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Aal Mahmoud Electrical & Domestic AppliancesEgyptian Investment ProjectsIstra Bus TravelPolypharm
Aatedal Printing HouseEgyptian Italian Fashion & Design CenterItalian Express Tourist ServicesProgress for Media & Press
Aatef RefaieEgyptian Malaysian CouncilJawharet Nour El-Islam Electrical & Domestic AppliancesQouran Library
Abd El-Aziz El-Masri FactoryEgyptian Moroccan Chamber-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceJournalists & Their Families Association for Land ReclamationQuartz for Lab Chemicals & Instruments
Abd El-Ghafar SuppliesEgyptian Projects & Technical & Commercial ServicesKahira Foods & Chemicals EstablishmentQueen Bookshop
Abd El-Kerim Abd El-Ghafar Ibrahim SonsEgyptian Riviera ToursKaissy Orchards Agricultural CropsRaafat Hassan for Import
Abd El-Rahman Mohamed Hussein & Co.Egyptian Saudi ToursKassabgui Trading & DevelopmentRaafat Ibrahim Khalil Abou El-Goukh
Abdin PharmacyEgyptian Saudi Trade & DistributionKerdassa SonsRadio & TV Magazine
Abeer Shoes WorkshopEgyptian SpringsKhaled Tammam Electrical AppliancesRamses for Leather Industries
Abnaa El-Bahr El-AhmarEgyptian Star ToursKhalig-Ossama AbdallahRas Gharb & Red Sea
Abo Sief Est. for Satellite, Electronics & Audio EquipmentEgyptian Trade; Supplying & Commercial AgenciesKhoufo ToursRashed Tiles Workshop
Abou El-Goukh TodayEgyptian Tunisian Business CouncilLa Mode for Ind. ShoesReal Estate Association
ABS Courier & Freight SystemsEgyptian-Chinese MarketingLeathar Technology CenterReal Estate Taxes Authority
Abu El-Foutouh for Electrical & Household Appliances TradingEissa Sons Electrical Appliance TradeLeather Industry & Tanning Technology CenterRed Hat
Abu El-Reesh Students Health Insurance HospitalEkhlas Shoes Factory-Massoud Boutros MassoudLighting & Electrical Power WorksRed Line Computer-Omar Mohamed El-Adawy
Abu El-Sham PastryEkraa Computer ServicesLink Network ComunicationRed Sea Commercial
Acdima/Arab for Drugs Industries & Medical AppliancesEl-Amin Import & Export Est.LordRed Sea World Import & Export
Adawy ComputersEl-Behery Int'l TradingLotus for Glass & Medical Apparatus IndustryReda Abdo Galal Tools
Adel & Hany Barsoum OpticalEl-BostanLotus Scientific EquipmentReda Electrical Appliances Showroom
Adel Fawzy Elevators InstitutionEl-Farag Cleaning Equipment, tools & MaterialsM O EgyptResalah Printing, Publishing & Distribution Establishment
Adli Mikhail OfficeEl-Farag for Import & Supplies Cleaning Machines, Tools & MaterialsMadkor Son's Show RoomRice Marketing
Ahmed HegazyEl-Forat InksMag El-Ectrical EngineeringRussian Airlines
Ahmos Agricultural Production RequirementsEl-Ghazawi for Leather IndustryMag TradeSaad
Ahmos for Commerce & AgenciesEl-Haitham Prostheses & Medical EquipmentsMagd Modern PrinthouseSaad Electrical Appliances Trade
Ahram ZincographEl-Hoda Electricity EquipmentMagd Trade & ImportSabrin Electrical Appliances & Domestic Articles
Akhdar Photographic RequisitesEl-KhabeiryMahaba WatchesSaby Sons
Akhnaton Trading & RepresentationEl-KhaledMahalawy Cotton & SuppliesSafa Place Import & Export
Al-Amal Uniform FactoryEl-Malak El-Abyad Leather GarmentsMahdy Trade & Electrical SuppliesSalah El-Beheiry & Co.
