospitalEgyptian Danish Project ManagementHous WearPacman Egypt
A.B.D Electric & Mechanic SystemsEgyptian Electric & Technology IndustriesHuman Resources DevelopmentPalama Village
A.T.A Int'lEgyptian Electronic Design & ManufacturingHussein for Marble, Granite & Mosaic Tiles-Hassan Hussein MohamedPan Gulf Plastics
Aal Refaei Reinforced IronEgyptian Electronics TechnologyIcopack for Packaging Materials & PrintingPanegypt for Import & Export
Abd El-Aatty Steel PipesEgyptian Engineer for Real-Estate InvestmentImagePanorama Plastic Factory & Buttons- Mohamed Mohamed Salem & Co.
Abd El-Hady Macaroni FactoryEgyptian EngineeringIndependent for IndustryPearl Glass
Abou El-Ezz PharmacyEgyptian Engineering IndustriesIndustrial Development GroupPearl Glass Manufacturing
Abou El-Nomress for Plastic WorksEgyptian Engineering-Ibrahim Adel Hassan & Co.Industrial Video Cassette CenterPearl Investment
Aboud El-Beldawy U Teck Corniches IndustryEgyptian European for IndustrialInex DesignsPeta Building Materials
Abu El-Ela TilesEgyptian European Packaging & WrappingInsecticide Raticid TechincalPeta Trade & Services
Abu Youssef Engineering IndustriesEgyptian for Elite IndustrialsInt'l Academy for Engineering & Media SciencePeta Tranning Center
Accounting & Legal Consultants Experts HouseEgyptian for Establishment & Habitation-Moustafa BoraiInt'l Air ToolsPetro Kima-Eng.Samy Aman & Co.
Advanced Chemicals & TechnologyEgyptian For Food Industries-EDCInt'l AlloysPetrotech for Industries Engineering
Advanced Global IndustriesEgyptian for Foodstuffs Industries & Meat ProductsInt'l BagPetty House Carbentery & Decoration Accessories
Advanced Smart CardEgyptian for Plastic IndustryInt'l Biomedical Engineering TechnologiesPharaohs Metal Turning
AF AutomotivesEgyptian for Press RollersInt'l Business CorporationPharaohs of Six October
Afaf for Wood Industry & TradeEgyptian for Printing Cylinders Coats ManufacturingInt'l Center Trade & Industrial Security & FirePharma Care
Agnaden ShippingEgyptian for Techno SystemsInt'l Chemical IndustriesPharma Pack
Ahram Canadian UniversityEgyptian Foundation for IndustryInt'l Developed IndustriesPharoanic Metal Industries
Ahram Industry & CommerceEgyptian French Engineering Industries-EgfrInt'l Development of Spinning & Weaving IndustryPino Meroni for Wood & Metal Industries
Ahram Malt IndustryEgyptian German Air TreatmentInt'l Egyptian Factory for Pulse & Agricultural CropsPioneers Contractors & Supplies
Ahram Manufacturing Distributing AluminiumEgyptian German AutomotiveInt'l Electric ProductsPioneers Manufacturing & Trading
Ahram Trade & IndustryEgyptian German Electric SystemsInt'l ElectronicsPlast 2000 Industry & Trade
Air Systems Products CorporationEgyptian German for Plastic-Sherif Mahmoud & Co.Int'l ElectronicsPorta Egypt for Packaging Materials
Akhbar El-Yom AcademyEgyptian German Wire HarnessInt'l Engineering Union-Eng.Yehia El-Shazly & PartnersPoulitec for Poultry & Agricultural Projects
Akhbar El-Yom OrganizationEgyptian Group for Trade & InvestmentInt'l Engineering WorksPower Egypt Import & Export
Akhbar El-Youm Services ComplexEgyptian Gulf Foodstuff Industries-ArabiaInt'l Food & Complementary IndustriesPracticioners Wood & Furniture Manufacturing
Aksaa 6th October Plastic Manufacturing & PrintingEgyptian Home AppliancesInt'l Food IndustriesPremier Casing Service-Egypt
Akzo Nobel Powder CoatingsEgyptian Industrial DevelopmentInt'l for Developed IndustryPrima Elios for Electrical Industries
Al-Agawany ChemicalsEgyptian Infancy AssociationInt'l for Engineering Industries & Air ConditionersPrince Furniture
Al-Amin for PipesEgyptian Int'l Agricultural & ChemicalsInt'l for Food IndustryPrince Textile Industry
Al-Babtain Power & Telecommiunication-EgyptEgyptian Int'l for Aluminium Profiles S.A.EInt'l for Leather IndustriesPrinted Circuits Boards Egypt
Al-Bardi Paper MillEgyptian Int'l for Cooking EquipmentInt'l for Modern Food IndustriesProcter & Gamble Egypt Ltd.
Al-Burhan Manufacturing & Trading Ltd.Egyptian Int'l for TradeInt'l for Motor Vehicles Manufacturing & AssemblyPromise Technology
Al-Hafez IndustryEgyptian Int'l Grinding ManufacturingInt'l For Paper Products & Packing MaterialsPropaganda Arabia
Al-Higaz Trading-Morsi Ahmed Morsi & Co.Egyptian Int'l Industry & TradeInt'l for Plastics & Elcetric-Fouad El-Gezawy & Co.Protection Contracting & Designing
Al-Hussein Int'lEgyptian Int'l Mill IndustriesInt'l for Processing Grain ProductsPyramids for Import, Export & Contracting
Al-Manar Motor Vehicles Liquids & Spare Parts ManufacturingEgyptian Lebanese Marble & GraniteInt'l for Trading & ProjectPyramids for Metallic Work
Al-Mohandes Wassit & Real Easte FinancingEgyptian Light IndustriesInt'l for Water Technology & EnvironmentPyramids Machine Fabrication
Al-Mostkbl I.T.Egyptian Manufacturing Dried Confectionery & ChocolateInt'l Group for IndustryPyramids Paper Mills
Al-Pharonia Al-Motaheda for Medical ProductsEgyptian Marble IndustryInt'l Home AppliancesQuality Foods
Al-Raed Jet Master For IndustriesEgyptian Meat Processing & PackingInt'l Industrial CompoundsQuality; Environment; Management & Training Consultant
Alalamya Group Gulf & Arab ServicesEgyptian Metal & Wood Manufacturing-Moustafa BoraiInt'l Industry & PackagingQualy Pack
Alameya Wooden Equipment ManufacturingEgyptian Metal & Wooden IndustriesInt'l Instruments IndustriesQueens for Foodstuffs Industries
Alamia for PlasticEgyptian Metal FormingInt'l Marble & Granite IndustryRaa Tours-Magdy Abd El-Rahman Ahmed
Alamia Inks & Computer AccessoriesEgyptian Millers MillsInt'l Marble & Granite IndustryRadio Tharwat
Alamia Modern IndustriesEgyptian Paper & Plastic ProductsInt'l Marble & Granite-Ahmed Mohamed Eissa & Co.Rafeeden Mills & Pastry
Alamya Group Cammercial Consultancies & ServicesEgyptian Paper PreparationInt'l Modern ForgingRafik Electric
Albasent for Import & SuppliesEgyptian Parquet ProductionInt'l MotorsRaga Plast Factory
Alexandria for Import & Export MetalEgyptian Pastries Snacks IndustryInt'l P.V.C ProductionRam for Engineering & Industry
Alexandria Glass & Wood ManufacturingEgyptian Pioneer Language SchoolsInt'l Paper ManufacturingRamatan for P.V.C Products
Alfa Group for Industrial Development S.A.EEgyptian Publishing House & InvestmentInt'l PlastRamco Cairo Marble & Granite
Alfa Leather Goods-Maged Hosny & Co.Egyptian Ready Made Garments IndustryInt'l Ready-Made GarmentsRamco Import & Export
Alfa MechanicsEgyptian Refrigeration & Air Conditioning IndustriesInt'l Trade & ContractingRamses Pumps
Alfa Paper ConvertingEgyptian Rubber IndustriesInt'l Trade & TechnologyRamw Information Technolgy
Alfa Paper Trading Ltd.Egyptian Satellites ChannelsInt'l Trading Center for Industry & InvestmentRashed Mohamed Alam Sons
Ali El-Deen GroupEgyptian Saudi Chocolate Lebonan & ConfectioneryIntegrated South GroupRaya Contact Center
Ali Hassan Ready-Made GarmentsEgyptian Saudi Dar for Ceilings & Rolling ShutterIntegrated Storage SystemsRayhana
Allam Feed MillEgyptian Solar Energy SystemsInter Cairo Industry & TradeRed Sea Pipes Industry & Its Fitting
Allam for Medical RequisitesEgyptian Spanish Metal TechnologyIntronix for IndustriesRed Sea Plastic Pipes
Allam for Veterinary RequisitiesEgyptian SpongeIso PlastReedy Home
Allied for Chemicals & AdhesivesEgyptian Swiss CartonJam Pack Packaging & Wrapping Materials ManufactringRegel Pneumatic