Al-Magd for Import & Export-Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed ZeinEl-Rahman Printing HouseMaher Abd El-Halim GlassesSalah Engineering Institution
Al-Noran Securities & BrokerageEl-Saeed ElectronicMahmoud Ali Abd El-Aal CerealsSaleh Electric Appliances Trade
Al-Orouba Securities BorkerageEl-Shorouk-Ahmed El-NadyMahmoud Atta & Co.Samir Ahmed Farag-Leather Processing Workshop
Ala Baraket AllahEl-Tawfik Trading & ImportMahmoud Hafez FurnitureSamir Hanna Lab
Alaa Khalil Ready-Made Garments FactoryEl-Wadi Supplies & ContractingMahmoud Mohamed Printing HouseSanitaire Contractors & Engineering
Alamia ToursElectronic HouseMahrous Print HouseSaudi Egyptian Mass Advertising & Artistic Production
Albert Insecticides & ChemicalsElectrostars MatsManar Electrical ApplianceSawy Electric Appliances Est.
AlfatransElmokatam House for Publishing & DistributionMandy PressScientific Book House
Ali Ibrahim Ahmed GlassElnahar ToursMariageScope Optics Factory
Ali Nasry El-MatrawyEmad Basha Import & ExportMaro EstablishmentScope Optics-Mohamed Ahmed Abd El-Azim
Almaktab Al-Masry Al-HadithEmbassy of Turkey Chancery, Commercial & Consular SectionsMarshal Real Estate InvestmentSea Land Tours
Almaneya for ElevatorsEngineering & Contracting-Eng.Abd El-Azim El-AaserMasria Trade & ImportSea Princess Tours
AlriadiEngineering Consulting Office-Mahmoud HusseinMaster TradingSecure Consultancy & Security Services
Amal Printing & DistributionEngineering Copier SystemsMatco France for Import & TradingSelectron
Aman Securities BrokerageEngineering Wire CommunicationMatrix Computer TechnologySerag Computer Requisites
Amana General SupplyEntesarMecca TradingShafik Mikhael Successors Factory for Tahina & Halva
American PressEptesam ToursMechanical Springs Factory Abd El-Hamid Afifi SonsSham Confectionery-Abd El-Hady
American University in Cairo-Continuing Education CollegeErab TechnologyMedgenco Int'l Trade-Medhat El-Kaissy & Co.Shama Agricultural Production Requisites
American University in Cairo-Engineering & Science ServicesEssam El-MenyawyMedika ScientificShamy
Amin HotelFacto PrinthouseMega SoundShashatex Ready-made Clothes Sewing- Ashraf Abd El-Azim
Ansary Trading CenterFahmy Abdou Abu El-Naga SonsMekkawy Electrical AppliancesShawarby Trading
Anwar El-Gammal Electronics EstablishmentFarouk Allam Leather IndustriesMeksiky Computer RequisitesShedid Engineering Establishment-Mohamed Shedid & Co.
Aqsa Electrical AppliancesFarouk Electrical Appliances TradeMelody Floating Hotel-NaghmShehata Hanna Abou El-Saad Factory
Arab Egypt for Contracting & Real Estate InvestmentFarran Printing HouseMenf Int'l ToursSherif Center
Arab Foreign TradeFath Securities BrokerageMetropole Advanced Printing Facilities-Ragui A.Eskandar & Adel SobhiSherif El-Mounir Office
Arab MedicalFederation of Egyptian Chambers of CommerceMicheal Int'l Ltd.Sheshtawy Mode
Arab National CarsFine Bookbinding HouseMiddle East DevelopmentShoukry Medals & Flags Factory
Arab PrinthouseForatMiddle East Electrical AppliancesShousha Printing House
Arab Republic of Egypt PresidencyForqan-Mohamed Nashaat IbrahimMiddle East News AgencySilver Screen-mahmoud Atta Shops
Arab Trade-Samir Youssef Mahmoud & Co.Fremir for Insurance & Re-Insurance Services Ltd.Miga Touch Computer RequisitesSimon Electric Wires Industries
Arts Furniture & Electrical AppliancesFriends ComputersMina Trading for ImportSindbad for Trading & Logistics