Almohandes Int'lEgyptian Swiss Chemical IndustriesJohnson & Johnson Egypt S.A.ERenaissance 6th October
AlmotahajibaEgyptian Swiss for Industry & TradingJordan Egyptian Housing & Real Estate InvestmentResidence Accounting, Real Estate Brokerage & Valuation
Alnajim for Industry & InvestmentEgyptian Swiss MaintenanceJuhayna Food IndustriesRexam Beverage Can Egypt
Alpha Contracting & TradingEgyptian Textile & Ready-Made GarmentsKadisia Packaging & Wrapping MaterialsRocky Four
Alpha FeedEgyptian Textile AgenciesKareem for Industry, Trade & DistributionRolling for Petroleum Products
Alpha G for Metal FormingEgyptian Textile Raw Materials & Industry Requisites -Ghanem El-Boghdady & Co.Karimco Metal ForgingRonex Misr
Alpha MechanicsEgyptian, German & ManufacturingKarnak Board Playwood & Processed WoodRotogravure for Industrial Investment
Alpha Media & Information MarketingEgyptico 2Kashef Center for Cars & Mechanical Equipment MaintenanceRoyal Health
Alpha Omega Egypt Clothing Manufacturing S.A.E-Private Free ZoneEgywear & CarterKato Jams & JuicesRoyal Int'l Language Schools
Alpine Oil Services-EgyptEin HebeishKato Prestige CosmeticsRug Art for Textile Industries
Altarek Marketing & Real Estate ServicesEkhlasKawthar Suspended Ceiling FactorySaco Farm Veterinary Preparations
Altra Group for Industrial DevelopmentEkhlas Import & ExportKazareen TextileSafa & El-Marwa Tools & Equipment
Alufok Information SystemsEl-Abd IndustrialKazrouni IndustriesSafa Building Materials Trading-Moustafa Mansour Mohamed
Aluminium Chemical Misr J.S.El-Abyad FurnitureKemet for Natural FoodSafa Paints & Chemical Industries
Aluminium Machines & Requisites CenterEl-Amin GelatineKenza ChemicalsSafwat Institution Trade
Alyasmine Green LandEl-Batal Metal WorkingKerifield MisrSakr El-Zahaby for Developed Industries-Yassin Sayed Ahmed & Co.
Alyasmine Int'l for Trade & ContractingEl-Dar Al-Arabia Industrial & Managerial DevelopmentKhaled Badawy Import & ExportSalam Chemical Industry Factory
Alyeseous FarmEl-Dar El-Misrya Printing & WrappingKhalel Metal Engineering IndustriesSalam El-Nokrashy Building Materials
Amaco Aluminium SystemsEl-Eman Electric IndustrialKhattab Copier-Nehad Abd El-Fattah Ali Ahmed Khattab & PartnersSalam Metal & Building Materials Trading
Aman Auto GlassEl-Erkesocy Electric WiresKheder Engineering for Metal WorksSalam Plastic Products
Aman AutoglassEl-Fateh-Mohamed Abd El-Monein Abd El-HadyKhodeir Export & ImportSalam Rubber & Plastic Products
Amana Contracting & Wood ManufacturingEl-Haggar IndustryKhodeir PacSalam-Iron Trading
Amco IndustryEl-Hedaia for Investment & Real Estate DevelopmentKhodeir Trade & ContractingSalis Information Technology Services
Amer MotorsEl-Hosary AssociationKholy for Spinning, Textiles & Tricot IndustrySama Automatic Doors
American Inc. ManufacturingEl-Mahba & El-SalamKing Plastic FactorySamaha Factory for Plastic
Amin Pipes Industry & Plastic ProductsEl-Marwa Food IndustriesKing Tout Factory for Garment ManufacturingSambo Metals for Cold Finshed Bars
Amira Wood ManufacturingEl-Maseya Real Estate InvestmentKishco Khodeir Paper MillSamertex Children Clothing
Amlak Real Estate Investment & Marketing-S.A.EEl-Masreya DairyKishk Marketing & Real Estate InvestmentSamia Chemicals Manufacturing
Ammar for Engineering & Medical EquipmentEl-Masrya for Electronic IndustriesKuwaiti Trade & Real Estate InvestmentSamih Plastics
Ammar Tyres & BatteriesEl-Massria for Manufacturing & DevelopmentLa Reine Food IndustriesSamir Philip & Co.
Antree ModernEl-Mohandes for Consulting & TradingLaser ClickSamma Leather Industries
Apico Plastic IndustriesEl-Motahedon Cardboard Industry & Packaging RequisitesLeadar for Modern Chemicals & ContractingSan George Factory for Polyester Yarns
Aqsa Trade & AgenciesEl-Motamez for Real EstateLeader Modern Chemicals & ContractingSan Mark Factory
Aqua CycleEl-Radwa SchoolsLegend Group AdvertisingSanabel Electronic Industries
Aqua Misr for Manufacturer of Water Destlination MachinesEl-Radwan for IndustryLegent Training CourseSanden Intercool Egypt
AR Print HouseEl-Rashidi El-Mizan ConfectioneryLeicester Knitting Factory MachineSantos Ready-Made Garments
Arab Automotive Industry-A.M.I.SEl-Rehab for Trade, Import & ExportLife Care Surgical InstrumentsSarhan Industries
Arab Chemical IndustriesEl-Sadik United for Trade & Foodstuff DistributionLight FoodSaudia Advertising & Tourism Agency
Arab Development & ManufacturingEl-Sewedy for Engineering IndustriesLion Ink-Mohamed Sayed El-SenousySchoco Int'l
Arab Disinfection ActivitiesEl-Sherif Factroy for PolyuretheneLiptis Egypt for Pharmaceutical ProductsSCIB Chemicals S.A.E
Arab Egyptian Electrical IndustriesEl-Wafaa for Building Materials & ContractingLord-Khedr Saad El-DinScientific Group for Accounting
Arab Electric IndustriesEl-Zaem Int'l Trade & SuppliesLotus for Paper ProductsScientific Institution Computers
Arab for Building MaterialsElbadr for Machines & EquipmentsLotus Group-Yasser Atteya & CO.Scientific Office Engineering Services
Arab for Computer Services & Cars TradingElctrostaticLotus Industrial EstablishmentSeba Trading
Arab for Electrical & Engineering ProductsElector OctoberLotus Investment & Real Estate DevelopmentSedars Plastic & Metal Working
Arab Industrial-Amira for SocksElectric Cables HarnessLuna Cosmetics FactorySedik Motor Cars Electricity
Arab Int'l CenterElectrical, Mechanical WorkingsLuna for Flavors & FragrancesSedody Ind. Services
Arab Italain for Foods IndustriesElectro Mechanical EngineeringLuna for Perfumes & Cosmetics IndustrySelehdar Fiber Factory
Arab Mattresses Springs & SponagesElectrolabM G Stone Marble & GraniteSemsema Takeaway
Arab Medical PackagingElectrostar for Engineering IndustrialM.G Paper ProductsSenioritta Light Food Industries
Arab Union Contracting & Real Estate InvestmentElectrostar for Plastic IndustriesMaadi Advanced IndustriesSenouhi for Building Materials
Arabia Food ReparartionsElfath Food IndustryMaadi Modern GroupServier Egypt Industries Ltd.
Arabia for Media BroadcastingElheba EngineeringMaba Agriculture & Land ReclamationSetal Paints & Chemicals
Arabia for The Production of Insulating MaterialEliman IndustrialMaba Mines Ltd.Sewedy 2000
Arabia Metal ManufacturingElmasria for Import, Export Manufacturing & DevelopmentMagdy William Factory for Metallic Luffa & Wire DrawingSewedy Electrometer Egypt
Arabia Metal TurningElrowad for Education TechnologiesMagic CenterShaheen Cafe
Arabia Packaging SystemsElwafa Egyptian Industries Ltd.Magic Computer-Hesham Salama & Co.Shahir Tiles
Arabia Stationary Tools ManufacturingEman Plastic FactoryMahmoud Salama for Industrial ProductsShaimaa Alumital
Arabia Woods & Building MaterialsEman Transportation & Winches RentingMakka Construction & DevelopmentShaker Tools-Ahmed Shaker Ahmed
Arabian Engineering IndustriesEnani for FoodstuffMalek TextileSham Rock Corporation
Arabian Food IndustriesEnfrad Al-Sanie Al-MaherMaleka Motor VehicleShama Maritime Industries
Aramco EgyptEng.Hossam for Light IndustriesManar for ManufacturingShams Import & Export-Ahmed Mamdouh Ahmed Helmey
Arc en CielEngaz Int'l TradingManar OpticsShamy for Assembling & Preparing of Scales
Archi DesignEngineering Cars Boxes Industry & MaintenanceManar Plastic-Eng. Mohamed El-SayedShark for Trade & Industry
Aref Brothers TradingEngineering Center for Exhaust Systems Services- Tarek Abu El-YazidMansoura Turning ServicesShark Trading & General Supplying
Armet Egypt Paints & DecorationEngineering Fine IndustriesMansoury Building MaterialsShehab Motor Cars
Armet Egypt Trading & ContractorsEngineering for Automotive ManufacturingMarble Technology & ToolsSherine Plastic Products Industry
Aroma LabsEngineering for Exhaust Systems-Abou El-Yazzeed GroupMaren Engineering IndustriesShifa Medical Products
Art Nouveau Wooden IndustriesEngineering for Food Stuffs MixersMarina for Metal IndustryShoepedic Industry & Distribution
Art PlasticEngineering for IndustriesMarine Engineering IndustriesShorouk Building Materials Trading
Arts Construction Materials CenterEngineering Group Furniture & DecorationMasreya for ContainersShort Leather Products
Asala Wooden IndustriesEngineering House for Consultancies & Urban ProjectsMasreya Manufacturing GroupShotmed Paper Industries
Ashrakat for Industrial InvestmentEngineering Mansy Office Medicines BottlesMasreya Ready-Made GarmentsShoura Development & Land Reclamation