Assem & Associates Law OfficeFriends ZincographyMinistry of EducationSky Road Computer System
Atef El-Ayat Law OfficeFrrag Computer AccessoriesMinistry of InteriorSmart Systems
Atlanta ComputerFuture Import & Export-Garges GeorgeMiracle for SecuritiesSocial Insurance Fund for Employees of Public & Private Sectors & Public Business Sectors
Attar AtelierFuture TechnologyMisr Dubai TradingSoft Computer
Attar Shops/ Carnaval SportsGallery LavabetMisr Engineering & Surveying WorksSokar Factory for Footwear
Audio Visual ConsultingGarana Law FirmMisr Importing & Commercial AgenciesSpiro Spathis Factory
Awlad Abou El-HamdGarhy PharmacyMisr Int'l Import & AgenciesSudan Airways
Ayaat FarmGatcoMisr Italia MotorcyclesSultan Contracting & Trading
Babel Shoes FactoryGayadMisr MedicalTaaef Electrical Appliances Trade
Bakr Sons for Trade & ImportGaz ToursModern Stationery ServicesTaawoun El-Sharky Printing House
Bakri Overseas TravelGen for Import, Export & Custom ClearanceMohamed & Essam PharmacyTadamon Exchange
Banat Hawa Shoes-Nabil Azmy SedinGeneral Automotive Trade Section-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceMohamed & Samir Abou El-Ghoukh Bicycles & MotorcyclesTahrir Center for Trade & Service
Bandora Ready-Made GarmentsGeneral Building Materials SectionMohamed Abd El-Hamid Leather WorkshopTahrir Printing House
Baraka Abd El-Samie Electrical AppliancesGeneral Computer & Software Section-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceMohamed Ahmed LotfyTalaat El-Nomrousy Electric & Domestic Appliances Trade
Barkat Printing HouseGeneral Cooperative Agrarian Credit SocietyMohamed El-Gharib Sayed ShoesTamayouz Egyptian Recruitment Abroad
Basal & Co. Printing HouseGeneral Electrical ProjectsMohamed El-Nagihy Law OfficeTarek Glasses
BeckerGeneral Export Section-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceMohamed El-Shahat OfficeTawakol Electrical & Domestic Appliances
Beheiry Center Electrical & Domestic AppliancesGeneral Grocery Section-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceMohamed Fawzy FerashaTawfik Mohamed Auto
Belle Vision AdvertisingGeneral Importers Section Commete-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceMohamed Hamza Import & MarketingTawhid & El-Nour
Bendary ElectronicsGeneral Iron & Paints SectionMohamed Ibrahim Ahmed Motor Vehicle Shoow RoomTawous Factory
Besomi ElectronicsGeneral Jewellery Section-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceMohamed Khalil SOns Electrical AppliancesTayeb Trade
Bostan Commercial CenterGeneral Nile for Construction & PavingMohamed Nashaat Dawoud OfficeTayssir for Import & Export-Abd El-Fattah Morsi
Bostan Diagnostic Eye CenterGeneral Ready Made Garments Section-Federation of Egyptian Chamber of CommerceMohamed Tarek for Publicity & AdvertisingTechnical & Commercial Office
Bright StarGeneral Real Estate Investment SectionMohie El-Din Mohamed Eissa BicyclesTechnical Office for Gaskets Industry
Cairo Chamber of CommerceGeneral Section for Investors/FedcocMohsen Abd El-Hady OfficeTechnical United Printing House
Cairo Consulting CenterGenxMotaheda GarageTechno Scient for Lab & Optical Products
Cairo Copy CenterGerman ImporterMoursi Shehata Optical GlassesTechnology & Innovation Centers
Cairo GovernorateGermo ToursMourssi Abdallah & his Sons Electrical Appliances Trade & SuppliesThe Roots for Stock Brokerage House
Cairo Oil & SoapGiza General Contracting & Real Estate InvestmentMoustafa AdvertisingThebes Import & Export-Magdy Samir & Co.