Association of Local Society DevelopmentEngineering Metal WorksMasria Pipes IndustryShrouk Specilized Trade & Chemicals
Assrea PrintEngineering Metal WorksMasriya 2000Shunbo Glass
Aswan Granite-Magdy Mohamed Mokhtar & Co.Engineering Plastics ManufacturingMasry Electronics IndustriesSidasa Egypt Fertilizers, Insecticides & Chemicals
Auto Egypt CenterEngineering WorksMass Food Int'lSigma Pumps
Auto House for Import & ExportEngineering Workshop for Contracting & Metal IndustriesMass for Trading & IndustrySilica Tiles-Mansour Amer
Auto MisrEnvironmental Touristic Center-HorselandMassoud Mineral Oils & FatsSilk in Silk
Autotek ValvesEr-Lac Egypt Manufacturing of Paints & ChemicalsMasterbed Manufacturing S.A.ESina Rubber
Awael-Hassan Abd El-Moneim HassanEra Iwan Real EstateMastra AgricultureSinai Hotels Requisites
Awan ElwardEspack Egypt for PackingMawad Trade & Contracting Ltd.Sippa Misr
B.M.A Design & IndustryEsraa Real Estate Development-Esraa ComplexMaxima Chemicals Trade & DistributionSix October Paints & Chemicals S.A.E
Babtain Leblanc Egypt for Telecom EngineeringEssam Qenawi FactoryMecca Aluminium Kitchen & Industrial MarbleSix of October University
Baby John FactoryEstacoza Sea Food RestaurantsMecca El-Mokarama Spinning & WeavingSixth October City Social Charity Association
Bahga Integrated ServicesEtaco Advanced IndustriesMedco PlastSixth October Cold Store
Baisch EgyptEthad for Dyeing & Processing-Magdy Mohamed Mohamed Gomaa & Co.Mega T.VSixth October Customs Storage
Bakry WoodEtisalat MisrMekawy for Grains & Cereals GrindingSixth October for Metallurgical Industries
Ban Trade & IndustryEuropean AmpoulesMekka Building Materials Manufacturing TradingSixth October Light Sections
Basmala Trading & ChemicalEverest Egypt IndustrialMelody Digital MediaSixth October Novotel Hotel
Bassiouny Brothers Foodstuff IndustriesEvrest General SuppliesMelouk for Chemicals-Yasser & Mohamed Saad Hamdallah & Co.Sixth October Storing & Distrbution
Bautex MisrEzz El-Din Maghraby High Preasure Supplies IndustryMervo MedicalSixth of October City Development
Bavarian Auto ManufacturingEzzat Hanna SalibMetallic BuildingSixth of October for Industry
Bedour Real Estate DevelopmentFakhry Building Materials-Emad Fakhry & Co.Metallurgical & Construction Chemicals ExpertiseSixth of October Investors Association
Beefy/ Mohandes National Meat ProcessingFamily Food IndustriesMetra ComputerSmall Industries & Local Community Development Association in Six of October City
Bella Moda EgyptFamily for Engineering IndustriesMicalk Metal ConstructionsSmart Communications
Best Dragon for MotorcyclesFarid Attia PrinthouseMiddle EastSmart Modern Furniture
Best MediaFarm Cheese Sixth of October Dairy Products & Food StuffsMiddle East Engineering & TelecommunicationsSmart Perfumes & Cosmetics
Betek Egypt for Paints & Chemical IndustryFarouk Tantawy & Co. IndustryMiddle East for Packaging Industries-Hossam El-Din Moustafa & Co.Societe Egyptienne de Vetements et Lingerie
Bio Pharma EgyptFath El-Mobeen Plastic FactoryMiddle East Industry & InvestmentSons for Industrial Development & Commercial Investment
Biopharm for Scientific Research & Drug IndustryFath Housing & ReconstructionMiddle East Institution Industrial & Medical GasesSouth Egypt Drug Industries
Black Forest for Confectionery IndustryFath Industrial EngineeringMiddle East Metal IndustriesSoya October for Feed & Feed Concenteates
Blue Air for Air ConditionersFath Metals WorkingMiddle East PlasticsSpecialist Office for Contracting
Blue TextileFath PressMiddle East Printing & PackagingSpecialized Air Compressors
Blue Textile Preparing Cloth & TextilesFatix ImportingMiddle East Services OfficeSpeed-Hatem Zahran
Bohemian CrystalFaysalia Complex Small IndustriesMikado for Garments Dyeing & PrintingSphere Plastic & Metal Industry
Boraq Electronic IndustriesFeeding Industries ManufacturingMimar Designing & ManufacturingSphinx for Wood & Funiture
Boriny Warehouse for Building MaterialsFercon Wairing Systems & Circuits S.A.EMisr Aromatic ProductsStandard Industrial
BourhanFine Art Architecture & EngineeringMisr Chemicals, Plastic & EquipmentStar for Autofeeding Industries
BP PharmaFlare StyleMisr Control PanelsStar Industrial Factories
Brothers Cardboard BoxesFlash Pack Egypt for Cardboard IndustryMisr El-Arabia for Training & ConsultancyStarchem Industrial Chemicals
Cairo Agricultural Development-Mokhtar Abd El-Wahab&co.Flexo Graph EgyptMisr El-Hegaz Development & Real Estate InvestmentStars Group for Hotel & Super Markets
Cairo Aswan Marble & GraniteFlour Land MillsMisr Electric InsulatorsSteel Products Specialized Factory
Cairo FoamFlurida Marble & GraniteMisr for Fire Fighting & Industrial SecurityStyle Team for Lighting
Cairo Food Industries S.A.EFoam HouseMisr for Food DevelopmentStyle Team-Dr.Magdy Abd El-Moneim & Co.
Cairo for Cartoon ManufacturingFood & Fine Pastries ManufacturingMisr for Packaging Materials IndustrySuez Canal for Technology Settling
Cairo for PlasticFood Basket Food IndustriesMisr Measurement & ControlSuper Pack for Manufacturing Packing Machiner
Cairo Packing & Wrapping MaterialsFood House Food IndustryMisr Metal Formation-Kabnoury 2000Suzuki Egypt
Cairo TeaForsan DreamlandMisr October for Food IndustriesSuzuki Trading
Canal PlasticsFradco EngineeringMisr October for Real Estate InvestmentSwiss Confectionery Processing
Candle Store IndustryFrank Noe Egypt Ltd.Misr October IndutsrialSwissColor Trading & Distribution
Capital Lights-El-Sehimy & PartnersFranke Kitchen Systems EgyptMisr RotogravureSwitch Int'l
Carmen Tissue MillFrench for Edible IndustriesMisr RynoSystem Egypt
CarnavalFresh CoolMisr Salam Knitting & FinishingTag El-Melouk Food Industries
Cateco for Electrical IndustriesFridal-F.Tarek Abou Bakr & Co.Misr Trade & SuppliesTaghleef Industries
Centra for Electronic IndustriesFutura Labs Int'l S.A.EMisr University for Science & TechnologyTamara Cosmetics
Ceramica VeneziaFuture Pipe IndustriesMisr Woods & TradeTanta Turning & Gears
Cesam EngineeringGabso for Industry & TradeMisreya Industry & DevelopmentTarget Group Ltd.
Cesam Food ProcessingGallop Enterprises Furniture-EgyptModern BakeriesTasneem Flowers
Chef Sea FoodGamgooum Int'l CenterModern Building Materials ManufacturingTawheed Factory for Cables & Electric Tools
Chemicals for Modern Building 6th of OctoberGammatech for Medical IndustriesModern Carpentry Art FactoryTayar Plastic & Rubber Industries
Chemicals Group-Eng.Youssef Salah El-MogiGawhara for Chemical Industries & TradeModern CartonTechnical Center Electric Grills
Chemipharm Pharmaceutical IndustriesGazelle Envelopes ManufacturersModern Coatings & ChemicalsTechnical Factory for Switch Boards & Lighting Units
Chevron Egypt OilGBG for Food IndustriesModern Electric ProductsTechnical Metal Products Factory
Chimi ArtGeddawi for Metal WorkingModern General for Electric Tools & CablesTechnical Office Designs
Chipsy Food IndustriesGeel 2000 Lunguage School'sModern Iron & Metal TradingTechnical Projects
Cimenta Cement ProductsGehad Kerbs & TilesModern Marble & GraniteTechnical Scales Industry
City PharmaGem Garment Trading & IndustrialModern Metal WorkingTechnical Workshop Motor Vehicle Tinsmithing
Classic Food IndustriesGemini Ready Made Garments/Ziad Gaballah & Co.Modern Metallic Constructions & MechanicsTechno Plast for Plastic Industries
Cleopatra Plastic FactoryGenedy GarmentsModern Pac Cardboard Boxes ManufacturingTechno Power for Power & Control Systems
Closures Systems Int'l EgyptGeneral CylindersModern PackTechno Print
Comex EngineeringGeneral HydraulicModern Paints & Chemical Products- Ahmed Osman & Co.Techno Steel
Comex IndustrialGeneral Lithograph EgyptModern Soaps & Detergents ManufacturingTechno Taste-Kamel & Wagih Hamouda Moursi
Commercial Motors Car RequisitesGeneral Mining & Mineral IndustriesModern TalTechnology for Chemical Industries S.A.E
Concrete Contracting & Real Estate MarketingGeneral Motors Egypt S.A.EModerna for Modern FurnitureTenth of Ramadan Pharmaceuticals Industries & Diagnostic Reagents
Concrete for Ready-Made GarmentsGerman Adhesive PaperModinal Metal FurnitureThe Egyptian Satellite
Consultant Center for Systems & ConsultanciesGerman Egyptian Manufacturing MaterialsMohamed Abdallah Hydraulic ServicesThe Rocks Egypt Ice Processing
Consultants Group for Accounting WorksGharbeya Data & TelephonesMohamed Ahmed Daoud & Co. for Engineering & Industrial InvestmentsTho El-Norain Import & Export
Convert EgyptGihad PastryMohamed Ahmed Daoud Electric & Mechanical IndustriesTiba American Schools
Cross Countries for Manufacturing & TradingGimpex Audiovisual CommunicationMohandes Building MaterialsTiba for Integrated Industries
Cuff & CollarGivaudan EgyptMohandes CeramicTiba Trade & Distribution
Curtains HouseGiza Cables IndustryMohandes Development & Projects ManagementTop Technology Electornics & Electeric Equipment
D D A AdvertisingGiza Fertilizers IndustryMokhtar Contracting & Trading GroupTorbedo Factory
D.O.K for Glass IndustriesGiza FoodMolvino Misr Electrical ArticlesTotal Engineering