Cairo StarGolden Egypt TravelMoustafa for Supply & Installation of MarbleTiba Brokerage & Bookkeeping
Cairo TechnologyGolden Electric AppliancesMoutanby LibraryTiba Customs Consultancies
Cairo Trading & Scientific CenterGolden Hand Securities Brokerage & BookkeepingMy ComputerTiger Giftware
Chamber of Petroleum & Mining IndustriesGolden Sun for Warehousing-Free ZoneNabil & Mohamed Youssef El-Mahdy For Footwear IndustryTohama Electronic
Chemie Group for Scientific Consultant & TradeGomhourya HospitalNabil Salem WorkshopTop Advertising
City MallGoods VillageNagui Moustafa ShopsTop Mobile & Techno Egypt
City PrintH R Advertising & PublicityNahar CommercialTorath House
City Trade Securities & BrokerageHabib El-Malayeen ComputerNahr EL-Nile Import & ExportTrading & Agencies
Cladakis Ready-Made Garments FactoryHadeeth El-MadinaNasr El-Din TradeTrading 2 Electrical Appliances
Cleopatra Palace HotelHaj Ibrahim Khalaf Electrical Domestic Appliances CenterNasr Necktie FactoryTrading Printing House
Cleopatra Printing Center-Mohamed Abd El-MoneimHakim Pharmacy-Dr.Nahial El-HakimNational Institution for Scientific Equipment & Stationary RequisitesTres Jolie Voyage
Coffee GardenHamad ContractingNational Investment BankTri Stars
Commercial UnionHamdy AliNational Investment Ready-Made Garments ManufacturingTruman Electronics
Compu GateHamed Electrical Domestic AppliancesNew Baron TravelTrust Graphic
Contaga TradingHammad Brothers BambooNew Int'l Center for Trade & Electric AppliancesTrust Tours
Cotton, Spinning, Weaving & Garments Holding(Public Holding)Hamsa GroupNew Master Furniture & DecorationU.S.B Technology
Crazy Mouse Computer SystemsHanafy Mahmoud Book BindingNew Shorouk Printing & AdvertisingUnigypt Trade for Technical Services
Crystal Shops Electronics & SatellitesHanco Import & ExportNew VisionUnited Brothers Electric Appliances
Dar Al-Zahabiah for Printing & PublishingHany Fakhry PharmacyNile Adventurer Floating HotelUnited Carpentry Workshop
Dar El-Adalh Publishing & DistributionHaramein Electrical Appliances-Teaima SonsNile Fish-Mohamed Mahmoud MoursyUnited Engineering Motor Vehicles
Dar El-Hamd Printing & PublishingHariry PrintNile General for Desert RoadsUniversal Parts Al-Alamia Uptaico
Dar El-Omda PrintingHassan Abd El-Fatah Hassan for ConslautansNile General for Roads & BridgesVision for Trade & Distribution
Dar Haramen Printing HouseHassan El-IskandranyNile Intrepid Floating HotelWafaa Export
Dar Mahmoud for PublishingHatco Import; Export & Trading AgenciesNile Jewel Floating HotelWahba Library
Dar Misr El-MahrosaHawary ElectronicsNour El-Islam Electrical AppliancesWalid Mohamed Wahid Mohamed Abbass & Moustafa Nawaf Aboud
Delta Cotton Ginning & TradingHawary Ready Made GarmentsNour El-Mohamedy Electrical AppliancesWassef Engineering Designs Office
Depra ProjectHawwa WorkshopNour El-QuranWatania Publicity & Advertising
Derya TravelHesham El-Sisi Accounting OfficeNuba Businessmen ForumWorld Tours
Deutsche Schule der Borromaerinnen KairHigh Technology ComputerOlympic Motors Import & ExportYaccoub Trade
Docu ComIbn Khassib TravelOmar Toson Office for Valuation & SalesYara Communication
Dr. Ismail Tbrahim El-khashab ClinicIkonnectOmaraa Pharmacy-Dr.Nemr Shehata BebawyYemen Flower Coffee Store
Dr. Zoheir El-Houshy ClinicIndustrial MarketingOpthalmic Surgery & Contact Lenses CenterYoussef Fahmy Motor Vehicle Showroom
Dr.Adel Kheir Law OfficeInt'l Center for Medical ImportsOptics General SectionYoussef Mahmoud Ali Clothing
Dr.Hafez Sherif Radiology CenterInt'l for AgenciesOsama El-Tokhy for Leather ProductsYoussef Motors
Dr.Tarek Ali Hassan LabInt'l for Marketing & DevelopmentOwicoZaaim
Ebeid Trading Est.-Eng.Ahmed EbeidInt'l Gulf ToursPalma ToursZahret Abdin Showroom
Ebtesam Labour Recruitment AbroadInt'l Inks-Abu El-Ela FahmyPenta Computer SystemsZahret El-Tahrir Jewellery
Egtehad Printing HouseInt'l Marketing & Trading CenterPharmex Consulting GroupZaki Mourad Law & Legal Consultants Office
Egyptian Commercial Newspaper PrinthouseInt'l Printing HousePiza Industrial SuppliesZincograph Mohamed Salah
Egyptian for Orthopaedic EquipmentIslamic Laboratory for Leather ProductsPlaza Computer
Egyptian Group ConstructionsIslamic TradePolymac Plastic Equipment & Raw Materials

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