Dahab Mills & Foodstuffs IndustriesGiza Marble & GraniteMonshaet 6October & maintenance of central air conditioning-Mohamed MahmoudTotal Fitness
Dahry for IndustryGiza Metal Industries-Mohamed Rafik Abd El-Fattah & Co.Moslem Young Women Association-Dar El-Amin, El-Aoda & EL-ZahraaToucan
Dan Shield Industry & Projects Construction & ChemicalsGiza National Dairy ProductsMotaheda for Modern Wood ManufacturingTouch Green Agricultural Works
Dar AlFouad HospitalGiza Paints & Chemical IndustriesMotaheda Printing of Packaing & Wrapping MaterialsTouny Elevator
Dar Alweaam StationeriesGiza Plastics S.A.EMoukhtar Investment & Touristic Services-Ahmed Moukhtar Metwaly Sharaf El-Din & Co.TPG Printing Chemicals
Dar El-EmaraGiza Projects & Security SystemsMourshedy MallTri-Man
Dar El-Riyada Pedagogic Development & Educational ServicesGiza Seeds & Herbs S.A.E.Moustafa Real Estate InvestmentTriple Manufacturing Equipment
Dar El-Salam Printing HouseGlobal Business Network Ltd.Movenpick Hotel Media Production CityTyres & Batteries Service Center
Dar Leilet El-KadrGlobal For Food IndustiesMultivita Animal NutritionUltra Lighting Equipment & Furniture Industry
Dardiry GlassGlobal Napi PharmaceuticalsNagah Mechanical TilesUnilever Mashreq Personal Care
Dawlia Metal Treatment & PlatingGlobal Tronics for Electronics S.A.ENahdet Misr Electric IndustriesUnion for Packaging Materials
Deema Packaging & Packaging MaterialsGlobe Pack Paper ConvertingNasr Workshop TurneryUnion Perfumery ; Aromatic & Cosmetics
Delta for Textile IndustryGMC Engineering & Feeding IndustriesNasrallah Plastic MouldsUnipak Nile Ltd.
Delta Language SchoolsGMC Group for Feeding IndustriesNational Bag S.A.EUnited Building Materials
Delta PlastGMC Int'l Steel IndustriesNational Chemical IndustriesUnited Colors of Cotton
Delta Plast Packaging-Nabil Atta Allah & Co.Gold SkyNational Electric TechnologyUnited Construction Materials Trade
Delta Spice LandGolden FoodsNational Engineering EstablishmentUnited Dairy Production
Diaa Import & ExportGolden HawkNational EquipmentUnited Food Industries-Shenouda Lamie Shenouda
Diaa Islamic Packing & Corrugated Carton Ind.Golden Packing Rice Hulling & PackagingNational Freight & Export ServicesUnited for Bags Production
Diaa Land Reclamation & Desert CultivationGolden State Food EgyptNational Industry & TradingUnited for Foodstuff
Diamond Food IndustriesGoldi Services Center Dr.Ahmed Bahgat & Co.National Perfumes & Cosmetic ManufacturingUnited for Packaging
Diamond for Trading & AgenciesGones for Erection & ContractorsNational Steel FabricationUnited Group Contractings & Real Estate Investment
Dima Engineering Contracting & DesigsGood ShootNefeidy Tyres RetreadingUnited Italian Syrian for Cosmetics
Dimension Projects & FurnitureGrand MotorsNemr Factory for CarpetsUnited Mechanical Industries
Dream ChannelsGreen Art Locations DesigningNemr Plastic FactoryUnited Nasser Foodstuffs Manufacturing & Trading
Dream Cinema ComplexGreen Dessert fo Technology of Water, Enviroment, Land Reclmation & Trans PlantationNestle EgyptUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Dream Home Development & InvestmentGreen for Modern AgricultureNew Auto ProfilUnited Paints & Chemicals
Dream Int'l SchoolsGreen Line Packaging & ProductionNew BatMan Printing InstitutionUnited Real Estate Marketing
Dream Land Real Estate MarketingGreen TechNew Global Garments IndustryUnited Steel Mills Trading
Dream ShopGuindy for Advanced IndustriesNew QueenUniversal for Cellulose Products
Dream Trade & MarketingGulf ManufacturersNew Tarmeed Int'lUniversal for Engineering Industries
Dreamland Amusement ParkHabak Engine Maintenance & Electric GeneratorsNew TechnoplastUniversal Gas Cookers
Dreamland MarketsHacon Metal IndustriesNew Willes Tricot-Samir Nounou & PartnersUniversal Hotel Supplies
Dreamland Modern Conference & ExhibitionHaffar High Pressure Hoses ManufacturingNew Wood Egypt-Nazeer Wahba & Co.Universal Industry
Dreamland Pyramids for GolfHagan Perfumes & Cosmetics-Wael Rashed & Co.Nile Aluminium & MetalsUnivest
Dreamland Pyramids for SportsHagg Helmy Salman Trading & AgenciesNile Factory for CartonUnivest Group-Aboud Kamel & Co.
Dreamland Real Estate DevelopmentHagg Metwaly Contracting, Finishings & Real Estate MarketingNile Manufacturing TanksVenecia
DV Gate Digital PrintingHaidylena Medical EgyptNile Marbella Marble & GraniteVironia
E.T Electric TradingHamenz German Technological IndustriesNile Radio ProductionWadi El-Melouk for Milling & Related Industries
Eagle PolymersHammam Industries & Co.Nissan Motors Egypt S.A.EWadi El-Nakheel Agriculture Investment & Marketing
Eaki for Engineering & ConstructionHamza for IndustryNobel for MaterialsWady El-Mulook
Ebeid EngineeringHandaseya Water ServicesNotch for Computer SystemWafaa for Metal Forming
Ebnati Care SocietyHandling Metal & Wooden IndustriesNovo ChemicalsWalid Metal Working Factory
Edita Food IndustriesHaram Building MaterialsObegi Chemicals Egypt-Eng.Samir Fahmy & Co.Wataniah for Manufacturing & Trade-Ashraf Halim Khalil
Egat Industrial DevelopmentHaraz FarmObour Export & Import Int'lWelding Engineering Industries
Egic PlastHassan Saad Ismail OfficeOcean Trade & Automotive Body BuildersWilly Group Cosmetics & Perfumes
Egypt Cyber Center SolutionsHassan Zaki Hassan Chemicals & PlasticOctober Cardboard PackagingsWood Line
Egypt Denmark Equipment IndustryHB Fuller EgymeltOctober Concrete Products, Granite & MarbleWood Maker
Egypt Fibre-Eng.Ahmed El-Kholy & Co.Heavy Equipment Training CenterOctober Consult-Ibrahim El-MazahyWood Pecker
Egypt for Agricultural ProductsHegaz for Real Estate InvestmentOctober Electric Equipment ManufacturingYakeen Building Materials Trading
Egypt for Engineering Industries-Moustafa Abd El-Moneim & Co.Helwan Truck Fittings-Abd El-Wahab Yehia Gharib & Co.October Engineering Furniture & Arabesque FactoryYamamah Trading & Distribution
Egypt Int'l Food IndustriesHenkel Technologies EgyptOctober Food Industries FactoryYasmine Int'l Building & Construction
Egypt JewelsHeritage Int'l SchoolOctober Grinding & StoringYathreb Printing Houses
Egypt MarbleHi-Tek EngineeringOctober House Real Estate Investment & MarketingYosr Misr Fertilizers & Chemicals
Egypt Media SoftHigh Dam for Electrical & Industrial ProjectsOctober Housing & ConstructionYousr Real Estate Investment
Egypt SackHigh Institute for Architecture & Business Administration TechnologyOctober Housing & ConstructionZaafarani Industry
Egypt Seal for P.V.C Shrink Films ProductionHigh Institute for Computer Science & Information SystemsOctober IndustrialZaharna Sheet Metal Forming
Egypt Trade for Foodstuff IndustriesHigh Institute for EconomyOctober Metallic IndustriesZahraa for Building Materials Trading
Egypt Trading & General SuppliesHigh Institute for EngineeringOctober Mills & DevelopmentZamil Steel Buildings
Egyptian Agencies for Textile-Eng.Ghanem Ali El-BoghdadiHigh Institute for LanguageOctober Modern SystemZamzam Engineering Industries- Eng.Abd El-Fatah Abd El-Wahaab Moawad & Partners
Egyptian Amanco Transportation & Cash TransitHigh Institute for Management ScienceOctober Paper Converting Est.Zamzam for Real Estate Investment & Contractors
Egyptian American Investment & Industrial DevelopmentHigh Institute for Media & Communication ArtsOctober Pharma S.A.EZee Eyes Int'l Optical
Egyptian Arab for Concrete ProductsHigh Institute for Social ServicesOctoilZohour Hospital
Egyptian Association Barcode & Auto ID DevelopmentHigher Institute to Applied ArtsOla TexZoocontrol Egypt for Industrialzation & Trade
Egyptian Association for Small & Medium Projects DevelopmentHikma PharmaOm El-Kora PrintingZoocontrol Egypt for Manufacturing & Trade
Egyptian AxlesHilaleya Engineering & ArchetictureOm El-Moumenin Private Schools
Egyptian British Chemicals & AuxiliariesHilton Pyramids Golf ResortOmar Mabrouk Factory for Artistic Works

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